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  1. I’m loving it as well. Ben basically is the narrator although he does speak with the people interviewed occasionally. But he doesn’t insert himself in the story too much. It’s really well done.
  2. Dargo was a gate attendant (not flight attendant) and Douglas was trying to throw his weight around. The story isn’t really THAT interesting.
  3. The Tom Petty documentary is excellent. I wasn’t sure that I was prepared to sit through a 4 hour film about Petty but it really moves along, especially if you’re a fan.
  4. Pauly Shore? Has he been relevant in the last 30 years?
  5. There are a few people that make me laugh, but who needs the headache of listing them here ON A CLASSIC MOVIE WEBSITE MESSAGE BOARD. I’m not in the mood to be vilified just because I find certain people funny. BTW, the only modern movies I watch regularly are comedies. Okay, I’ll list one. Melissa McCarthy
  6. Jerry Stiller is still alive. Remove your post Spence.
  7. Could it be Alias Jesse James (1959) starring Bob Hope? Several people who were Western stars at the time were in a big shootout scene at the end.
  8. But don’t you think O’Connell has the more compelling story? Scott is the guy who does what he has to do; O’Connell has to basically make a choice between doing meaningful work or a continuous wasted life with no good end.
  9. I don’t know if you’re referring to me as the previous poster or the noob, Sitar Man. Me thinks his complaints have little to do with the films these women selected.
  10. I get that Ava and her picks for The Essentials might not be every person’s cup of tea, but Jacqueline Stewart is just fine. She introduces Silent Sunday Night and gives good commentary, but the selections are pretty middle of the road and most of them have been shown for years on TCM.
  11. I’m pretty sure Patricia Neal says this to Gary Cooper in The Fountainhead.
  12. I know that in the last 20-25 years there’s been an effort to “cancel” Gone With the Wind and the movie does tend to romanticize the antebellum South, but I agree with the OP. The book was very popular in the mid 30’s and I can imagine how daunting the entire project was for most involved (Howard didn’t care and sometimes it shows—but I think he does a fine job.) I have to say that Vivian Leigh was magnificent in the role. It’s a roller coaster ride of a movie, and to me anyway, it really moves fast for such a long movie. But I’ve seen it about 30 times so I thinks that helps in moving it along.
  13. I think Michael talks about his dad’s career in the interview. In fact, I really don’t remember them talking about his own movies. But I’m old so I sometimes forget stuff that doesn’t affect my own business.
  14. It’s been a while but I remember that Tough Guys was pretty funny.
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