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  1. I was looking at the Saturday Night Live entry on Wikipedia the other day and many of the writers there stayed for a long time and some stayed for a season or two. What surprised me is that Jim Downey has been there for almost the entire run, serving as head writer for a couple of seasons. From what I’ve read about that writing room is that it is a meat grinder environment. For someone to stay employed there for 35+ years must mean they like it or are more comfortable working that way. Who knows.
  2. Margaret could really pour out tears. I remember the Christmas after my mom died, TCM showed Tenth Avenue Angel on Christmas Eve and I was inconsolable by the end of that movie.
  3. I used to be quite the entertainment buff, read magazines and watch entertainment news shows. I’ve been so out of touch with current tv and movies that when the Golden Globes were announced, I didn’t know 90% of the nominees and hadn’t seen any of the work. Classic movies and tv is what we watch.
  4. Yes but I can forgo a few movies for a much cheaper tv service so yay!
  5. I thought maybe it was “Brotherhood of Man” number in How to Succeed. I just watched it on YouTube and while there’s no ladder, Robert Morse & Ruth Kobart do get up on the desks to sing.
  6. I just switched to YouTube TV and I get TCM as one of my channels but they block films that they don’t have streaming rights for.
  7. They built a studio for him in NYC about that same time so he wouldn’t have to travel as much. He had a lot of health issues the last few years of his life.
  8. She was on the last TCM Cruise in October 2019. She had an interesting life & career. Sorry to hear about her passing.
  9. I don’t recognize the woman but I don’t think it’s from any of the movies you listed. I think it’s a silent film or a very early talking film. I know that’s not much help. The reason I don’t think it’s Wings is because the two leading ladies in that film were Clara Bow & Jobyna Ralston and it’s neither of those women. Bad Man of Brimstone is a western and this looks like a war film. I definitely don’t think it’s a film from the 1940’s.
  10. While Burt Bacharach & Hal David did receive the Gershwin prize before David died, they never received this award and I don’t think they’d give it to Burt without David included. And they don’t give it to deceased people unless the died after the announcement but before the ceremony. Bernadette Peters has been a star on Broadway for 50 years and she doesn’t have one. Andy Griffith had plenty of success on tv but for some reason didn’t get those end of life accolades, not that I think the current selection is kicking off soon (fingers crossed.) These kind of things are nice but some people
  11. This is one reboot I would watch. And even though it says Rauch would be behind the scenes, I think it would be fun if she played Abby Stone.
  12. There was a very good, made for HBO film called RKO281 where Davies was played by Melanie Griffith. It wasn’t very flattering to her, as she was portrayed as a drunk, but she didn’t come across as dumb either.
  13. I realized when I saw the promo you were talking about wasn’t the one I saw on line. I think the man is Rudolph Valentino. Not sure who the woman is. I’m not much help, am I?
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