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  1. I was just talking with one of my friends about the crazy production numbers in Footlight Parade. Especially the By a Waterfall one. They’ve been locked up for days for rehearsals. But there’s no big swimming pool in the rehearsal hall. So how in the world did they pull that off? Did they just pretend to swim in the hall then said “we’re fine. We’ll just wing it on performance night.” Never mind that they’re busing from theater to theater between shows. It’s nuts. 😂
  2. One of my favorite child actors who grew to be a great adult actor. For some reason, I find myself thinking about Margaret O’Brien his costar in The Secret Garden. I think she remained friends with him throughout the years. ETA: there’s a really good interview with him from the 1990’s on TCM’s YouTube page.
  3. I switched to Streaming through Google fiber and I have TCM on YouTube TV but there are some films that are unavailable for streaming. I’m sure it’s just a rights issue.
  4. I loved her & her films. She was on one of the TCM cruises that I attended. It was pretty good, but it was a time when her husband was very ill & it was sad hearing her speak about it. She was still very lovely.
  5. And then the “angelic” Hope Lange leaves him to live with Glenn Ford.
  6. He also played the makeup guy on Dabney Coleman’s sitcom, Buffalo Bill, before he was on Night Court.
  7. I read somewhere (and probably shouldn’t be repeating it) someone said he had cancer. But I never could find anything else to confirm that. The story on CBS Sunday Morning lead viewers to believe it was because he had split with Asia Argento. Of course, we’ll never know because those that knew him best either aren’t talking or they really don’t know.
  8. That was I said when he appeared. Lol
  9. The vampire stuff was so inconsequential to the plot that it could have been deleted and it would just be a regular western. It’s like someone decided that was a trend so let’s just add a subplot of vampirism to the tired old trope of people trying to steal land from other people.
  10. He was Rick Webber on General Hospital in the late 70’s/early 80’s.
  11. Before Sven went over the cast, I told my SO that the main character played by Robert Harris was on Perry Mason a lot. Sure enough, that was the running gag throughout the host segments. I was cracking up.
  12. “I’m Gonna Live Til I Die” performed by Julie Wilson in This Could Be the Night. Very catchy but I don’t recall it from my youth. Queen Latifah did a couple of albums of jazz & pop standards in the early 2000’s and covered this song.
  13. He was in two episodes of The Andy Griffith Show. The first was when it was still Black & White & Don Knotts was still there. A gang comes to town pretending to be a film crew to scope out & rob the bank. Of course Barney thinks it’s his big break in show biz but Andy figures out their ulterior motive. The second was when the show was in color and Andy, Opie & Aunt Bee go the Hollywood to visit the set where a movie of Andy’s life is being filmed “Sheriff Without a Gun” and MacLeod plays the fictional Andy but is a really over the top thespian. LOL
  14. I had recorded a movie from his last appearance on TCM, when Candice Bergen was Guest Programmer. He hadn’t been on the channel for months but these wrap arounds were recorded before he got really sick. I kept that on my DVR for a few years until I had to turn all my equipment in when I changed my tv service last year. I miss him a lot.
  15. John Frankenheimer was married to an actress named Evans Evans.
  16. I don’t know how recently you got it added but John Garfield was the Star of the Month just a couple of months ago.
  17. He came on one of the TCM Cruises I think he was 99 years old at the time. Really nice man. Told a story about seeing Babe Ruth play baseball. He was amazing.
  18. I was looking at the Saturday Night Live entry on Wikipedia the other day and many of the writers there stayed for a long time and some stayed for a season or two. What surprised me is that Jim Downey has been there for almost the entire run, serving as head writer for a couple of seasons. From what I’ve read about that writing room is that it is a meat grinder environment. For someone to stay employed there for 35+ years must mean they like it or are more comfortable working that way. Who knows.
  19. Margaret could really pour out tears. I remember the Christmas after my mom died, TCM showed Tenth Avenue Angel on Christmas Eve and I was inconsolable by the end of that movie.
  20. I used to be quite the entertainment buff, read magazines and watch entertainment news shows. I’ve been so out of touch with current tv and movies that when the Golden Globes were announced, I didn’t know 90% of the nominees and hadn’t seen any of the work. Classic movies and tv is what we watch.
  21. Yes but I can forgo a few movies for a much cheaper tv service so yay!
  22. I thought maybe it was “Brotherhood of Man” number in How to Succeed. I just watched it on YouTube and while there’s no ladder, Robert Morse & Ruth Kobart do get up on the desks to sing.
  23. I just switched to YouTube TV and I get TCM as one of my channels but they block films that they don’t have streaming rights for.
  24. They built a studio for him in NYC about that same time so he wouldn’t have to travel as much. He had a lot of health issues the last few years of his life.
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