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  1. He is a vegan and he works out. Paul looks pretty good too.
  2. His relationship with Eddie Muller involves a lot of razzing each other. I’m sure that’s what it’s all about.
  3. It’s like early on in the Mary Tyler Moore Show. Mr. Grant tells Mary that she has spunk and he hates spunk.
  4. Could it be Two On a Guillotine (1965) with Dean Jones & Connie Stevens?
  5. I completely forgot about How the West Was Won. Someone decided she was talented enough to carry that picture in a newish format with a lot of hype attached to it. It was a HUGE deal when that film was.
  6. She seemed to be a fun and talented person. She had terrible taste in men (I wonder if that had to do with her becoming a star at such a young age.) She loved her kids & grandchild. She was a great entertainer who got pigeon holed into a specific role although she got a chance to shine occasionally.
  7. Coronet Blue was just a summer replacement show but it’s just so vivid in my mind. Frank Converse was a babe & it had a catchy theme song.
  8. I was reading back through this thread and I’ll take back my comment that the antebellum south is romanticized. It definitely wasn’t. In fact, Rhett points out to the gathered crowd of men early in the story that they’re ill equipped to deal with what is about to hit them. A lot of bad decisions (Of the characters) happened as a result.
  9. Yeah there was a Cheerios commercial just in the last 10 years featuring a black man/white woman with a biracial child that was the center of a lot of discussion. But now all kinds of couples are in commercials. ETA slaytonf, you wrote what I’ve been thinking ever since this whole situation started. The film has its problems but I never thought it painted the south and slavery as anything happy or idyllic. Rhett, Scarlet and even Mammy are all survivors.
  10. Checking collaboration on IMDb between the two only shows one film Hit Parade of 1943.
  11. Oh when I first read this and you said “I will watch again to see Veda” I thought you meant the character Veda (the daughter) and I was all “ how could you watch it over & over and miss Veda?” Then I realized you meant Veda Ann Borg. 😂
  12. The Penalty is a remake of Hide-Out (1934) with Robert Montgomery & Maureen O’Sullivan where Mickey Rooney plays the kid but he’s Maureen’s brother. Edward Arnold is in it too but he plays a cop in the earlier one. The plot is slightly different but not much.
  13. It’s a great upbeat song. Reminds me of high school. I’m old.
  14. Ricky Nelson had performed at a night club in Guntersville Alabama the night before he was killed in the plane crash. That’s about an hour from where I live. The guy who owned the club was a member of Spiral Starecase who had a big hit in the late 60’s “ More Today Than Yesterday “
  15. I’ve only seen Pulp Fiction but it was alright. But QT for Fiddler? 😳
  16. There’s a film starring Myrna Loy & Robert Montgomery that’s called Petticoat Fever (1936) that’s set in Labrador. Montgomery plays a wireless operator who has Loy & Reginald Owen stranded at his place when their plane is grounded. I don’t remember much else about it though. Could this be it?
  17. I’m loving it as well. Ben basically is the narrator although he does speak with the people interviewed occasionally. But he doesn’t insert himself in the story too much. It’s really well done.
  18. Dargo was a gate attendant (not flight attendant) and Douglas was trying to throw his weight around. The story isn’t really THAT interesting.
  19. The Tom Petty documentary is excellent. I wasn’t sure that I was prepared to sit through a 4 hour film about Petty but it really moves along, especially if you’re a fan.
  20. Pauly Shore? Has he been relevant in the last 30 years?
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