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  1. I know that in the last 20-25 years there’s been an effort to “cancel” Gone With the Wind and the movie does tend to romanticize the antebellum South, but I agree with the OP. The book was very popular in the mid 30’s and I can imagine how daunting the entire project was for most involved (Howard didn’t care and sometimes it shows—but I think he does a fine job.) I have to say that Vivian Leigh was magnificent in the role. It’s a roller coaster ride of a movie, and to me anyway, it really moves fast for such a long movie. But I’ve seen it about 30 times so I thinks that helps in moving it along.
  2. I think Michael talks about his dad’s career in the interview. In fact, I really don’t remember them talking about his own movies. But I’m old so I sometimes forget stuff that doesn’t affect my own business.
  3. It’s been a while but I remember that Tough Guys was pretty funny.
  4. While he was a cad in The Apartment, he was great as Sheldrake. His daughter Kate was on one of the TCM cruises a few years back and did a talk about his life & career. He didn’t really want to do My Three Sons so he made that “demand” where he only worked two months a year in order to sign on and the producer agreed to it. He wanted time off to pursue other opportunities and not be tied down for nine months of the year. It worked out for him. He had eff you money at that point. (Although he was too decent to put it that way—those are my words, not his or his daughter.) He was down to earth and maybe a little frugal with his money, but he supported his extended family throughout his career.
  5. I loved that guy. He was Merv’s foil after Arthur Treacher quit being on the show. The last time I saw him in anything was when he played the bandleader in the Bette Midler/James Caan movie For The Boys.
  6. Bob Dorian was the father of Jennifer Dorian who is an executive Vice President at TCM.
  7. I went on the TCM cruise in October and Ben said there was going to be a different host for the next season of The Essentials. Since the programming has been around for about 15 years, for about the first 14 seasons the films were pretty mainstream and often repetitive. I see nothing wrong with Ava & Ben branching out a little.
  8. Danny Aiello was included and he just died a couple of days ago. TCM is usually pretty good at this memorial thing.
  9. It’s weird because our local comedy club had announced Witherspoon coming to do a show about 3 days before he passed away. He & Dave were close plus I think they came up in the clubs about the same time.
  10. You’re new around here. There used to be an ongoing thread here about Osborne’s mistakes. Probably the only reason it’s not prominent is due to his death.
  11. I think it must be the 40th anniversary of The Blues Brothers. Which makes me feel ancient.
  12. Thanks Jakeem. I wasn’t sure if she had remarried after divorcing Frank. The article I read didn’t have any information about any other marriage. It’s good to have correct information.
  13. Ben and his brother Josh lost their mother at age 94. It was posted on the Dateline Facebook page. She seemed to be as formidable as their dad. My significant other said she was on the TCM cruise last month but I didn’t see her.
  14. I am no where near this age group, but I do think a lot of these suggestions are good. i just want to add Mutiny on the Bounty from 1935. Great cast and lots of action. Some of it can be edgy but I think kids can handle it.
  15. My late sister and I loved Paint Your Wagon and it’s panned by everyone I know who’s seen it. I find the non-singers charming. I still get a kick out of watching it. I also quite fond of Camelot with Richard Harris & Vanessa Redgrave.
  16. He hosted The Essentials the first year.
  17. This dinner is a fund raiser and the honoree needs to be willing to participate. That might be why some people are honored while others are not.
  18. Back in the early days of cable (probably late 70’s early 80’s, TBS was showing old movies & tv shows. In fact, every Monday they showed the roadshow musicals from the 50’s and early 60’s, even having call in voting for some of them. When TNT went on the air, Sunday evening was dedicated to showing international films. So Turner had some of these ideas before AMC went on the air. Robert told the story that he was contacted for a job with AMC but Turner hired the people he talked to and they in turn told him to not accept the AMC job since Turner was starting their own 24 hour channel. AMC, when they were classic films showed a 12 hour block that was then repeated. Ted Turner has Lewy body dementia so he doesn’t have Alzheimer’s. I saw a story about him on CBS Sunday Morning and his condition seems more akin to Parkinson’s.
  19. I have a lot of nostalgia for Yours Mine & Ours. It was the first time I remember seeing Tim Matheson and I had a huge crush on him as a 14 year old. Of course in retrospect Lucy & Henry were a little too old for their roles but in 1968 I thought all adults were ancient. 😆 But it’s a fun movie.
  20. I noticed there are quite a few Lucille Ball films being shown during the month. Many of them during the weekdays but that should make you happy.
  21. Mariska Hargety appears in an episode of In the Heat of the Night where she plays the girlfriend of a pathological murderer. It seems to pop up on WGN about every other week.
  22. Another show I have been watching a lot lately is Perry Mason. It has a lot of stars from the 30’s & 40’s plus many up & comers who were doing a lot of episodic television at the beginning of their careers. And it had a great regular cast. Even the made for TV movies they did in the late 80’s early 90’s were very good.
  23. That was probably me because I did ask him a question on one of the cruises and prefaced my remarks by stating I was active on the message boards. I was asking about showing newer films (post 1980) on TCM and how it was controversial here at that time. Maybe it still is but doesn’t seem to be as much of a sticking point.
  24. I was listening to a podcast where Ben was interviewed and he stated that he did read the message boards when he first started appearing on TCM. He said something to the affect that it was discouraging and hurtful so he quit reading it.
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