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  1. I'm just going to comment on the Thanksgiving Parade part. Richmond Va, always had it at night on Broad Street. It was a tradition to go shopping Downtown, have lunch and end the night seeing Santa at the end of the Parade. In later years it became a day time thing, then fizzled out or was moved. So as the old folks say, "things do change."
  2. 2013Venus in Fur 2012A Therapy (Short) 2011Carnage 2010The Ghost Writer 2009GREED, a New Fragrance by Francesco Vezzoli (Short) 2007To Each His Own Cinema (segment "Cinéma Erotique") 2005Oliver Twist 2002The Pianist 1999The Ninth Gate 1994Death and the Maiden 1993The King of Ads (Documentary) (segment "Vanity Fair commercial") 1992Bitter Moon 1988Frantic 1986Pirates 1979Tess
  3. No,he gave up his American Citizenship after he fled to France. He has dual French and Polish now. France doesn't extradite anyone because of their constitution and Poland refused to do so yesterday. Now Roman can travel anywhere in the EU because of this judicial decision. Once he is pardoned no case can be brought against him and he will be free to come back here to make films or to just travel without repercussions.
  4. The feud between The U.S. against Roman Polanski has gone on long enough. President Obama gets to exercise that long historical practice of pardoning people of his choice at the end of his run as President. What better way for him to add to his legacy and do what should have been done long ago. And what a better way to put a close on this for good. Yes it's controversial and yes his enemies will cease on it as fuel for their fodder but who cares. It would just be another thorn in their sides to help them remember President Obama after he is gone. The motives for those who have always b
  5. That's been the plan all along to whip up anger among white males by conservative think tanks. Their purpose is to maintain divided government and to muddy the waters and confuse the issues so that nothing gets done. Pharmaceutical companies, energy companies like coal and oil foot the bill for these think tanks where no real thinking is done. The only purpose is to devise a strategy, find the right hucksters and demonize while they keep the fools foolish. Meanwhile we march on to that 2 degree Celsius threshold for "pre-industrial averages".
  6. We don't have Movies-TV or Get-TV here in Central Virginia. I wish we did. They sound like really good channels. To me they sound like what TNT was like in the 1990's when I'd stay up late to watch a great epic.
  7. It's the same with tobacco companies. They denied cigarettes were addictive until they started losing law suits and had to pay out big bucks. I can just hear Exxon soon saying after law suits start to hurt their bottom line, use our product wisely because it is harmful and contributes to the harmful effects called climate change.
  8. I just don't think that TCM is going in a wrong or right direction or needs to change much with regards to their programming. They are just trying to come up with fresh ideas with their Themes and Spotlights. Sometimes it works like their African Americans in Film and sometimes it falls or starts out good and then falls short. They can't just keep showing RKO, MGM and Warner films just shuffling them around so they use and let a Theme guide their Objective which is a good idea. Programming any movie channel is not easy.
  9. No, but if I say where it is they might take it off but it's there with Spanish subtitles posted with Spanish first then the title.
  10. Thought I'd bump your thread up so all that spam doesn't throw it into oblivion. I picked up Dish Movie Pack so I now get FXM Retro so I'll be on the lookout to see if they have something on soon that I've never seen. So far they haven't but I'm hoping they will soon.
  11. Many of my relatives are Conservative Republicans from the Heartland and their idea of classic movies is old movies and they never watch any of it. When they come to visit me here on that terrible East Coast,they make fun of my DVR being filled up with black & white movies, calling them classic, classic. All they like is the Hallmark Movie channel,Swap it Flop it, Fix up shows and CBS which bores me.
  12. And they never will. They exist in that bubble Bill Maher always makes fun of.
  13. Plus I get over 4000 movies with EPIX having my DVR connected to my internet. When I filter for release date Pre - 1980 there is over 2000 movies. Dish has EPIX Drive-in and HDNET in HD.
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