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  1. That's been the plan all along to whip up anger among white males by conservative think tanks. Their purpose is to maintain divided government and to muddy the waters and confuse the issues so that nothing gets done. Pharmaceutical companies, energy companies like coal and oil foot the bill for these think tanks where no real thinking is done. The only purpose is to devise a strategy, find the right hucksters and demonize while they keep the fools foolish. Meanwhile we march on to that 2 degree Celsius threshold for "pre-industrial averages".
  2. You would make an excellent diplomat. It's basically TNT without the commercials. Crap.
  3. I have the 1935 version too both colorized and in B/W and I like it better than the 1965 re-make. Being a RKO Merian C. Cooper Production release I have always wondered why this isn't on TCM all the time.
  4. But don't you still have to pay cable for internet service? Comcast is my only option for high speed internet and the cost is $40.00 for their slowest speed so I would have to add that to what it would cost me to drop Dish and go with SlingTV. I would have to up my speed and pay Comcast more money. They seem to have this all worked out so that you really can't cut the cord completely.
  5. So you can get TCM on Sling? That's interesting. Has any other movies been blocked or is this the first time you couldn't watch something that was on?
  6. Are there any statues of Franklin in London taller than 1 meter?
  7. Yes, I knew you was commenting on the light side. There's a dumming down in The US when it comes to history and science so Americans are a funny lot. There's probably something in the water that Brita can't get out..
  8. I think I'm missing something. The British beat the French right? And we stayed out of it. As a side note Napoleon's memoirs has been officially rated the best ever written so there's no doubt that he was a genius when it comes to retrospect. Too bad he didn't have 40, 40 hindsight and stayed out of Russia. We would have had The Euro 200 years earlier.
  9. I was going to give a heads up on these two premiers on Imports tonight by Alf Sjöberg. I'm glad you were on ball and beat me to it. Miss Julie (1951) will be a real treat. I have not seen this original version before and I know it will be a real treat to watch. Here is what a poster on IMDB said about the film: "Its a strong version of the play by Alf Sjoberg, who gets fine performances by all the actors, especially I feel by Julie's father and mother, the Count and Countess, and by Marta Dorff as Katrin. But what really impressed me was the superb cinematography and elegant settings and com
  10. 1. Dirk Bogarde: The Fixer, Accident, Victim, The Spanish Gardener. 2. Alec Guinness: Damn the Defiant, The Promoter, The Prisoner, The Scapegoat. 3. Laurence Olivier: Fire Over England, Rebecca, Carrie, Marathon Man, Richard III.
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