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  1. Can anyone tell me if they know what happened to Tomek Zaleska, Frank Wiecek's alleged partner in the murder of a Chicago policeman? The story shows how a newspaper man gets an innocent Frank Wiecek released after 11 years in prison. I've seen this movie half a dozen times, but I don't remember it being shown if Tomek Zaleska, who also had to be innocent, ever got released. Anyone know anything on this topic? Thanks!
  2. In Alicia Malone's opening comments on this movie, she comments on the main characters and states that Andy's father, Judge Hardy, is played by Lewis "Mile"stone. Er, afraid not Alicia, he is played by Lewis Stone...you missed this one by a "mile"
  3. And that is correct, it's not his son but a former girlfriend's son. In my book, that is a major difference
  4. If you click on "more info" for this movie, this is the synopsis you get: "An assistant DA suspects one of the delinquents he's prosecuting for murder is his son." This is total fiction and is not even close to what this movie is about. I posted discrepancies like this before and what I said then I will repeat...Do the people who write these blurbs even watch the movies? Sure doesn't seem like it.
  5. Anti-semitism was well known at the time this movie was made even if the term hate crime wasn't.
  6. The brief explanation posted for this movie states " A crusading district attorney investigates the murder of a Jewish man". Well, the "district attorney" is a police captain and he wasn't crusading, just doing his job trying to solve a murder, which happens to be a hate crime. I see no "crusading", but maybe TCM should require the people who write these things to actually watch the movie.
  7. Screen comes up but it never goes into "play" mode; has happened several times before and was fixed relatively quickly
  8. TCM is playing this great movie, produced and directed by the Korda brothers. It is one of my favorites, but I take exception to Dave Karger's opening description of the movie. He states that on the eve of his regiment going off to war, Faversham resigns his commission because he doesn't believe in the purpose of the war. That's not true, as that was Faversham's cover story for not going. The truth of the matter was that he was a coward and was terrified of acting like the men in the war stories he had heard when he was younger. He admits as much to his doctor friend and quite frankly, t
  9. Although, I'm a paying member I cannot watch current movie on Watch Live...was watching a few hours ago. Please fix as I would like to watch it now
  10. TCM live showing of "Ben Hur" not working
  11. Thank You, it appears to be working properly now  :)

  12. Now it's back to not recognizing XFINITY as my service provider!!! Please can't someone fix this
  13. So now, TCM recognizes that my provider is XFINITY, but when I hit play the screen says done as if the movie was over and it never played. Please Help!!
  14. I've been unable to watch Movies On Demand for two days now because TCM can't verify my Service Provider. I've contacted XFINITY and they say it is a TCM problem. Please can someone look into this and fix it.
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