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  1. Since I just had a turn, perhaps someone else would like to have a go. Anyone?
  2. Was the film SUNSET BLVD. with William Holden and Gloria Swanson? Originally, Wilder wanted Mae West and Montgomery Clift.
  3. That's not a guess, that's a correct answer. Network recently released a beautifully restored print. (And it's not a monkey, it's a capuchin!")
  4. Hello, anybody out there? More clues - film was made in Britain and released in 1942.
  5. The film's director was intensely disliked by the actors and actresses who worked with him. In fact, one of the actors punched him in the nose.
  6. Here's a clue. It's not a monkey, it's a capuchin.
  7. Upon release, this film that could have fit into several categories (noir, horror, crime, melodrama) had three different names. Name this film's three names.
  8. Have you seen THE MAN BETWEEN, another Carol Reed noir with a doomed antihero who sacrifices himself for his lover? It's terribly underrated (everyone always whining about how it wasn't THE THIRD MAN - how tiresome, can't a film be judged on its own merits?) Anyway, your questions about why Kathleen would kill herself find echo in TMB. The ending is haunting in its affect (one individual described it as "a knife to the heart"), but would Ivo Kern really act this way?
  9. Good questions and I don't know the answers. Perhaps, it was foreshadowing when she told Father Tom that she didn't fear for herself, but feared that Johnny would die alone. By killing herself, they went together. I know, it's not logical, but maybe it makes emotional sense. Maybe she simply loved him so much that she didn't want to live without him. One reviewer wrote that her feelings were less like that of a lover and more like that of a mother, and when they finally meet up, it resembles more a pieta than eros. Whatever her reasons, she has one thing in common with the police - a de
  10. I don't see Kathleen as in any way weak. If anything, she has a will of iron. Almost immediately upon hearing that Johnny is on the run, she decides that the police will not have him. She will do anything to prevent that. Of course, her preference is that they escape on the ship, but she is prepared to kill him if that plan fails. She never wavers, she never hesitates - she gets the gun, and she single-mindedly carries out her intentions. One could make the case that suicide is a type of moral weakness (I don't see it that way), but actually doing it is way beyond my courage level. It s
  11. "I find that type of weakness very unappealing." I don't understand this statement. What weakness? Whose weakness? Kahleen's love for Johnny is not delusional. She knows that he doesn't return her love. Give the guy a break! He is defending his leadership against Dennis' challenge to it and he is preparing to lead a raid on the mill that he has been organizing for several months. He is focused on his cause, his mission, and its operation. A motto of the IRA was "once in, never out." Kathleen would be familiar with this, and refers to it when she asks Johnny if he will ever be fre
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