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    classic black and white films, especially if they're film noir, have James Mason in them, and were made in Britain, travel, music (classical,opera, and Bob Seger), animal rescue, cats (you knew that was coming), politics, and science

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  1. Since I just had a turn, perhaps someone else would like to have a go. Anyone?
  2. Was the film SUNSET BLVD. with William Holden and Gloria Swanson? Originally, Wilder wanted Mae West and Montgomery Clift.
  3. That's not a guess, that's a correct answer. Network recently released a beautifully restored print. (And it's not a monkey, it's a capuchin!")
  4. Hello, anybody out there? More clues - film was made in Britain and released in 1942.
  5. The film's director was intensely disliked by the actors and actresses who worked with him. In fact, one of the actors punched him in the nose.
  6. Here's a clue. It's not a monkey, it's a capuchin.
  7. Upon release, this film that could have fit into several categories (noir, horror, crime, melodrama) had three different names. Name this film's three names.
  8. Terrence, Sander's friend with whom he wanted to go into business was James Mason who had a Masters Degree in architecture from Cambridge University.
  9. You are right. The story is that Sanders wrote three suicide notes before killing himself. Do you know who his friend was with whom he wanted to go into the architecture business? Your thread.
  10. This actor excelled at playing charming rogues and sophisticated villains. Despite winning an Oscar, he became dissatisfied with his acting career and wanted to start a new career as an architectural consultant, with a friend of his (another actor). Later on, he became depressed, drank heavily, and suffered from dementia. Name the actor, the film for which he won an Oscar, and the circumstances of his death.
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