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  1. TCM programmers, and Glimpses of Austria (1938) please. Thank you!
  2. Vienna, the capital and largest city of Austria, is one of the most historic cities in the world and the famous landmark around which much of its history has revolved is known as Schönbrunn Palace, the former summer residence of the house of Hapsburg. It was here that Maria Theresa, Napoleon Bonaparte, Franz Joseph and other world famous rulers once resided and entertained in regal splendor. Incidentally, the palace contains 1441 rooms and 139 kitchens and is now used as a museum.......... Perchance to dream.............. Glimpses of Austria.
  3. One last revision in regards to Land of the Incas. The last scheduled airing was September 29, 2012. Of course, the last phantom airing happened sometime in March 2013.
  4. Evidently, Land of the Incas (1937) aired in March 2013 as a phantom or unscheduled short. It's not in your blogs, Jlewis, and I must have missed in when it was buried at some early morning hour. But I still think you are very thorough. Thanks for all of your blog work. It is indispensable.
  5. I feel that you have misconstrued the purpose of my last post. I shan't complain at all if they air those titles I highlighted. On the contrary, I will welcome it because it means this time I get to see them in HD. I posted the information because I wanted to provide some factual context if anyone was uncertain if these titles had ever aired. I appreciate the time I spent doing the research if no one else does. Regarding Land of the Incas (1937), I checked my records again and looked at JLewis's blogs for May 2013 and have to say this title did not air that month. You know how thorough JL
  6. Here are a few informational tidbits regarding a few of the titles in the most current list: Glimpses of Peru (1937) aired as an unscheduled or phantom short in July 2011. Land of the Incas (1937) aired as scheduled in September 2012. Glimpses of Mexico (1940) aired in May 2009 around the time of Cinco de Mayo. I didn't see it but someone has told me it aired at that point in time. Glimpses of Washington State (1940) aired as scheduled in December of 2011.
  7. I believe "Night In Mexico City" (1944) is a 20 minute Warner Brothers short in which mariachis perform so this title wouldn't fall under the umbrella of TravelTalks but it does sound interesting nonetheless.
  8. Colorful Islands: Madagascar and Seychelles (1936) to air Friday, June 20 at 5:51 AM ET.
  9. My pleasure as well, Yancey. It looks like this week is the nirvana of "new" Traveltalks because the TCM programmers have added Sitka and Juneau, "A Tale of Two Cities" (1940) Friday, May 23 1:34 PM ET So thankful to TCM programmers.
  10. The TCM shorts programmer is definitely listening to us devoted FitzFanatics because we have two TravelTalks making their alleged TCM debut this week. I say alleged because I'm not certain if they ever have been shown before. Thank you TCM. Thanks also to Yancey for his list from which these titles were taken. Wednesday, May 21, 10:05 AM ET Suva "Pride of Fiji" (1940) 9 mins Friday, May 23, 5:52 AM ET St. Helena and Its "Man of Destiny" (1936) 8 mins
  11. Chile, Land of Charm (1937) to air on Monday, May 12 at 1:40 PM.
  12. I think the word interstitial is more superstitious than presumptuous.
  13. Here is a link to FitzPatrick's filmography as producer, director and writer. The majority of the titles are TravelTalks related. http://www.imdb.com/name/nm0280534/reference
  14. I always had the impression that this film was Taylor made for Wayne, but he wasn't the original choice for the role and in fact had to campaign to get it. If that's the case then I think Robert Taylor should have been given the role because he was tailor made for it. *chuckle chuckle*
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