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  1. Black Is King (2020) Sparkle (1976 film) The Five Heartbeats (1991)
  2. The Distinguished Gentleman (1992) Betty Boop for President (1932) The Senator Was Indiscreet (1947)
  3. Conspiracy Theories (1997) North By Northwest (1959)
  4. Paradise Alley (1978) Rocky III (1982)
  5. Denzel Washington Jack Webb Stacy Keach
  6. In The Rock (1996), Sean Connery's character claims "I was trained by the best… British Intelligence.” In On Her Majesty's Secret Service (1969), George Lazenby's character says: "This never happened to the other fella"
  7. Best TV Show Based On A Movie- M*A*S*H (1972-1983) 👍 Worst TV Show Based On A Movie- (There are so many), Ferris Bueller (NBC, 1990-91) Best Movie Based On A TV Show- Star Trek series (1979 -) Worst Movie Based On A TV Show- Charlie's Angels (2000)
  8. Far and Away (1992) Hawaii (1966) The Man Who Would Be King (1975)
  9. He along with others in that film have already won some minor film awards. That movie is very good, the acting is top notch.
  10. And not one conservative mentioned how virtually every week there was a new story of an unarmed black person killed, shot or otherwise brutalized by law enforcement. What happened last summer was the culmination of decades of abuse. Over and over, week after week. Thanks to cell phones. People had had enough. Looters just took advantage since they had nothing better to do. The other day was all about fear. Fear of a changing future. Fear is probably the strongest emotion and fearful people will panic and do extreme things. In November, America voted to progress into the future inst
  11. Vivien Leigh & Sir Laurence Olivier Ossie Davis & Ruby Dee Barbara Stanwyck And Robert Taylor
  12. Just a few months ago, they busted a group planning to kidnap the governor of Michigan and storm the state house there. But, of course they were totally surprised by yesterday's actions It won't end there. They'll make him a martyr. He'll never stop ranting and urging them on. This is a frankenstein's monster that is out of control.
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