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  1. Who even knows what counts as classic these days ? Remington Steele Twilight Zone Get Smart Columbo Mission Impossible Untouchables The Saint Benny Hill Avengers (Cathy, Emma and Tara) Seinfeld I Love Lucy Honeymooners Poirot Little House on the Prairie Sanford and Son Honorable Mention: Johnny Cash Show - It was only on for two seasons. I still watch it on Sunday evenings
  2. Claire is determined to marry a rich banker. Banker wrongly convicted of robbing his own bank.
  3. I only say that because many blacks see Biden as "Obama's third term". In 2016, Hilary was too divisive and Bernie's supporters stayed home because their candidate didn't win the nomination. Biden shouldn't have those issues. I think they are using the best strategy of keeping him quiet. And now we see why ! That is a real concern. Liberals are good at finding minor reasons not to vote. Then make all sorts of noise after the election. Off topic: One of the podcasts I am listening to is called Wicked Game. Each week it profiles one presidential election. This week its 1924, and the title is "Silence is Golden", How Coolidge won by staying quiet and just doing good work. Biden could learn from this.
  4. This is part of the reason Trump might win again. Donald can anything and 90% of his followers will still vote for him. Biden says one wrong word and could lose votes. Liberals want their candidate to be perfect, mythical even. Biden only won because they found fault with all the others. Conservatives just someone who appears strong. Their bar is so low that Donald can easily cross it. The black vote really doesn't matter, Trump will never get that. It was white women who put Trump in office.
  5. Just some suggestions to think about:

    1) A dedicated suggestion box. For when we have ideas that might help the site.

    This would go with Number one

    2) How about a way to save a post. Often times we might type out a long drawn out post to explain a movie or some topic. And then months later, someone asks the same question again. I would be convenient to be able to go to my profile and check my list of saved posts. Go straight to the one I want and link or c and p it.

    That might help reduce times the same question is asked again and again and again.

    If these already exist, I apologize.

  6. When The Redskins Rode (1951) Alone Yet Not Alone (2013)
  7. Robocop (1987) Star Wars (1977) Austin Powers: International Man of Mystery (1997) So great I had to post the clip: Iron Lady (2011)
  8. Best Actress: Shirley MacLaine, Debra Winger--Terms of Endearment Best Supporting Actor: John Lithgow, Jack Nicholson--Terms of Endearment
  9. Lassie. The other two would just be too much maintenance. What African vacation would you prefer : A scenic cruise on the African Queen ? Or travel on foot through the darkest of Africa ?
  10. Capetown Affair (1967) To Have and To Have Not (1944)
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