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  1. Now, that's a sentiment I can really get behind ! 👏🏾
  2. Moonraker (1979) Evolution (2001) The Phantom (1996)
  3. We didn't win. No way to use the propaganda to promote anything.
  4. And Bombshell (2019) Soapdish (1991) S.O.B. (1981)
  5. A Trip To The Moon (1902) Ironclads (1991 TV Movie ) Thunderball (1965)
  6. Groundhog Day (1993) Starts over everyday ! 50 First Dates (2004) He has to start over each day because she has no memory
  7. Ben Stiller: Envy (2004)/Meet the Fockers (2004) Johnny Depp: Alice in Wonderland (2010)/The Tourist (2010) (Although, in each case, I prefer the panned film.)
  8. I think that's more about the style of the film rather than one being better than the other. Hello, Dolly! was more of a film of its time. Big budget musicals were going away(It may have been the last successful one), Studio system was fading. It was an event to go see it. Whereas TSH,DT, was such a period piece that could have been made anytime. And so well done, its a film that can be broken down and analyzed for decades, as we are doing right now. It has more staying power. You can watch it multiple times and notice something different each time. Award shows are about celebrating
  9. Well, many of us "centrists" lean both ways depending on the topic. Or lean neither way because in real life there are more than two choices. I've never been comfortable with statues of anyone. People are imperfect beings. In today's age, we know so much about everyone. Its very easy to find dirt on any person and slam them the moment they do something you dislike. So why bother ?
  10. Classic example of "Its not what you say, its what you do"
  11. Octopussy (1983) Fail Safe (1964)
  12. Giancarlo Esposito You may not know his name but, with almost 200 credits, he's probably best known roles on TV in Breaking Bad, The Mandalorian, And in movies like Do The Right Thing, The Usual Suspects, Waiting to Exhale etc... And he is working today.
  13. Nutty Professor (1963) - Professor Julius F. Kelp/Buddy Love Breakfast at Tiffany's (1963) - Holly Golightly/Lula Mae Barnes Clark Kent/ Superman (1978)
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