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  1. I keep seeing ads for a new live action Snow White coming soon. Musicals will continue to be made. This was just a bad idea. People watch musicals to smile and escape reality. If I want to see a story about gangs and racial issues, I can just turn on the local news. You have to take people away to a far off land, or a time long ago. Something complete different from today.
  2. A film normally has to make three times cost (accounting for marketing and other expenses). Costing $100 million, it seems to have barely broke even. I doubt they went through all that trouble to break even.
  3. When 60 year olds are trying to understand 20 year olds, expect failure. They are simply trying to shove an old paradigm onto a newer generation and it failed. This crop of kids is a brand new concept. They have had , since birth, technologies many are still not used to. This is their norm. And they're happy with it. They are the only ones heading to the theaters these days. They want to see Horror, Superheroes and Animation. Its really that simple. Put some younger people in positions of power who know the pulse of the public. Then they might avoid such disappointments. They won't d
  4. Disney cartoons are musicals for younger people. Young people know nothing about WSS. That 's why they didn't go see it.
  5. The Italian Job (1969) Three Kings (1999) Sam Whiskey (1969)
  6. I don't see how this film could have ever been successful. It reminds me of Grease (1978), in that there are those who like it really like it. And then there's the rest of the population. Who was supposed to go see this ? Who wants to watch kids running around in the street on a sunny day.... in the dead of winter ?? People who hark back to the original can either a) see it at home. Or b) its too cold and wet to go out. Btw, Theaters are getting more and more expensive. Only superheroes, children's animation and horror are successful in the theater at this point. Studios are working so ha
  7. The Great Silence (1968) Death Hunt (1981) Hateful Eight (2015)
  8. I think the best thing this "In Memoriam" does is make you want to go out and watch these films. And if you've seen them, see them again. They're good at finding the right scene that fits. And its not so morbid. It shows the stars doing what they do best. On film , they will always be lively and significant. I like that it celebrates their life and work, rather than the sadness of their passing.
  9. The advantage of it being posted on YouTube is you can watch it over and over. Or, like me, constantly hit the pause button and pull the slider back from time to time. That's why I don't mind it being long and jammed full of those who have passed. I can slow it down and better appreciate the scenes along with the person shown. I'm willing to be there is a competitiveness or even jealousy involved with the Academy vs. TCM. The Awards shows are always in such a hurry. Constantly worried about ratings and relevance. So they probably think there's is better because of the li
  10. For A Few Dollars More (1965) You Only Live Twice (1967)
  11. I have tubi on roku so I can watch on my TV Many people are so used to the old business model of having all their viewing on one service they pay for each month. Who cares if this new model has lots of free programming across a variety of services. Or that it allows much more variety. I have an app called "reelgood" . Type in any title and it tells you what app is showing the program. Really convenient. I don't think these posters really want to see the film. They just want to complain about something TCM did that wasn't totally predictable.
  12. The Piano (1993) Wide Sargasso Sea (1993)
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