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Status Updates posted by GGGGerald

  1. Just some suggestions to think about:

    1) A dedicated suggestion box. For when we have ideas that might help the site.

    This would go with Number one

    2) How about a way to save a post. Often times we might type out a long drawn out post to explain a movie or some topic. And then months later, someone asks the same question again. I would be convenient to be able to go to my profile and check my list of saved posts. Go straight to the one I want and link or c and p it.

    That might help reduce times the same question is asked again and again and again.

    If these already exist, I apologize.

  2. You can't accept messages :(

  3. I like having so many emojis. But, on the drop down menu they are so tiny, I can't see them well enough to use them.

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