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  1. Jewel Robbery (1932) - William Powell, Kay Francis Bored Baroness' life gets some excitement from the robbery of a jewelry store by a crew led by a suave jewel thief. This reminds me that there was a time in film when there was just dialogue and acting without special effects, fighting and explosions. Also, its obvious its from a stage play. Being that this is a pre code film, there's law enforcement high on pot, a man admitting to hiding in a woman's room while she was dressing, and crime actually could pay. I enjoyed it 3/5
  2. I feel the debates get so passionate because generally, we all love classic film. Of course we all don't love the same classic films. But, that's where things get interesting. There are times when someone professes such a love for an actor, that I give them a shot myself. Of through the debate, films are mentioned that I had never heard of, or never gave a chance. And I end up watching and enjoying them. As long as its relatively civil, its not so bad at all.
  3. I don't think these boards are going anywhere. In this day in age, this is basically "social media for classic films". Free advertising for the channel. And the genre in general. Remember, no TCMFF this year, no fan group meetings this year. TCM has to stay in the minds of the public. This is one outlet that's still accessible for fans. This is also a way "other than the channel itself", to communicate and get market research on those who are interested in their products. This is a new era. You have to go where your fans are to be able to communicate with them. When you depend on You
  4. Blue Gardenia (1953) 3/5 stars It wasn't a great film but, it was entertaining. There was a bit of "Deus ex Machina" but, that didn't spoil much. What was good was the overall dread the star felt, not knowing who to trust nor where to turn. A good twist near the end. It also was a glimpse of how single women lived during this post war period. And also how code restrictions make it sometimes difficult to understand what's going on. At times, the audience had to fill in the blanks themselves. I enjoyed it.
  5. Some obvious ones come to mind: Stallone in Rocky (1976) to Creed (2018) = 42 years Stallone in First Blood in (1982) to Rambo: Last Blood (2019) = 37 years Arnold in Terminator (1984) to Terminator: Dark Fate (2019) = 35 years Tron (1982) to Tron: Legacy (2010) = 28 years
  6. Well, I don't drink wine so it doesn't affect me. Actually, I do know some fans who like to drink wine while watching classic films. Especially this time of the year. Had viewing parties (when that was possible). Now, if they ever come up with a beer club, I'm there !
  7. We really have to stop meeting (posting), like this 😄
  8. The Green Berets (1968) Or any other John Wayne war film Triumph of the Will (1935)
  9. Way over done patriotism to the point that it can venture into demeaning foreigners, xenophobia, basically being very arrogant about it.
  10. I think some of us are taking this issue far too seriously. Part of the fun of this message board is reading other people's thoughts on issues. We don't have to agree, that would make things rather boring. I've seen the "classic" period defined as "1927-1970" or "1915-1969" etc... Its whatever the viewer wishes it to be. Some actors were contracted to studios well into the 1980's. It really is subjective. There's a thread on the front page stating that the 1970's was the best decade of film. Yet, TCM should not be allowed to air those films ? Believe it or not, TCM does have com
  11. Wildcats (1986) Heaven Can Wait (1978 )
  12. Lady Godiva of Coventry (1955) Lady Chatterley's Lover (1981) Lady Caroline Lamb (1972)
  13. Dealing with Goldfinger, he might have had Odd Job take her out so she could never tell about his cheating at cards.
  14. Nat King Cole Dick Powell James Darren
  15. Actually, he shoots the woman in "The World Is Not Enough". If you wanted to know the number of women he is supposed to have bedded, my friends and I have gone over that many times. 😄 It is remarked in some of the films that he can't protect his women. Bond is a compulsive gambler, drunk and a womanizer. He's not healthy for anyone. I see it as what he has to be to be able to shoot people for a living. No rational human could do that job for any length of time. He would go mad or end up in a cabin in the woods.
  16. Ironic how, nowadays, those two genres dominate Movie theaters...when they're open.
  17. Eyes Of Laura Mars (1978) Mars Blackmon - She's Gotta Have It (1986) Venus In Furs (1969)
  18. GOLD DIGGERS OF Broadway (1929) BEAU SABREUR (1928) THE GREAT GATSBY (1926)
  19. Battleship Potemkin (1925) That Touch of Mink (1962)
  20. Band of Brothers (2001) Dynamite Brothers (1974) And of course, all of these films:
  21. Le Femme Nikita (1990) became Point of No Return 1993) Viktor und Viktoria (1933) became Victor/Victoria (1982) Godzilla (1954) eventually (2014) and beyond...
  22. G.I.Jane (1997) The Last Samurai (2003) Wild Geese (1978)
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