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  1. I didn't see anything about her platform or her policies. With women its always about appearance or attitude. By the way, I don't remember you wanting Donald to be more humble 🙄
  2. Just before the civil war, businessmen here in the L.A. Harbor area wrote to Washington telling them there was much sympathy for the south in this area. And troops were needed. They ended up building a fort in what is now Wilmington, Ca. http://www.drumbarracks.org/index.php/en/ This fort was to defend all of California, Arizona and New Mexico since the nearest fort in Colorado was considered too far away. During the war, raiders from Texas were harassing forts in AZ and the "California Column" was sent to deal with them, (imagine walking from Los Angeles to Arizona).
  3. Whether is the evil AM radio or the evil liberal TV media, they all are out for ratings. They'll do or say whatever to get those numbers up. Many don't even believe what they are saying. How many times do we see people caught in controversies that are nothing like their "on air persona" ? Yet, they are taken seriously.
  4. Why are only men allowed to become president? Actually, your thread has gotten off on a false premise. If you divide the country by race and by gender, the largest single group would be white women. 53% of white women voted for Trump. As a matter of fact, 57% of white women chose not to vote for the white woman for president. Women, in general, have had the majority vote in this country for 100 years. The issue is many conservative women would rather have a man in charge than a woman. Its not a popular thing to say but, its the truth. Women are as responsible for this "patriarchy" as
  5. I live in a state that holds 10% of the U.S. population. Do you really want to give us that much influence on presidential elections ? There's a battleship parked about 6 blocks from my home. In 2016, Bernie was there giving a speech and raising money because this is a union town. trump was also there weeks later to raise money because there are wealthy people up on the hill above me. Change the system and it will be a parade of wannabe contenders pandering for votes. Let them stay in Iowa and those other places. I like that we're one big 55 vote monolith.
  6. Actually, this is the best system. If we went purely popular vote, All the campaigning would be in the big states like California, Texas, New York, etc... and the small states would be irrelevant. The system we have, states like Nevada, Arizona and Maine can matter. And if there's was a recount like in 2000, all 50 states would have to do it. They would still be counting till today 20 years later.
  7. He should have never disrespected McCain. Now, his insults may cost him an election.
  8. Technically, so is trump since everything he's ever done wrong was someone else's fault. Either a conspiracy or the evil liberal media.
  9. Americans these days, don't really think things through. Most haven't had a real comprehensive health plan so they don't know what they're missing. So to them, its no loss. Remember, this group's whole focus is to look backwards, not forward. Fear anything new, embrace the past. Just like how today the 50's era is very popular. But, not the actual 50's but, the stylized 50's of MGM, Ozzie and Harriet, I Love Lucy etc... that only existed on screen. Its this fantasy that they are chasing. I guess trump is their Ike, great hero to lead them into the next great era ! These are people w
  10. Maybe that's not why they came. In countries like that, if you're in with the party in power,life can be good. Maybe it wasn't so much the politics as it was the economic opportunities ?
  11. Socialists are marching because they hate him. Armed domestic terrorist groups are marching at his behest. I never said any of it was right. I think it all makes matters so much worse. We just had idiots rioting because our basketball team won.
  12. But some, (from places like Cuba, Venezuela), even though they left to come here, still believe in a strong authoritarian leader. Its what they're used to. A woman (Hilary), and a kind elderly man (Biden) just don't fit the bill. Whereas a physically big man who talks big, doesn't care what people think, stands up for himself, etc... is more along the lines of what many see as a Head of State. Someone they can admire. Similar to battered wife syndrome.
  13. I'd rather a candidate "hide" in the midst of an epidemic than to desperately tour the countryside encouraging people to gather with no masks or any protection. That's why they call them "super spreaders". Wherever he goes, the virus spikes. https://www.usatoday.com/story/news/investigations/2020/10/22/trumps-campaign-made-stops-nationwide-then-coronavirus-cases-surged/3679534001/
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