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  1. One of those nights when you can set the clicker down and just relax and watch. I like this stuff, can't trust anyone. Anything can happen.
  2. I live in the port area of Los Angeles and films and t.v. are being shot here on a regular basis. And I often see a character on a street I know quite well. And they make a turn and the are in another part of town. But, nothing beat Moonraker where James Bond flies a helicopter from LAX to an English mansion !!
  3. Victor/Victoria is one of my favorite movies period. But, then I like many films set in the interwar period. I'll just have to stay up and watch it for the umteenth time. I wish I had been home to see all four films but, my schedule never seems to match up with TCM's
  4. Fascinating to me how so many on this thread liken shelving a movie to censorship. Censorship is a legal matter. This is just TCM making a choice, which they make many of on a regular basis. They could show it, they just choose not to. You ever thought maybe TCM is trying to provide a fun, entertaining trip back in time ? Watching stereotypes dancing and singing in the fields grinning all the way really isn't my kind of fun. Just because some filmmaker made horrible depictions long ago doesn't make them just as entertaining today. And I wonder with all the 1,000's of films available, s
  5. Kid sits on Santa's lap " Do ya feel lucky,Punk ?"
  6. What's the fun in that ? Next you're gonna want every movie gun to shoot exactly six bullets. One of the first movies ever "A trip to the moon" tells us a cannon can shoot a shell filled with people to the moon.How many laws of physics are broken there ? Movies were made to make fantasy look real. I know its not classic but, how about Smokey and the Bandit 3 with Gleason as the bandit ! That was actually filmed and is sitting in a warehouse somewhere. After horrible sneak preview reviews they reshot most of the film with Jerry Reed as the bandit.
  7. It really is a shame that TCM is the only classic film channel in the history of the universe ! Who cares if I just saw "Night and the City" on some other channel...that doesn't matter. TCM must some how only play movies I want to see, right now ! And if they don't, its R.I.P. No in between. Who cares about essentials (they're not my essentials so they don't count). (And since I can't rip the movies, I'll rip the co hosts) Star of the month ( But, its not my favorite obscure actor. They only use famous, popular stars for that ). (who cares if its so great that other channels are copyin
  8. I cruised solo, piece of cake. I would think that with a theme cruise you make friends quickly. Find someone who likes an actor you like or a shared experience and you have someone to talk to. And classic film lovers are a small group anyways. You have a built in thing in common.
  9. Hollywood gets hit on a regular basis. Go to any grocery store and you see right at the cashier. Ever heard of the Enquirer or The Star ? And the host of others that mark every move they make ? Not even Wall St has that. And hey, movie star are given their money. They don't tear apart any businesses to earn their checks.
  10. It might be hard for you to believe but, there are races besides black and white. And I am only a few years older than you are. Its all old fogeys here. You have to take the Oscars in context. Each year has events and sensibilities of that time. You can't take 2015 mentality to 1946 or any other time. What might be amazing then today might seem ordinary. You would have to be there to know. When else are the rich and famous going to get all decked out and walk the red carpet ? For many non sports fans, this is their Super Bowl !
  11. That's world wide. I only can watch movies in English language. Bollywood has been the most films for a long time. Some stars will films as many as five movies at a time travelling from set to set. You have to realize every country has their own film industry. With 7 billion people, that's a lot of languages, countries and movie goers.
  12. I saw that movie in school as a kid many times. I enjoyed it.
  13. That show for the past 30 years has been spending 5 to 10 mins on a 30 second joke. Nothing edgy, always predictable, always New Yawk. What exactly has Eddie done that was funny the past 20 years ? What did you expect ? All I see is lots of people patting themselves on the back for winning a time slot for years against no one. Can you think of anything on there the past decade that was truly memorable ?
  14. And there is yet, another channel called "The works" run by MGM 56.4 In Los Angeles Maybe there will be a channel per studio at some point.
  15. In the video you see them slap one of the Jefferson Airplane. Then they acted like they wanted to fight the band There was a festival in the U.K. around that time. They learned their lessons. Tight security, corrugated metal walls around the stadium. No one was getting in without a ticket. And sure enough, the fans began to boo and call the artists greedy. As if the world exists to give hippies everything for free . I love their music, listen to it all the time. But, music was/is a business like anything else.
  16. I've really wanted to get some movie posters on my walls but, have procrastinated or couldn't make my mind up. This has given me some good ideas.
  17. I think its good because you get to see a wide range of films this way. I figure if I watch 5 a week, that's 250. If I watch 250 films a year, I would get to that 1,000 in just four years. Problem is, I like a lot of b movies, spaghetti westerns, shlocky type of stuff. Anything that tries to break rules because I hate censorship. And I guarantee those films are not on any list ! And most slavery/concentration camp type stuff I will never see. I like to be entertained by films. Taken to another place and time. A fantasy that can't come true but, is fun to think about for 90 mins.
  18. Oscar is supposed to be sloppy. What is sloppy about this man's appearance ? Pants fit well, shirts fit well. He does have dirty shoes but, could you imagine Jack Klugman with hair done so well ?
  19. This is basically two Felixes. One neater than the other. This Oscar will never stray from political correctness, never be too messy or grumpy. There really is no balance. With the original t.v. show there was always one you could identify with (for me it was Oscar ). Both of these guys are far too metrosexual for me. Who is supposed to watch this ? Men rarely watch network sitcoms. Women are watching bad reality shows, Kids (see below ). Old folks can watch the original on some subchannel somewhere. Millennials don't watch sit coms. What's a network ?? Cable has been the norm
  20. The whole movie is a set up for the last twenty mins. Some of the greatest 20 mins in movie history. When it premiered down under , the crowd sat in stunned silence for half an hour. Must had been told about that battle but to see it was something else. Almost cost Winston Churchill his career. Imagine WWII without him involved. Its worth it to read about it.
  21. Its desperation. With 150,000 subscribers cutting the cable cord every quarter overall, the erosion is beginning to be felt. They will just go to the lowest common denominator for a dollar, for survival. There will always be an audience looking for the juiciest burger in America. Speaking of PBS, I love globe tracker ! Do you have create channel ? That's a good one. I enjoyed the Honey West shows. Now its Route 66 all day. I tell you, if TCM could be gotten without the other 200 channels I don't watch, My Dish would be on it was out.
  22. It amazing how Honey finds a reason to wear something tight and black every episode lol. While your at it, may as well check Escape tv 46.3 (for women) , and Grit tv (for men) 46.4 . My father is in love with Grit, its westerns and tough guy films.
  23. Re: Channels changing formats and creating reality or competition shows: I have to think that the History Channel creating Ice Road Truckers is purely money driven. While I would much rather learn, apparently other people want to watch trucks attempt to drive over frozen lakes. The Discovery Channel and The Learning Channel used to have great shows on that were actually interesting. The 2008 Recession caused many channels to rethink their formats and just go for the money. I remember History Channel was about Romans and weaponry. Now, its pawn shops and scrap yards. How many programs
  24. Here in Los Angeles: For the record, yet another new sub channel 2.2. called "Decades" http://www.decades.com/ Starts up in a few months. Now they are just showing marathons. Today is Honey West. A show I have heard of but , never seen . And apparently more are on the way. I see why Dish came up with that $20 a month deal. If TCM were part of that package, I might have gone for it. You have to admit the T.V. landscape is really changing. More and more choices.
  25. Here in L.A. we have a boatload of channels. Cozi, Antenna, Thistv, Retro, MOVIES!, Bounce, Metv, GETtv, Grit for men, Escape for women. ABC 7 has a sub channel with lifestyle shows. And Dish has channel 82 (Family Entertainment ) showing Roy Rogers and murder she wrote. PBS has lots of extra channels also. And more are coming. Only reason I keep Dish at this point is the live sports and TCM. And if they keep haggling with these networks (Now its Fox News ) I might have to reconsider. I bought a device from radio shack that switches back and forth with a remote just for that reason
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