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  1. An interesting wrinkle to this is that the Criterion Collection renewed their Blu-ray /DVD licensing agreements foe Rebecca, Spellbound, and Notorious a few years back and has released upgraded editions of Rebecca and Notorious thus far. Spellbound should be released sometime in the next year or so, but definitely before the contract ends. This lends credence to your theory related to pricing. The rightsholders may not have changed, but their pricing has increased. I am guessing that The Paradine Case is also part of the negotiated package, but that the Criterion Collection just pic
  2. I've found the feed that gets advanced schedules. All hope is not lost.
  3. I too am disappointed with the redesign and the inability to view future schedules. This is a vital part of the website. I am a database developer and I also do some web development. I poked around the new site for about 30 minutes and was able to find this website for their new API. https://api.tcm.com/tcmws/v1/schedule/month/us/est/2020-11-01.json https://api.tcm.com/tcmws/v1/schedule/month/us/est/2020-12-01.json I have verified titles against the Search function and what I can remember of the November and December schedules. It's converted the JSON output to HTML a
  4. Well this not a real fainting spell, but it's the first one that came to mind. Godfrey loves me, he put me in the shower!
  5. I found Arthur Aylesworth's Find A Grave information with a picture located here. It doesn't look like it's the same guy.
  6. I would have loved some time devoted to female screenwriters. TCM wouldn't have even needed to negotiate licenses for many of them either. After all, only Leigh Brackett probably understood the plot of The Big Sleep.
  7. I've only seen 9 of these films too. Some are on the Criterion Channel, so I will probably check out a few before September. I hope they show the "Be Natural" documentary on Alice Guy-Blaché again in October. They are showing "The Birth, the Life and the Death of Christ" as part of this spotlight. I love silent film and I had heard of her only in passing, so I was glad that TCM showed her work a few months back. I watched everything they showed. I am most interested in watching Wanda directed by Barbara Loden and Seven Beauties.. I am also looking forward to seeing Salaam Bombay! ag
  8. Well, I am known as the movie buff in the circles I frequent. Topics such as films being pulled from viewing and needing more context has become a topic of conversation. I try facilitate a respectful conversation between differing viewpoints while offering what historical background on the films I know. I had a conversation just yesterday, with a few 30 somethings about Gone with The Wind and and one said "well no one protested back then". I told them that in fact there were protests and how Selznick dealt with Frank and Ashley's "political meetings". I also told them how Birth of a Nation re
  9. I believe she used the Albert Speer defense of not knowing about the war crimes. Speer's reputation of being the "good Nazi" has been thoroughly debunked through recent scholarship. While Riefenstahl's propaganda work is not on the same level being in charge of armaments, she probably had to know something. I don't want to justify her actions, I want to understand why so it may be possible to prevent such mindsets from developing in the future.
  10. Regarding problematic works and the artists behind them getting blacklisted, I have long felt that it is the lazy person's way of dealing with things. It's easier to close yourself off to different perspectives than trying to understand. Naturally, this is also true for the people that do not want to understand why some works may now be offensive. This era of the 15 second soundbytes and 140 character limit is doing humanity a disservice. People hear, but they do not listen. Regarding Leni Riefenstahl, I would like to understand why she thought her talents would be best used to
  11. His cadence really annoys me, but I tried to give the Eyes of Orson Welles a chance when TCM aired it. However, I found it rambling and more about Mark Cousins than about Orson Welles. Cousins has some nice ideas on film, and of course the subject matter is endlessly fascinating. It's just that I would rather watch the Scorsese documentary.
  12. I found this just now. 100 Films by Women running from September through December. Here is a PDF schedule. I don't particularly care for Mark Cousins work, but I don't know exactly know why. Some of the movies look intersting.
  13. I like your listing, but I would replace Ben-Hur with Speedy, The Kid Brother and Girl Shy. I really enjoyed the tribute to Harold Lloyd TCM did a few years ago.
  14. You should definitely watch it if you're interested in the Zodiac case. Also try to learn about Gilbert & Sullivan's The Mikado, since Zodiac made reference to that in some letters. Like you I really like Fincher's Zodiac, but I went into it knowing ALA was not a very good suspect. Like Gershwin fan, I am inclined to believe that Gaikowski was the most likely suspect. When EAR/ONS/GSK was caught in 2018, I began to hope that advances in touch DNA and forensic genealogy might help to solve Zodiac. However, it remains to be seen if they even have enough that is not uncontaminated from
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