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  1. whatta crock. I was gonna watch but forgot then heard it was scrubbed. doan waste my time with this kinda crap. after Apollo they never really made clear what the space shuttle program was for. a reuseable spaceship ok what for? they never could tell us and ISS whatz that for? ****? Apollo gave us tang and the shuttle moonraker at the movies. the ISS...nuthin! I ain't gonna get excited about a rocket with a nose cone with two cartoon eyes.
  2. this is the kind of unfortunate incident nobody needs or wants. George Floyd should not be dead. it was not necessary for this cop to press his knee on the poor man's neck close to ten minutes causing his death. the cop is a pos and he should get the maximum allowable jail time for 1st degree manslaughter. George Floyd's family deserves justice.
  3. then show us one picture of trump with the tip of his nose on a chick's neck.
  4. it was called the jelly roll. personally I prefer jelly filled krimpets
  5. love this bitta jerry fielding music from The Gauntlet.
  6. The Right Stuff showed us that composer Bill Conti has the right stuff. alotta people wanted to write bill conti off after his score to the seduction of joe tynan but he showed um.
  7. what habitat destruction? human or animal? just how the ****! would less polar bears and penguins affect me?
  8. dam right and I hear something is about to come out about biden's difficulties keeping his lips offa babes' necks.
  9. well, I could always see the coronavirus taking out more people with respiratory difficulties exasperated by it.
  10. one guy it was reported yesterday was going to reopen his salon despite the pandemic hysteria. he said "I've had enough!" now there is the voice of a real American.
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