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  1. tonite was Dinosaurus! which is not believable because shouldn't the tyrannosaur have bought it after chowing down O'Leary?
  2. the fact that you're posting this means you are worried about the msm justifying mob violence in the interests of racial justice.
  3. I think the newer Aladdin/lion king era animation would make ole Walt retch. he would never have gone along with their plagiarism.
  4. the msm's new line is that leftists (like Antifa a formerly humanitarian org) are using the protesters as cover to wreak mayhem. yes, the left in their hearts KNOWS that mob violence cannot be excused or justified for racial injustices OR ANYTHING ELSE! phonies! just listen to um.
  5. I just think that protesters who riot lose their moral high ground if they ever really had any to begin with. prior to last nite's festivities some were saying the arrest of Chauvin and charges were not enough. the left wants payback. they want a lynching and never mind the law and due process. the left believes they can pontificate about racial injustice and then afterwards go nuts in the streets. to conservatives that's just some kinda two-faced BS.
  6. the florida heat and humidity must play havoc with liquid nitrogen.
  7. 40 years later and I still can't figure any of that out.
  8. I like the way Dabbs figures out the martian monster in It the Terror from Beyond Space... "there was once a civilization on mars. it ended. disease, war, something terrible. the martians what was left of them went back to barbarism. savage, murderers. maybe that's what we've got on board."
  9. they're gonna need some kind of perfect director like quentin tarantino which would make about as much sense as steven Spielberg directing west side story.
  10. isn't he the guy who ran over lymangood in blue thunder? man that guy was always playing scummy lowlifes. clint shot his earlobe off in high plains drifter.
  11. and the mayor of minneapolis who looks like a scuzzy unkept Justin trudeau is an absolute disgrace to his office. when does he start passing out fast food takeout to the rioters?
  12. chris cuomo made me wanna retch yesterday. at every opportunity he made a sickening point of stressing that the rioters were a mix of everyone and not just black americans. and on MSNBC they started stressing that none of the rioting was acceptable. geez ya think? so here's this schtootz cuomo on his on the air apology tour for rioting while he's talking to nick Valencia who is downstairs covering the trashing of the CNN Center by rioters. the mayor of Atlanta I am proud of her because she said the rioters of her city SHOULD BE ASHAMED! she said they dishonor George Floyd which is exactly what Trump has said. there's one liberal who refuses to kiss up to insanity. good for her.
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