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  1. the dems keep reminding us about what trump has not produced... why don't they produce their cowardly whistleblower?
  2. bs. Selleck was for the women not a male audience.
  3. and I always thought it was dumb not to introduce Angelique into the 20th century as her former alluring blonde 18th century self.
  4. there was some dopey stuff like pansy faye staking barnabas in a cave because he strangulated carl Collins played by karlen then there was the time Nicholas raised the vampirized (by Angelique) Jennings brother by exhuming his casket and pulling out the stake. like when Edward Collins is lamenting the staking of barnabas in the cave by pansy faye... well sir... if he was so sad why didn't he just pull out the stake? so here's barnabas still alive because pansy faye staked a doppelganger created by Angelique's witchcraft so then he and Julia decide he must reintroduce barnabas to his 1897 clan by saying he was abducted by his vampiric ancestor which was completely lame.
  5. Hollywood mistakenly imo thinks modern babes want limp weenies in westerns. WRONG! they want men.
  6. maybe if we could have another Rooster Cogburn movie with Kurt. you're not gonna revive the western genre with modern hollywood beefcake who are little better than effeminate weenies. a few of them maybe but they would have to mimick wayne, eastwood or randy scott.
  7. Mel Gibson had a window for awhile but he fell into a stupor after the LW movies.
  8. westerns are pretty much done since no one is ever gonna surpass let alone match wayne and eastwood. the only actor who imo could pull off wayne or eastwood's level of persona is Kurt Russell.
  9. why should Pompeo put up with biased questioning from npr and marie yavonavitch ain't on his current state dept team, is she?
  10. and yet Schiff doan have a problem with wholesale genocide in the womb. what does he care? he was allowed full term development and birth. "you're lucky. you got yours." -mitchum, home from the hill
  11. truth be told I could give a **** that they knocked off mr. peanut. they need to knock off something that people really hate like the Geico Pinnochio marionette.
  12. well uh.....shoot….I can't say I've lived my life according to what historical context is gonna be 100 years from now...who does except for lawyers and secular sociologists? the rest of us are just living.
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