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  1. life without parole means free room, board, medical coverage at the expense of the taxpayer...and a lifetime considering the possibility of escape.
  2. they simply have no reasonable concept of justice or punishment.
  3. https://people.com/tv/gloria-henry-dennis-the-menace-actress-dies-98/
  4. because they lack any sensible moral parameters. we had those until the left started maligning them.
  5. the ending is very profound... "and has I felt my body dwindle into nothingness I knew no matter how small I still mattered" as long as a humble mankind believes in his creator he will matter.
  6. this beautiful heartwarming actress passed away on April 3rd just six days ago.
  7. doesn't a light bulb blow up in his face in the longest yard? never cared too much for him. he looked kinda wimpy.
  8. this is probably belated but I just saw on google that actress Gloria Henry, jay north's mother on dennis the menace was dead. heck, I thought she was still alive. she is my favorite TV mom of all time. I read how once in an exec's office unwanted advances were made and she rebuffed them because of her southern upbringing. she was so dam nice and completely believable as Alice Mitchell.
  9. is this anything like paint up - clean up week on dennis the menace?
  10. infrastructure renewal should be a bipartisan effort.
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