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  1. now mcconnell wants to delay the 2nd impeachment until february, sez he is in no hurry. those power distribution talks hit a snag and now mitch is playing hardball. actually, he is doing them a favor because I think a 2nd impeachment trial will hurt the democrats...especially if Donny is acquitted.
  2. suppose Trump is acquitted a 2nd time.? biden is a stupe for not trying to talk his party out of it. remember, biden pleaded for unity.
  3. in your opinion. taking a vaccine made from shellfish when you do not have the virus is just plain stupid.
  4. google is about as much help as teets on a boar. question: is the covid vaccine mandatory?
  5. the only cable news outlet I ever have on is CNN. I find Fox's bias insulting because conservative common sense does not need to be helped in any way so I never watch it.
  6. I'm for inviting the covid virus itself so it doan feel left out.
  7. bull! everyone associates the word with the russian monarchy. the word is simply the russian term for emperor.
  8. "mother, will you make my goon of a brother wash before we all sit down to dinner." -Betty
  9. MGM was on the verge of bankruptcy by 1970 but it was saved by a certain horror movie featuring this guy.
  10. does that mean that captain kirk's chicken sandwich and coffee were fake too?
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