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  1. what if fred and nancy coulda been ward and june cleaver?
  2. Greenpeace Protester Parachutes Into Euro 2020 Stadium, Injures 2 | HuffPost
  3. I thought she was cute as a button in the parent trap. http://images6.fanpop.com/image/photos/36800000/The-Parent-Trap-Original-image-the-parent-trap-original-36810193-500-696.jpg
  4. the great problem with liberals is that it is more important to them to obsess on methodologies than to actually solve any problems. now they say the struggle for climate justice should only be fought by non-white devils. whatta buncha phocked up schtootzes.
  5. https://www.msn.com/en-us/news/world/greta-thunberg-inspired-climate-org-labels-itself-racist-and-disbands/ar-AAL4nUj?ocid=winp1taskbar
  6. a million people died in 2017 because of petrol?
  7. do they actually believe joe biden can scare vladimir putin? the guy used to be a colonel in the KGB and most of the american politicians he's ever met he could beat the sheet out of and have for breakfast. doan our msm know this guy has a horde of redheaded russian femme fatale sex babes waiting to seduce our men.
  8. the one who is the least hostile torwards the NYPD should be the winner.
  9. I always watch The Heiress when I can for her sweet revenge on morris (or maurice) townsend. strength, poise and honor "CATHERINE!!!" http://revisitingrebecca.com/wp-content/uploads/ending-the-heiress.jpg
  10. the picture of her I got looks like it is from the late 1940s because she has a bobby sox-type hairdo. I came across an old page about her on google about her driving herself out to the west coast and her car broke down... well sir... the lovely miss crowley repaired her own car.
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