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  1. you sound pretty good. could you sing this?
  2. lou tries to invite endlessly argumentative leftist sidney fields to his birthday party.
  3. this time in louisville kentucky over no cops being charged in the breonna taylor killing. these scalawags really know how to help the democrats. they have a great sense of timing.
  4. your decision is a great loss for the future of humanity.
  5. you need to start chowing down on real food like I do every day. started out the day with a few sips of ocean spray cran-grape juice then later on two quarter pounders from mcdonalds then tonite a cup of nestle's nesquick chocolate drink. tomorrow I think a small dish of mashed potatoes for breakfast then later on a half of a meatball sub. eat hardy and support trump.
  6. who are they trying to kid. biden ain't popular and they're trying to hide it. his reaction to great Donny going for the gold and replacing RBG before election day was pathetic. and now we hear pelosi is going to impeach Trump again??? even AOC distanced herself from that. the democrats doan get it. IT'S OVER! their time is over. donny trump is going to finish them off and all they can do is choose the least humiliating way.
  7. it is pretty desperate when all you can do is cite supposed GOP indecisiveness. we will have our newly confirmed conservative justice before election day, princess.... and Trump's 2nd triumph to follow.
  8. You seemed determined, cigarjoe, to believe that november 8, 2016 cannot possibly repeat itself.
  9. whats the name of that resort island up there in the waters off RI? it's like a vacation spot of sorts I forget it's name but the island is like a nice little hamlet.
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