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  1. this thing is awesome! what a great purchase. playing my CDs is a wonderful experience again. the bass is very impressive and accurate with no distortion. I can actually smell the material from the air being pumped out. the woofers are 5.25 inches and the tweeters 1.57 inches. a terrific CD sound system.
  2. America's most captivatingly beautiful First Lady. a lucky man
  3. well, joe will just have to give both sides a stern talking to.
  4. the best comic strip in the country is the Lockhorns. oh about Dondi (the 1961 movie) as Leonard Maltin once said "see this movie and you'll know why Janssen became a fugitive."
  5. let newsom make existence unbearable for ca dems who handed him another chance.
  6. they were all over the bleeping place with that leviathan story. first the writers hijack poor barnabas as he is walking through the woods having finally found josette again reincarnated as kitty soames...absolutely no explanation how the leviathans are able to exert control over barnabas. they return him to the 20th century and is once again evil and hostile to his closest confidants willie and julia. what were the writers doing? setting us up for their disconnected 1991 storyline. this divergence ruined the whole show for me. they threw some great stuff at us but then just as quickly threw
  7. they really doan know the exact age of the General Sherman tree. they figure somewhere between 2,300 and 2,700.
  8. oh yes here are some pretty ones. netsh winsock reset ipconfig /release netsh int ip reset ipconfig /renew ipconfig /flushdns
  9. my wifi connection is always dropping out. are there any command prompt commands which can remedy this? any remedy for this problem please post. non-router remedies if you please because I doan have one.
  10. those giant sequoias are the most famous giant trees on the earth. use the best chemicals to extinguish those fires, liberal ****. the General Sherman Tree is 2,200 years old. the world's largest tree.
  11. about them uncontrolled western liberal fires... a simple question... are firefighters using the most effective chemical fire retardants available?... or are more effective chemicals NOT being used because of liberal politically correct climate change nutjobism? that is both a fair and relevant question. https://www.mail.com/news/us/11115392-fires-shut-sequoia-national-park-threaten-huge-tre.html#.23140-stage-mostviewed1-5
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