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  1. that is because the democrat party takes a silly juvenile sesame street approach to immigration. the libs told um this was the way to sesame street.
  2. and that is the long established lifestyle of the american left. they make alotta hooey about MLK Day knowing that the voting rights bill will fail in the senate today.
  3. but the tcm slackers won't let you. figures.
  4. MR6666, you have hardly demonstrated any ability to be either intellectually or politically objective so what is the point???
  5. deep down she was really a nice girl and her love for her man was so great it raised her character to a heroic level.
  6. the noble Barnabas and the witch who found redemption through her love for him. remove the horror and there is a beautiful love story
  7. now it's our turn. tomorrow I think looks to be shaping up to be a fine day in the senate. the right will show the left that we too can celebrate. I agree with mike huckabee that biden is so far gone he does not realize the seriousness of his difficulties. tomorrow to the fore two great people Joe & kyrsten! guys...WE SALUTE YOU!
  8. your father always reminded me of Ben Gazzara.
  9. hey it just hit me. michael caine's character in the swarm is named Bradford Crane.
  10. krispy kremes are too sickeningly sweet....and I like sugar.
  11. I love entenmann's chocolate donuts I also like those powdered sugar encrusted crawlers at dunkin donuts. those go great with coffee. also at dunkin donuts are the ones with the dark chocolate covering that are so scrumptiously soft and chewy. you wanna eat those with milk.
  12. I like the episode of Barnaby Jones where he plays a serial gigolo. he is also very good in The Swarm. "don't try anything cute, crane."
  13. there is a lotta cheap stuff out there that tcm could get a hold of and show like Hot Spell and the K. Gordon Murray mexican horror imports. some of those churubusca-azteca mexican flicks are visually astounding but tcm ignores them like the stupid slackers they prefer to be. they could show the bloody vampire and it's sequel invasion of the vampires with Carlos Agosti as Count Siegfreid Von Frankenhausen! or Abel Salazar in Curse of the crying woman. those beloved gems are out there but tcm dedicates themselves to starving their cable viewers. it just ain'
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