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  1. yeah, but at what point do you select someone on the basis of personal expertise instead of race?
  2. santorum has been a prongwad since he lost his senate seat.
  3. Biden's gonna restore all the confederate statues?...WOW!
  4. first he expresses anger at rural farmers always being identified as white guys in places like iowa and nebraska instead of southern states like mississippi and alabama and now he is bellyaching about Biden not naming enough blacks for his cabinet... and this is what we on the right mean. white schtootz democrats like biden have wasted decades placating guys like clyburn and all it gets them is ingratitude. the democrats doan even have the balls to tellum to go screw themselves. "prick up your ears, biden, or I'll start whining to kamala and barack." he looks be
  5. bigger than life...and he's white too.
  6. bring back the beloved cartoon superheroes!... from the heyday of our once glorious animated TV past... Space Ghost, the two kids and the kickass phantom cruiser... but forget the bleeping monkey.
  7. he should pick Hank Kimball who can talk to weeds at the Ofor place.
  8. the inexorable glory of the rugged individualist president... unbowed... undefeated... UNCONQUERABLE!
  9. after gorging myself on the acme shepherd pie and a half a meatball sub I hadda go plop down and take a nap. I felt like templeton the rat.
  10. "I could easily reach the capsule with my boot rockets but peck hasn't asked me."
  11. they're lucky marvel didn't sue for copyright infringement.
  12. a man enjoying his feast... Finlay Curie gobbling down a pork pie in Great Expectations. "get me a pork pie and something to drink, boy, or I'll whale the tar outta ya!"
  13. I've never been too big on traditional thanksgiving food like cranberry sauce and turkey.. I do like stuffing and mashed potatoes though. so for brunch today milk and a nestle's crunch bar or two then tonite an acme shepherd pie and the 2nd half of a meatball sub I ordered yesterday.
  14. a black guy keeping a virginal white woman around to read tarot cards.
  15. they same might also be said of secular leftist America which has been mocking and denegrating our judeo-christian heritage for many decades now.
  16. nobody gives a sheet about them later losers... only Connery and Moore are relevant.
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