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  1. I'm for Puerto Rican statehood myself. phock DC.
  2. she was as gorgeous as she was a terrific actress. she really knew how to handle kirk. in a star trek novel she winds up wanting Kirk as her lover. The Price of the Phoenix is a sequel to an earlier star trek short story. "he is not sane." http://2.bp.blogspot.com/_hL7HogamDVc/TJL-4nTLvFI/AAAAAAAACTA/5AphhCZ8JOw/s1600/The_Enterprise_Incident_103.jpg
  3. it sure doan work for me either. a gunslinger-vampire? a silly premise. it takes itself more seriously than Jesse James meets Frankenstein's Daughter or Billy the Kid vs Dracula but garbage is still garbage.
  4. I get tired whenever I see that 1993 money-grubbing action adventure film showing on cable. it is insulting to compare it to the QM TV series. so anyone who thinks like that can shove their Han into their Solos. only one man deserves to be recognized as the tragic, noble and heroic Dr. Richard Kimble. terrific music gets riveting torwards the end.
  5. think of our astronauts who proudly bear the stars and stripes on their space suits... and chuck heston in planet of the apes and doan forget about john philip souza's stars and stripes forever. liberalism must stop going too far.
  6. to me John Davis Chandler will always be Mad Dog Coll. saw him today in an ep of Adam-12.
  7. what about the sequel? the young savages meet the young stranger "I want you to tell Burt Lancaster that the manager tried to wrestle me in the lobby."
  8. if I were an unborn fetus I'd rather be chipped away at than torn apart by a forceps.
  9. what the holy hell do we need this unnecessary federal holiday courtesy of mindless liberalism for? slavery ended when Lee surrndered to Grant at Appamatox Courthouse...in 1865! 156 years ago. symbolism over substance as the late Rush Limbaugh would say...of course Rush was being unduly kind. what he really meant was no rhyme or reason. so liberals wanna heal racial division...by making 2021 1865? makes sense huh? it never will but this is all that liberalism knows how to do. nothing and then calling it something and you can believe VP Kamala is completely overjoyed. t
  10. what if fred and nancy coulda been ward and june cleaver?
  11. Greenpeace Protester Parachutes Into Euro 2020 Stadium, Injures 2 | HuffPost
  12. I thought she was cute as a button in the parent trap. http://images6.fanpop.com/image/photos/36800000/The-Parent-Trap-Original-image-the-parent-trap-original-36810193-500-696.jpg
  13. the great problem with liberals is that it is more important to them to obsess on methodologies than to actually solve any problems. now they say the struggle for climate justice should only be fought by non-white devils. whatta buncha phocked up schtootzes.
  14. https://www.msn.com/en-us/news/world/greta-thunberg-inspired-climate-org-labels-itself-racist-and-disbands/ar-AAL4nUj?ocid=winp1taskbar
  15. a million people died in 2017 because of petrol?
  16. do they actually believe joe biden can scare vladimir putin? the guy used to be a colonel in the KGB and most of the american politicians he's ever met he could beat the sheet out of and have for breakfast. doan our msm know this guy has a horde of redheaded russian femme fatale sex babes waiting to seduce our men.
  17. the one who is the least hostile torwards the NYPD should be the winner.
  18. I always watch The Heiress when I can for her sweet revenge on morris (or maurice) townsend. strength, poise and honor "CATHERINE!!!" http://revisitingrebecca.com/wp-content/uploads/ending-the-heiress.jpg
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