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  1. that the rioters planned to capture and execute people. that HS need evidenciary backup.
  2. count on it. somebody out there will find a way to justify it despite covid. some hollywood schtootz will say it is needed for the nation's morale or some such hooey. the academy awards is what those rich 1% socal narcissists absolutely live for. it is there reason for existing. heaven to them is being worshipped by millions of people here and abroad.
  3. I think I saw it on Huffpost.
  4. it is meant to coincide with the annual oscar awards telecast but maybe this year there will be none. the celeb attendees might not be too motivated since trump will be gone.
  5. tcm has had years to show Hot Spell and they haven't. Anthony Quinn, Shirley Booth and Shirley MacLaine fans would have a ball watching it. but I doan expect anything from slackers but slackness. "now don't you let me catch you tomcattin' around." "now alma, you know me. I'm one of the good ones."
  6. maybe it's a good omen that by march tcm will be no more.
  7. last nite had me a container of chinese fried rice which got me to thinking about ole grampa joad... "fried rice...somebody's been eatin' chinese fried rice... How come I ain't got none!"
  8. "the democrats are moving now. they're coming for me, then afterwards... they'll come for you."
  9. egg-sucking Hollywood liberals plan to edit Trump out of that movie.
  10. the house has impeached Trump for a 2nd time and mitch is supposed to convene the senate before the 20th for that? the dems call our people rioters while they made excuses galore for their peaceful protesters. stores were looted and burned but it was 'some others" mixed in with the good people. what phony liberal HS. this is all about their unbridled hatred of Trump. they did this over loser Hillary and Trump's pro-life support and over Gorsuch, Kavanaugh and Barrett. the dems say the capitol was desecrated. business people who had their businesses incinerated by the dems' good people
  11. I'm for lead consumption as a safeguard against kryptonite radiation poisoning in case liberalism someday gives us all super powers.
  12. "all I need is a jug of Granny's spring tonic."
  13. I won't lick their boots and that's what none of them can stand."
  14. delivered by eli wallach. for my money it's The Lineup 1958. I have not watched it from the beginning. I have seen it torwards the end when mob assassins psychopathic eli wallach and his senior assassin associate played by Robert Keith scare the daylights out of some poor woman and her little girl even letting on to the terrified woman they're gonna kill her and her little girl. real nice fellas. they botch their assignment which then has psycho eli pleading with wheelchair bound vaugn taylor to intercede for them with his mob superiors. the wheelchair bound mob paper pusher just scoffs and cl
  15. the democrat party has been leaning torwards socialism for decades. they will spend our money and soon exhaust it simply because they refuse to understand that OUR money is not endless.... then afterwards they will pathetically remind us that their intentions were good. "my intentions were good." -Jan Brady "good intentions are not always good enough!" -Mike Brady
  16. "my lovely companion and I are thinking of moving to the top of everest to escape global climate change."
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