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  1. all Trump has to do is say it should be canceled and it will be on for sure!
  2. personally, I woulda given the russian venus (DEATH) probe it's own series. chuck that pole, steve!
  3. THE SIX MILLION DOLLAR MAN best weekly american series of the 1970s. Robot strength vs superior nuclear powered Bionic strength
  4. https://www.huffpost.com/entry/san-diego-zoo-safari-park-gorillas-coronavirus_n_5ffceeeec5b6567198885576 if any jihadist scum are left at Guantamano, feedum the dead Gorillas.
  5. how often do do see a reflex camera with a flash unit?
  6. patty mccormack was so much nicer with shatner in the explosive generation.
  7. they're coming into work on a Monday! usually these slackers give themselves four days (monday, friday, saturday and sunday) off every week.
  8. hey nancy, fix me a liverwurst on rye with a nice glass of coke on the rocks."
  9. the battered warrior... Brave! unbowed! inexorable!' UNCONQUERABLE! "They hate you for the greatness of your achievements, Roark."
  10. "they want me out NOW with a 2nd impeachment. I'll go when I dam well am ready!"
  11. all trump power circuits energized and ready. full power overrun enabled
  12. you know more about that then I do. it was so long ago. it died around 1976.
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