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  1. a great great loss. she was one hell of a sexy female vampire and she was just all around hot. she and Hazel Court were absolute beauties. she absolutely deserves a tcm tribute. some publicity shots of her as 'miss Judd' from five million years to earth.
  2. waita see how happy mainstream democrats voters are when biden keels over and kamala becomes the new 'standard bearer' of their party.
  3. a lot of those protesters may genuinely believe that voter fraud may have occurred over a 72-hour period when no votes were cast for trump...at all. it was very obvious to me that both the democrats and msm were pushing very much for mail-in balloting...because of the pandemic, right? right.
  4. here's a real Nancy who gets her nail polished hands on her little weasel of a hubby...
  5. and when some stinking democrat mayor says that looting is reparations...is nothing! sez democrats and their msm. "we have a saying in missouri too, senator... don't **** down my back and tell me it's rainin'.
  6. I had a 45rpm of Burning Love.
  7. yeah?...and this new fast track 2nd house impeachment is not anti-Republican?
  8. looking behind the LP rack you could see the tubes lit up in the back of the unit.
  9. growing up we had this big ole magnavox HI-FI console in our living room. proudly stuck on the wood of the phonograph compartment was a sticker saying DIAMOND STYLUS. that wooden monster sported like 3 huge woofers. 2 in the front and one side-firing with a cloth covering. the wooden cabinet produced awesome bass. the wooden panel at the center pulls over to the right to reveal an inside LP rack and at the bottom corner of the left speaker cloth is an orange light that indicates when the unit was on. our living room walls would shake from the bass this thing would emanate.
  10. "the elasticity of vague ideas is their strength." how many millions or is it billions of taxpayers dollars have been spent on democrat socials programs that never worked! and they wanna talk about our supposed elasticity of vague ideas?... how about their gross waste of OUR money over a 50-year period? a musical salute to that yesteryear brand of liberal education that was supposed to work BUT NEVER DID.
  11. I've noticed how our celebrants are rioters and insurrectionists (chris cuomo dubbed them mobsters) I guess because they were mobbing but the other side's celebrants are peaceful protesters. during that past time when his peaceful protesters were trying to breach CNN headquarters in Atlanta cuomo was making excuses for them upstairs on the air while they were trashing the front of his own building! and 3 days after election nite here's this blonde democrat election bimbo in philly giving no explanation for several unopened boxes of mail-in ballots which she says would not be opened a
  12. the only ending I've ever seen is when she gets fried by the lightning bolt.
  13. climbin' in the senate. "hey look at me, fellas! ice up a cold one before I get down! YEEEEEEHAAAHHHHHH!!!"
  14. just because some good ole boy sat in her office chair. " had some beef stew, nancy ole girl, so I may have planted a phew."
  15. she's thinking of switching parties. now that is a real surprise coming from her. she looks like the witch who tried to eat Hansel & Gretel.
  16. he had some good fiery exchanges with Charlton Heston in Airport 1975.
  17. democrats will shove the green new deal down our throats despite I expect significant opposition from other democrats BUT IN THE END Pelosi and her lemmings like Steny Hoyer will again do an ACA up our kazoos. now just watch kamala harris push for it.
  18. MovieMadness has made a very cogent point... the democrats aren't against walls now, are they?
  19. democrats and the msm cannot point to a scarcity of trump supporters in that picture, can they?
  20. Good because the entire GOP establishment had descended into Rino-ism. we showed um!
  21. so secular socialists will just have to keep their bloomers on until the 20th. "no dice. I'm gonna let my friend have just a few days of uninterrupted peace from the constant flow of liberal defamation hysterics."
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