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  1. what's the problem. they were just practicing their 1st AMENDMENT RIGHT TO PROTEST... okay, so MAYBE they got carried away and kicked up their heels a tad... now look at this. undeniable proof that colorizing works. the end of The Wild One in color.
  2. following election nite were 72 solid hours of nothing but mail-in votes for biden.... I am far from convinced there was no voter fraud. and cnn is the new msnbc. they're one-sided HS makes trump look like fred rogers.
  3. I completely understand that the democrats have not exactly enjoyed the four years of Trump but that will be a poor excuse for what they are going to do. it will be personal for both pelosi and schumer has they seek to punish the GOP for their enabling Trump. here is what I fear... Biden did not need to chose kamala harris. he woulda won anyway. Biden who is mentally deteriorating will hand our country over to the gang of four.... kamala harris, Rashida Tlaib, illmar omar and AOC who will shove the green new deal first down their party's throat then the rest of us get it! Then goodby
  4. democrat primary voters go for him over the leftist candidates and what does this guy do? first he picks the most liberal senator to be his running mate. his primary supporters must've loved that. all he has been doing even before his winning is placating the left of his party. if I were one of his primary voters I would already feel a little betrayed. "trust me. would I lie to you?"
  5. to these hollywood narcissists canceling would be far worse than catching the virus.
  6. if there is an award show and some of the bimbos who show up should croak later on, I got the perfect title for a cnn special... The Red Carpet of Death! not gonna post any pictures of anyone because that would be showing favoritism.
  7. tcm should be represented. "I volunteer!"
  8. the one saving grace is that hollywood celebs will be spreading it to themselves.
  9. Arthur Shields gets to say "are you surrre?" twice. I have it on a disc.
  10. and that word is...Amen. I had c-span1 on and was listening to House GOP minority leader Kevin McCarthy and what he said blew me away... the house democrat majority is now objecting to the recitation of christian prayer in the house chamber... why? now get this...the word Amen is not gender-neutral.
  11. Days of Wine and Roses is a downer. Charles Bickford shoulda kicked the sheet outta Lemmon and then dragged his daughter back home, thrown ice cold water on her and force her to go thru cold turkey. worthless drunken sut!
  12. a great kill scene that hadda lotta potential is when vaughn taylor pushes eli wallach too far in The Lineup. a syndicate assassin gets in dutch with the big boys and poor wallach is begging taylor for a break... but before wallach explodes some dialogue coulda made the scene hilarious... "ah but you're forgetting something." "and what's that?" "you're a guy who's helpless in a wheelchair and I'M A PSYCHOPATHIC KILLER!!! I'M GONNA SHOVE YOU OVER, PRECIOUS! pass that on to the big boys for me, will you?"
  13. vttbots - the monster from outer space is a favorite episode to me. so much attention to detail with a nelson decontamination procedure with acid foam and ultraviolet light. better direction than usual too because crane and crew are out to just plain murder nelson and sharkey.
  14. we do root for every spark of his unforgettable creativity.
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