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  1. it is a great comedic performance by Goldie Hawn. she gives us this great mentally vacuuous bimbo stare and the hilarious way she arranges chicken wings in a pot. "HUHHHzzzzz"
  2. that's almost an insult. OL stands alone as unforgettable gothic science fiction.
  3. it coulda been better but the ending was too sappy. I would have liked to have seen the kids get on board the yacht and throw water on her mother. doan look for a remake as it is just too politically incorrect for Hollywood.
  4. Ralph Bakshi: Lord of the Rings (1977) Hey, Good Lookin' Fire and Ice ----------------------------------------- K. Gordon Murray: Shanty Tramp
  5. leave the poor guy alone. enough is enough.
  6. I think they were mostly on in the 1980s or the 70s. they hype the pre-classic kinescopes but never mention those abc primetime specials. "where are those specials, Ralph?" "I doan know, Norton."
  7. I predict the UK will rejoin the EU.
  8. I disagree about Jeannie being subservient in comparison to samantha. she may have lovingly called tony nelson master but everyone knew she was the boss. jeannie would outright disobey her master's commands and make it look like she was just improving on them because she loved tony so much. her tact was priceless. even her evil jeannie persona was better than elizabeth's serena. "I didn't disobey you, master.... I just made it better!"
  9. I got both syfy and decades so I can watch both marathons. if you want to see a real bout just get a load of william demarest and joan blondell go at each other in what's in the box? who came up with The Panther man & Sweeney?
  10. yeah right...a commie national treasure.
  11. they shoulda gone back to when Diana Prince started hanging out with a chinese guru.
  12. one of my favorites is A Thing about Machines with Richard Haydn. the latin dancer on the TV is hot. "I''ll give you a close shave, Finchley."
  13. you can't blame her. she's just an old crone leaving in her hovel and these little earthlings barge in without so much as a how do you do. then they burn her. who wouldn't fight back? good for her.
  14. if you are tough and your thinking is grounded in the bedrock of common sense and reason... then to liberalism you are dirt!...regardless of race.
  15. just look at how Google highlights and commemorates people we never even heard of. joe clark the courageous high school principal who took bullhorn in hand and did combat to get the attention of his students to help pull their heads out of their derriere's from the cesspool of drugs and urban violence just died..... anybody see Google paying homage to him??? https://www.nytimes.com/2020/12/30/nyregion/joe-clark-dead.html
  16. she looks like a cross between Flora Robson and Elizabeth Montgomery.
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