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  1. I ask it because of that dispicable scene in his 1972 film Rage where he shoots Bernard Hughes' cat off a chair with his rifle. okay, he had a legit gripe with this doctor about his son's death from nerve gas but to murder somebody's pet cat like that is just rotten. it is just a horrible, horrible scene and I will not watch Rage because of it.
  2. if they wanna cast Gia Gadot as mary-ellen in an updating of The Waltons maybe that might work for her.
  3. "thank you all for your thoughts...especially you, nip". ox
  4. we will are miss this special woman. aloha to the angelic Dawn Wells.
  5. here she is in that hot nightshirt. mary ann as ginger the sweetest castaway
  6. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SdvH9DB-_gw
  7. she needs to be in rio de janeiro at carnival time.
  8. saw or heard something about child labor laws and palm oil. young children are being used in tropical areas to collect palm oil. I doan care who collects it just so long as it is collected. palm oil has been extracted from palm trees for centuries. this is about going after our candy and dessert industry. liberals have always hated our delectable processed chocolate foods like candy bars and such. they want no more mounds, almond joys or...,.kit kats! they wanna destroy chocolate and substitute it with their bleeping carab. bleep carab! tried it once and it simply doan tast
  9. doesn't blonde have an e on the end of it. to me blond is incorrect spelling.
  10. some episodes she's wearing a shirt as a nightgown and boy did she have nice cute legs. I have always been a mary ann guy too. what an angel. she was sweet, buttoned up and loaded for bare.
  11. 2020 was the year I lost TCM. my cable provider moved it to a higher more expensive tier with sports channels that I gave nary a sheet about and tcm did absolutely nothing to get themselves back for me.
  12. and I saw a commercial on CNN for an upcoming special about Carter... JIMMY CARTER the Rock n Roll President. the only rock n roll under him was when Desert One crashed and burned.
  13. doan forget Hatter's Castle with Robert Newton, James Mason and Deborah Kerr.
  14. that's a beast? looks like Frank Morgan with leprosy.
  15. the late David Hedison had said his willingness to attach himself to something like vttbots was largely due to an outstanding actor like Basehart being a part of it and expressed gratitude that he was part of it. the earlier seasons were better with at least some seriousness applied to the stories but the latter episodes sport some terrific melodramatic acting and irwin's patented the-aliens-are-holding-all-the-cards mentality. just once I wish irwin had let the men of the seaview kick some alien butt with no problems or drawbacks but irwin always insisted in having his malevolent al
  16. about this $600 vs $2,000 relief check hangup..... make um work on the new year's holiday!
  17. and all the democrats have ever done is increase revenue to feed a lot of social programs that never worked.
  18. your 'funny stuff' thread needs attention.
  19. the films of yesteryear were fun escapist journeys into often times the fantastic...and I think that is the way irwin allen approached it. if allen should be faulted for anything it should be for the overuse of those paper mache monster heads and that irritatingly used iguanadon stock footage of his. irwin maybe needed a pet iguana.
  20. you know what it's passing would have meant?... the Federal Government not spending outside it's means would have been the Law.
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