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  1. Clarence Day after eating some bad breakfast muffins.
  2. Sheesh, now tcm be afraid of the F word. Then we can expect Dog Day Afternoon not to be shown in primetime either.
  3. Muni's Scarface, shouldn't Mankiewicz have mentioned that Boris Karloff had a small role as a hood named Gaffney? Muni and company take him out in a bowling alley. Hell, I knew it was Karloff right off.
  4. The line 30 years ago was we were all gonna be getting 24/7 news coverage...where is it? The world is unraveling and where is CNN, Fox and msnbc? Problems everywhere in the world and what we are being handed is only 12/7 coverage and then at night the cable news outlets repeat their first twelve hours all over again. That is not 24-hour news coverage, that's BS. At night why can't say CNN carry their european feed until six in the morning? Anderson Cooper, Erin Burmett, Jake Tapper, Wolf Blitzer, Bill O'Reilly and Sean Hannity...once of them a day is definitely enough! I want 24/7 anchored new
  5. Again that greatest of the beloved tcm pet movies... LAWRENCE OF ARABIA "Yuri Zhivago? Sorry David old boy, I think I will have to pass. You might ask Omar."
  6. Yes it is...'cause it's an interesting subject.
  7. These guys won't even show Jaws 2 which does have alotta good moments because of Roy Scheider.
  8. This is the kinda thing that's gonna pickle some people's giblets. That Scarface double bill shouda been scheduled for primetime but no, tcm puts the Muni flick on at midnite and the Pacino flick on at two in the morning. I watched most of the Muni flick but the Pacino one was on just too late for me so I hadda set my vcr to get it. So for starting this wonderful double bill so late tcm does not win a cookie. Cookie deferred for dumb scheduling.
  9. That's certainly the way I always understood it. The founding fathers were not hostile to religious expression, far from it. Yes, they DID want separation of church and state...but hardly were they atheists or agnostics either.
  10. Thank you! Well, she does. Imagine the ice between Lara and Komarovsky in that sled after they leave the ice palace. He read her like a book and she knew it.
  11. Thomas Jefferson references the almighty in his Declaration of Independence. Do you find that alienating? I would agree that religionists sometimes go too far in foisting their religious beliefs on the rest of us...but neither should that be a free pass for secularists to foist their lack of it on us as well.
  12. "I doan fool aroun' with no one!"
  13. Now can argue with that?
  14. She no doubt must've viewed Komarovsky as infinitely more preferable for her daughter Lara than Pasha.
  15. But that sister of his sure is hot. There is no question that De Palma goes awry later on but Al Pacino is beautiful.
  16. Yeah, I noticed that but hey, this is tcm. Whatever.
  17. Well of course. Costner can't act. A bargain basement Mel Gibson is all he ever was...but Gibson loses points with me for being supremely dumb and not having the dialogue in his movies spoken in english.
  18. This is a powerful tour-de-force performance by Al Pacino without otherwise this film woulda been a complete dog...but Pacino makes it happen!...and how!
  19. What's the matter with you guys? This is one of Pacino's greatest performances. Pacino's Montana makes Steiger's Capone look like a sissy.
  20. And that scowl on Pacino's kisser throughout the film is priceless.
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