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  1. Hello! I truly enjoyed the Summer Noir experience. I'm open and ready for slapstick -- wonderful to be back with all TCM lovers!
  2. Going only off the scene (haven't watched this movie -- I don't remember) he's not going to let anyone get one over on him, Even if it is a girl. He's slick and knows the games people play -- he's not going for it. He baited her now he wants a piece (Jade).
  3. The only thing I remember about 'Laura' was I wasn't so taken by it. That's been years though. I'll watch it on TCM with new eyes and a whole new way at looking at film noir, especially. A crime has been commited, a detective is involved, a arrogant man in a tub with a home that comes across very meticulous and possessive. Much like Laura being a possession of his. Like a statue that will not grow old, to be admired and possessed.
  4. Great visual as you view Bogart off in the distance from inside the barrel. The POV, for me, works as your in his shoes, the tension.
  5. *Keep in mind I am so new to this (learning about film, group discussions, etc), other than many years of loving older films* I have not watched this movie before. Just the opening. The opening was indeed 'dynamic'. I loved it. It was thrilling, supsenseful, gritty and quick - quick, fast paced. I loved how the camera seemed to hug the curves in the tracks, like I was on the train to its destination. How the camera was close to the edge before entering the tunnel into total darkness.
  6. Something/someone sinister is lurking about -- is what I got with the opening.
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