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  1. I would LOVE to see him in this "Silent". If ever I should see that it is going to run again, I will be sure to set my DVR. I think very often how wonderful it would have been to see some of my favorite stars, in 'their' Silent days. We have missed a lot, but thank goodness for those who have cared enough to restore these 'gems'. Thank you mmroberts for taking the time to write.
  2. I try to find all the films I can with William Powell in them, so when I even see his name in the description, I program it into my DVR. That's the way I found "Rondezvous". Don't you wish we could have seen him as a young actor in the "Silent's" in his young career. I wish they had been "talkies" Rosalind was perfect in this part, so funny! I have yet to see a film where "Powell" wasn't perfect in it. They were so sweet and 'funny' together in this. Of course, I adore every film with Powell and Loy~ they are at the top of all on screen couples in my mind.
  3. What a wonderful film you have missed if you haven't seen "Rendezvous" with William Powell and Rosalind Russell! You really must watch it at least twice to get all of the wonderful ways that Powell and Russell work together so beautifully. And what a great comedy this is! It was filmed in 1935, so this is a very early work of theirs, but PLEASE if any of you agree that this is a forgotten masterpiece, let me know. I would love to discuss it..
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