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  1. Beginning credits: My Favorite Year - Stardust sung by Nat King Cole (No video found)] Ending scene: Donnie Darko - Mad World - Ending scene: Love Actually - God Only Knows -
  2. Magnolia is not only one of the best films of the 90s, but has one of the best contemporary soundtracks primarily thanks to singer/songwriter Aimee Mann. I've selected her Oscar nominated "Save Me," but could have just as well substituted "Wise Up," Momentum," Deathly," or "Driving Sideways."
  3. Overture to Dancer in the Dark. Music by Bjork. A beautiful, lush opening that I believe has something to do with blindness leads to controversial filmmaker Lars von Trier's dark tale filmed in stark Dogma 95 style.
  4. The 80s - the age of New Age. While not a big proponent of new age music - a little too meditative for my taste, I did have a few recordings - William Ackerman, Andres Vollenveider. My guitar selection, however is from the late Michael Hedges and is an old age rather than a new age composition - by that great hit maker, Johann Sebastian Bach - Cello Suite No. 1 in G Major. It's not Yo Yo Ma, but it is still quite lovely.
  5. The incomparable Django. Stick around for his solo.
  6. Sorry, everyone, I completely forgot that I had a pending question. Flashback is right, Punch Drunk Love is the answer.
  7. A Little Romance - George Roy Hill's sweet film of first love. Composer Georges Delerue won an Oscar for his excellent score, but only arranged and conducted my favorite piece from the movie: Antonio Vivaldi's Concerto for Lute 2nd Movement (Largo). It is used periodically throughout the movie, most poignantly at the conclusion. shown here.
  8. Synecdoche, New York: Little Person: Music- Jon Brion, Lyrics-Charlie Kaufman, Vocalist-Deanna Story
  9. 5. Played the Katharine Hepburn role in the remake of Little Women, the Claudette Colbert role in the remake of It Happened One Night and the Carole Lombard role in the remake of My Man Godfrey.
  10. My favorite too. Congratulations to you and to starliteyes. Either of you can take the next question.
  11. Trouble in Paradise Next: SIFOCESRR (1 Word)
  12. If I'm not breaching protocol, since the last answer was The Apartment, here's a follow-up.question: The Apartment mentions three cultural touchstones: a TV Show, a Broadway Musical and a Classic Movie being shown on TV. Can anyone name them?
  13. Brassed Off: Rodrigo's Concierto de Aranjuez
  14. Hint #2: Some things you'll see in this movie: a harmonium, decorative bathroom plungers, lots of pudding.
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