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  1. Thanks. HEre are four more. I know the first one is BLONDE VENUS. Isn't it terrific! Are the others from BLONDE VENUS too??
  2. Hello everyone: can anyone identify the film from this great image of Marlene Dietrich??
  3. Hello, has anyone seen this film? I can only assume it's awful. I read that as the film was in production, the script continually changed creating issues between Katharine Hepburn and Bob Hope because she discovered it was turning into more of a BOB HOPE comedy with his usual shtick (that wasn't what she signed up for). Anyone, can anyone identify the man on the far right on this still? thanks.
  4. an update regarding the SET DESIGN photographs, #3 and 4. It has been suggested that these photographs are actually from Hollywood Cavalcade (1939); that film **WAS** directed by Irving Cummings and, "Common Clay" was the title of a fictitious film-within-a-film. SO, is anyone here familiar with the film HOLLYWOOD CAVALCADE? Does TCM show it? THANKS!
  5. hello, thanks for the responses. I think you are right about the set designs being COMMON CLAY. I saw the directors name (JACK CUMMINGS) on one of the slate boards, but apparently he is not associated with this film. thanks again!
  6. Hello, I was wondering if anyone might be able to help me ID these photos: #1 and#2 I believe are two different silent actresses? #3 and #4 are photos of a film set, director JACK CUMMINGS? and #5, I do not recognize this actor. anyone know? THANKS!
  7. Hello, I recently picked up a nice piece of British sheet music with a YOUNG Judy Garland from the film LISTEN DARLING. THe song is TEN PINS IN THE SKY.... this is what she sings in the film, and this is also what Judy sings on the Decca 78RPM. SO, take a look at the British sheet music.... the song is entitled "NINE pins in the sky"! I don't get it! I asked a British friend of mine if the bowl with nine pins in stead of ten, but they don't do that! any thoughts??!?
  8. it sounds terrific; always looking for a good film to watch--- just bought a copy on ebay!~ will let you know my thoughts!
  9. Hi friends: I"m trying to identify this film with Wallace Beery. The code on the lower right is 5SS, and my Movie Stills guide doesn't have a listing for it. Anyone know the film, and the woman to the left of him? thanks!
  10. About 15 years ago, the Lincoln Center film Society had a salute to Stanley Donen. all this films were shown. ANd, Mr. Donen actually came down to the theater and talked a little bit before a few of the screenings. I remember the evening of FUNNY FACE. A beautiful print was screened; Mr. Donen talked a little about working with Fred Astaire and AUdrey Hepburn. And there were celebrities (Phyllis Newman) in the audience as well. The night they screened MOVIE MOVIE was especially nice. The curator of the project told us that Mr. Donen agreed to appear, talk to the audience, if he promised to screen MOVIE, MOVIE. Afterward, Mr. Donen told the curator that it was a "lousy print" to which the curator responded that there were 'no prints' of the film anywhere. They got the print for the screening from a university library. It was very very good. Since it was apparently such an important film to Mr. Donen, I am hoping that TCM includes MOVIE MOVIE in their tribute. I am also delighted to read that it has finally been restored and is available on BLU-RAY. Another film of Mr. DOnen's which is 'perfect' is CHARADE. RIP Stanley Donen!
  11. was i right about #1? is that Lillian Roth on the far right?
  12. some interesting PARAMOUNT FILMS stills from very early 1930s. nice stuff. take a look, thanks! #1 film is SEA LEGS, with Jack Oakie on far left. Is that Lillian Roth on the far right? Who's the other woman #2 I believe that's Corinne Griffith on right, who is the man? #3 Barton MacLane (from Treasure of Sierra Madre) and Margaret Lindsay? #4 SKYSCRAPER SOULS 1932 Maureen O Sullivan, Gregory Ratoff in the middle? #5 JOE E Brown and Ona Munson? #6 Sin of Madelon Claudet, Charles WInninger on far right, is that Helen Hayes standing??, others? #7 ALison Skipworth on right, lady in middle looks like the annoying woman on the DENNIS THE MENACE series, but it isn't. ideas? #8 here we have Jack Oakie again, great photo. put I cannot identify the film because the number onthe lower left is confusing (no entries). ideas? #9 Child star? #10 film is Vanity Fair, but we don't have the stars here. ideas? #11 Jackie Cooper, film is SOOKY. whos the guy on the right
  13. hi all, I'm still trying to identify the young man in photo #1. It was suggested (by a film scholar) to me that the coding on the bottom indicates a character actor, 1932-1933, from RKO. Well, I went through every film made during that period at RKO, and I have only been able to come up with the name of 'oscar dutch hendrian'/ I am trying to find an early photo of him; the NC on the bottom of this photo corresponds with a warners title NARROW CORNER. But more importantly, he was in many RKO films in the 1932-1933 period. thanks!
  14. hello Jamesjazzguitar: thanks so much! I saw the film many years ago;its fun but I don't remember those specific details! thanks again!
  15. This is a tough question. I think I like Frank Morgan; he is so WONDERFUL as Professor Marvel, the Doorkeeper, the horseman!, the (right hand man?) guy who tells Dorothy and Friends to 'go away!' and then starts crying!, and wizard himself. I Know they had WC Fields in mind, but i think he would have been over the top. ALSO, I like the 'optimistic voices'.
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