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  1. hi Dan: I have a 'bible' type book that has almost all the production codes for every film as well as many publicity photos. I sat down once and made a PDF of the book (hand-scanned about 600 pages) and now I can search for IDs and titles. I can provide more info if you like. Well, I downloaded GOOGLE LENS to my iphone and I got an immediate result; I had a very nice portrait of LINA BASQUETTE. I only knew that because she is identified on the back of the photograph. It came right up! Thanks again; message me privately if you'd like more info on the 'bible' id book.
  2. Hello Lucky Dan: My apologies for asking again, however, I am not having good luck in searching finding any of the image search sites. I looked for a site "imagesearch.com" with no results.i did a google search, but apparently I am not searching properly. May I ask, Can you perhaps be a little more specific for sites that might help identify these photos? thanks!
  3. I purchased a huge collection of silent photographs from a private collector. Nice stuff; i can identify (usually) the ones I do not know with the production codes. However, I have not seen this film in such a long time, I did not remember the scene. The only film that had a war theme with that code (1017) was WINGS, but I knew the actress was not Clara Bow so I had to do a little more research. May I ask, which 'photo finder' apps do you use? Thanks!
  4. Hello all: I did a little more research, and I got an answer......... Yes, it is from WINGS. The actress is Margery Chapin, William Wellman's wife (at that moment). Itis thescene in the french farmhouse where Richard Arlen crashes and then dies. Good stuff, huh?
  5. hi, yes its a great film. probably best to keep an eye on the TCM monthly schedule; don't see it on the schedule right now, but its a favorite of many and they show it often here.
  6. I am not sure who this actress is? The number on the lower right indicates the film might be WINGS (i saw it a long time ago, but do not remember this scene), or BAD MAN OF BRIMSTONE, or GREEN HELL (1940). ideas?
  7. Hello, this is a very nice photo. It almost looks like UNA MERKEL but I am not certain. It is an MGM still, but the ID is not in my 'still identification' book. Anyone know? thanks!
  8. Hello, my PC has all the current browsers including FIREFOX and Microsoft edge. However, whenever I go to the schedule pages, i get a popup stating, "To view this content, please use one of the following compatible browsers", and then it gives me a list of the browsers. If I use FIREFOX or EDGE (both the current updated versions), I will get this popup. Anyone know what's happening? thanks!
  9. thanks.... When I read that other info on WIKIPEDIA, from the synopsis ("The camera pans down to a cactus as he rides past it. Lying next to it is the only bag of gold that the bandits had missed. It is unopened and still full of gold.") I really thought I had made a mistake all these years. Just goes to show, you cannot trust everything on wikipedia.
  10. But what about the final shot of the film? Does it show the empty sacks that were dumped by the banditos, OR does the final shot show a bag of gold that the bandits had missed which is unopened and still full of gold?
  11. Hello all, TREASURE OF THE SIERRA MADRE has always been one of my all-time favorite films. I just read something on WIKIPEDIA which says that the final shot shows a bag of gold that the bandits had missed which is s unopened and still full of gold..... I feel a little awkward to ask this, but.... it that accurate? I always thought the last shot showed the sacks of gold that were opened and dumped into the desert and are now completely empty. I asked a friend of mind about this (before writing here on TCM), and we both have this same interpretation (the last shot shows an empty sack). are
  12. LITTLE NELLIE KELLY (1940) during the swearing in of new USA citizens segment.
  13. my sincere apologies, I meant the woman in #8 is Clara Blondick.
  14. actually, i think i am changing my mind about #9-- I think the woman IS Clara Blandick.
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