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  1. hello everyone, Hope you are all having a good summer. I was in colorado, getting away a bit from the heat of the California desert (over 120 before I left). I'm back now, and I wanted to just thank all of you, once again, for your help identifying these photographs. the one big surprise for me was the identification of the actress in #7, Rebel Randall, as a Ziegfeld Girl from the 1941 film with Judy. I absolutely love that film. FYI: I have a early draft of the script from ZIEGFELD GIRL which has Judy singing SHINE ON HARVEST MOON during her Ziegfeld audition. Isn't th
  2. #1 a great photograph of JOAN FONTAINE, I am guessing circa 1941 #2 I think this is Dickie Moore?? #3 Is this Carole Landis? I tried to match the film by the production code. #4 this is an MGM starlet, but I cannot find info on the MGM production code. anyone recognize her? #5 another starlet I do not recognize. #6 anyone recognize this actress? #7 or this actress?? #8 This is a nice photo too, but I do not recognize her. #9 last of the unknown ladies today. anyone know her?
  3. Hi Slaytonf, yes, I think you're right! FYI, I recognized the man as having a small part in THE BAND WAGON, so I did a 'collaboration search' on imdb. his name was the first to come up, but the identifying photograph they had of Thurston Hall is attached below......... its a much younger imge, and doesn't look like him at all! anyway, thanks for your help!
  4. Hello all; this is driving me nuts! I know the woman on the left is Frances Gifford and man in the middle is Carlton young. I recognize the man on the far right, but I cannot identify him. I looked at the credits for the film THRILL OF A ROMANCE........... but I do not recognize any names as the man on the far right. Any ideas? thanks!
  5. I am always amazed at some of the performances by child stars of the 1930s and 1940s. the two that come to mind are Judy in THE WIZARD OF OZ, and Freddie Bartholomew for CAPTAINS COURAGEOUS (he was only 12 or 13, wow!). anyone have thoughts on this topic?
  6. WHen I was very young (many years ago), living in New YOrk City, we always had LITTLE NELLIE KELLY on St patricks Day; Don't know why TCM doesn't show it. its a good little film.
  7. There is a scene in the film that is similar; perhaps this is what you are remembering: An old slave woman gets her dress cord stuck in the slabs of stone as it is being moved by thousands of slaves. She cannot get it lsose and is in great danger of being crushed by the stones if the slavemasters do not order the moving stones to be stopped. It does get stopped, just in the nick of time, and the old slave woman, Charlton Heston later learns, turns out to be Moses' birth mother.
  8. Just a quick thank you, once again, for the help in identifying the actors in these photos! It is much appreciated. Attached is one of my most prized possessions: a candid shot of Katharine Hepburn with director HOWARD HAWKS from BRINGING UP BABY.
  9. Do you, by chance, know her stage name? did she appear on Broadway? I ask because there is also a BROADWAY database which is very comprehensive. I tried several variants of your aunt's name as listed here, but so far no results.
  10. hi Musicalnovelty: My apologies for this late response from your 1/29 post. Yes, the book i use is the ED and SUSAN POOLE. It is very very helpful. While it is not 100% complete, it is an excellent tool and works for me about 95% of the time so thank you for your work with it.
  11. Hello All: Can you help identify these character actors from RKO; all the photographs have an RKO Photographer's name (Bachrach usually) stamp on the back. I tried to identify them with no luck. Thanks. #1 back of the photo has handwritten "Reid" (photograph is by Henry Fruelich) #2 no ID whatsoever, photographer's stamp SCOTTY WELBOURNE #3 He kinda looks like John Waters, but I don't think so. #4 This guy looks very familiar, but I cannot place him. #5 RKO stamp on back 1943, photographer ERNEST BACHRACH
  12. Hello, I have a few photos from GREATEST SHOW ON EARTH. I have one photo, very similar to this one, with a shot of bing Crosby and Bob Hope sitting in the audience. However, this is a similar shot but I dont know who it is? any one know? https://imgs.inkfrog.com/pix/lobbiesforme/QWU.JPG
  13. hi Dan: I have a 'bible' type book that has almost all the production codes for every film as well as many publicity photos. I sat down once and made a PDF of the book (hand-scanned about 600 pages) and now I can search for IDs and titles. I can provide more info if you like. Well, I downloaded GOOGLE LENS to my iphone and I got an immediate result; I had a very nice portrait of LINA BASQUETTE. I only knew that because she is identified on the back of the photograph. It came right up! Thanks again; message me privately if you'd like more info on the 'bible' id book.
  14. Hello Lucky Dan: My apologies for asking again, however, I am not having good luck in searching finding any of the image search sites. I looked for a site "imagesearch.com" with no results.i did a google search, but apparently I am not searching properly. May I ask, Can you perhaps be a little more specific for sites that might help identify these photos? thanks!
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