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  1. Youtube has become unwatchable because of all of the annoying ads. You can eliminate all the ads on Youtube with an ad blocker, or use a browser with ad blocking built in like the Brave browser. Smooth viewing. Never see another ad.
  2. Filling up half the screen with black banners is ridiculous. The film schedule view is reduced to a mail-slot window that you peek into. This is not necessary. The full-screen schedule exists underneath all the black banners. To see that, you just need to remove those banners. If you're up for editing some html code, here's a way to do that: Go to the TCM Monthly Schedule page. Right click your mouse in that page to bring up the context menu. Select "Save Page as..." and save the page to your computer. It'll take a moment. It's over 13 meg. Open the .htm file in a sim
  3. The time listings are correct in my browser. Maybe it's pulling from Windows system settings. Here's mine: Set time automatically : ON Set time zone automatically: OFF Time Zone : Eastern Time Adjust for daylight saving time automatically: ON
  4. Without being able to advance to the next month, you can't even see what's on the schedule a day and a half from now.
  5. "The thread content is on right side of screen with selected (most popular) posts on the right side. I much prefer the old one where you had a full screen. " Try zooming? Hold "Ctrl" and press "+" three times (on a Windows Machine). The right hand panel becomes a horizontal bar and every thing looks good.
  6. Good stuff: Career Girls ***1/2 Life is Sweet *** Within Our Gates *** The Harder They Come *** The Panic in Needle Park ***1/2 Kes *** The Wild Seed *** Merry Christmas Mr. Lawrence *** The 1940 version of Gaslight ***1/2 Repeat Performance *** The 1922 version of The Prisoner of Zenda *** Tex Avery cartoons "The Screwy Truant" and "Slap-Happy Lion" Saturdays 8 AM
  7. Good stuff: Miracle of Morgan's Creek **** River's Edge *** The Chocolate War *** A Dream Of Kings *** Millions Like Us *** Dry Summer *** La Chienne **** Hope and Glory ***1/2 Pale Flower *** Double Suicide *** Trio *** Encore *** The Owl and the Pussycat *** Just the Way You Are *** Till the End of Time *** Outlaw Blues ***
  8. Good stuff: Alexander Nevsky **** October *** Something New *** Eskimo *** The Profound Desires of the Gods *** Broadway Danny Rose *** Men Don't Leave *** Secrets & Lies ***1/2 Paper Lion *** River's Edge *** A Soldier's Story ***1/2
  9. Good stuff: Blondie *** Warlock *** A Few Good Men *** The Winslow Boy ***1/2 Morocco *** Funeral Parade of Roses *** Brewster McCloud *** A Generation *** The Devil Is a Woman *** School for Scoundrels *** The Belles of St. Trinian's ***1/2 The Green Man *** Deadline USA ***
  10. Good stuff: I'm Gonna Git You Sucka *** Barbary Coast ***1/2 Lonely Are the Brave *** Force of Evil *** The Man I Married *** No Highway In the Sky *** Not So Dumb *** Cinderella Liberty ***1/2 Market Lazarova *** Cry, the Beloved Country ***1/2 Thunder Bay *** Sssssss *** Tell Them Willie Boy Is Here *** Wee Geordie ***1/2 Local Hero ***1/2
  11. Good Stuff: Le Cercle Rouge ***1/2 Dynamite *** Day of the Outlaw *** Blind Adventure *** Hotel Reserve (1946) *** Cheaper By the Dozen *** Madame Satan *** With Bird At the South Pole *** Performance *** Death Rides a Horse *** Strike ***1/2 Pretty Poison ***
  12. Good stuff: Demon Seed ***1/2 Cesar ***1/2 Golden Boy *** The Blot *** Stroszek *** Valley of the Sun *** Night On Earth *** The Dresser ***1/2 Blood and Sand *** Start Cheering *** Blackbeard's Ghost *** Freaky Friday *** Candleshoe *** Alice's Restaurant *** Good Morning, Miss Dove *** Monterey Pop ***1/2 Don't Look Back ***1/2
  13. Good stuff: Alias Nick Beal *** When Strangers Marry *** The King Steps Out *** Brother John *** The Bedford Incident *** Dreamboat *** The Miracle Woman *** Craig's Wife *** The Private Affairs of Bel Ami ***1/2 Experiment in Terror *** Casque d'Or **** Against the Wind *** The Deadly Affair *** Room at the Top **** Army of Shadows *** The Gallant Hours *** When Knighthood Was in Flower *** A Touch of Larceny ***
  14. Good stuff: I Knew Her Well *** The Winning of Barbara Worth *** One Mysterious Night *** Lady Bug, Lady Bug *** David and Lisa *** Shadows in Paradise *** The Show *** If I Were King *** The Light That Failed *** The Ninth Configuration ***1/2 A Touch of Zen *** Remember My Name *** Anna and the Wolves *** From Beyond the Grave *** I Live in Fear *** A Double Life ***1/2 The Late George Apley *** Tokyo Chorus ***1/2 Tokyo Twilight ***1/2 Record of a Tenement Gentleman ***
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