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  1. Unjustly forgotten today. "send the girl" indeed... https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Edith_Fellows
  2. Judith went to the same elementary school as Candace Cameron.
  3. This is Judith in a 1985 doll advert. I can understand why she didn't like that Carrie Ingalls look but she was made to wear it for the ad.
  4. Melania Trump will copy Madame Mao on January 20th: "Chairman, your student and fighter is coming to see you!"
  5. No wonder Biden carried Michigan. The UP has been annexed by Canada and Trump did nothing to stop it.
  6. i think she's a prime candidate for Sam Beckett of "Quantum Leap" putting right what once went wrong. RIP Baby Girl.
  7. The British Yellow Pages stopped its print edition in 2017. They finally pulled "Mistletoe" as a result,
  8. i love that the boy in "Mistletoe" has talked to The Guardian in 2014 but whoever his "girlfriend" was in the advert has kept herself hidden.
  9. I believe "Mistletoe" only was ended a couple of years ago, when the Yellow Pages went all digital.
  10. "Bypassing the results of an election" is usually called "establishing a dictatorship". Up next: mandatory salutes for the Horst Wessell song. https://www.forbes.com/sites/tommybeer/2020/09/23/report-trump-campaign-actively-discussing-radical-measures-to-bypass-election-results/#7f57ef0d4800
  11. By the way, someone should tell this tweeter that making electoral comment with an obviously fake name during an election period is illegal as it makes it too easy to be defamatory: https://twitter.com/Shaker_aphra/with_replies
  12. Trump on January 21st: Trump [to Biden] "Your tea, sir" Biden: "This is bloody coffee! I ordered tea! [grabs Trump's ear] You're a confounded fool aren't you! [kicks him in the bottom] TEA!"
  13. Amy Barrett. a 2020 version of Phyllis Schlafly. Barrett's a supporter of parental notification laws without a judicial by-pass, so if you have abusive parents or parents who want to control your (but not your brothers) budding sexuality - tough tiddies, young lady!
  14. You just know if Trump is ever put in front of a firing squad, he'd peee himself while crying and begging.
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