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  1. "Bypassing the results of an election" is usually called "establishing a dictatorship". Up next: mandatory salutes for the Horst Wessell song. https://www.forbes.com/sites/tommybeer/2020/09/23/report-trump-campaign-actively-discussing-radical-measures-to-bypass-election-results/#7f57ef0d4800
  2. By the way, someone should tell this tweeter that making electoral comment with an obviously fake name during an election period is illegal as it makes it too easy to be defamatory: https://twitter.com/Shaker_aphra/with_replies
  3. Trump on January 21st: Trump [to Biden] "Your tea, sir" Biden: "This is bloody coffee! I ordered tea! [grabs Trump's ear] You're a confounded fool aren't you! [kicks him in the bottom] TEA!"
  4. Amy Barrett. a 2020 version of Phyllis Schlafly. Barrett's a supporter of parental notification laws without a judicial by-pass, so if you have abusive parents or parents who want to control your (but not your brothers) budding sexuality - tough tiddies, young lady!
  5. You just know if Trump is ever put in front of a firing squad, he'd peee himself while crying and begging.
  6. The brunette Stephanie Tanner, actress Jaclyn Bernstein:
  7. You get the feeling Moscow Mitch and his pals don't know what socialism actually is. The Eastern Bloc were garden variety dictatorships with a fake socialist veneer. Even in 1990, actual socialists were reminding people than socialism had never been tried.
  8. Why are little boys never told to dress up in a groom's tux?
  9. I always think she should have been a more important child actress than she was (despite her Youth in Film award for the eighties Twilight Zone). Maybe that she was Jewish counted against her with some?
  10. How many significant movies or tv series have there been? For example, I don't think either movies or TV have seriously showcased the story of Margaret, Maid of Norway, Scotland's seven year old Lady and Heir.
  11. I'm reminded of the old joke about an ISOT of the Dionne Quintuplets on soc.history.what-if ("No, the Dionne Quintuplets would NOT have fared well after being sent from 1939 to feudal Japan!")
  12. Why is Shirley Temple depicted on the Bright Eyes movie poster as if she is wearing makeup?
  13. I thought of doing a song about Cora Sue Collins to the tune of the Scooby-Doo theme: "Cora, Cora, Sue, where are you?..."
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