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  1. Yea. It works. Thanks to whoever for looking into this.
  2. Note to the thread: I've gotten a PM from TCM (Thanks!) and they're looking into this. Hopefully it's something simple and somebody will have an answer.
  3. Thanks for your reply! I appreciate your looking into this. I assure you, however, I have double and triple-checked my accounts, passwords and anything else I can think of. I have emptied caches, updated browsers, turned off (and on) all plugins and verified that pop-ups are not blocked, that cookies are enabled and tried with both Macs and PCs. There could possibly be some quirk on my system but I'm at a loss to figure out why it works seamlessly with ESPN and other streaming content that use the same (or similar) protocols and I'm reasonably sure there's a glitch somewhere between
  4. Now, one day later, it doesn't work. This is really getting frustrating. Here's a NEW error message, which looks like a jQuery message box. It appeared AFTER I watched The Year of Living Dangerously. The message is not true because we do have TCM on cable. Hey, guys, this is a mess. If any moderators or somebody from TCM could just acknowledge that somebody is aware of this problem or could suggest a solution or knows what's going on, please say something.
  5. Suddenly, today, it worked. It's a mystery. I couldn't get it to work from the main page but for some bizarre reason, when I accidentally clicked a movie on the Watch Now page, it just started playing. After a month it works. I never changed anything. Maybe somebody is fiddling with stuff behind the scenes.
  6. I'm unable to watch live or on-demand movies. It worked perfectly before but suddenly is broken in all the browsers I have and three different computers. Mac or Windows. No dice. I do the Charter log-in and the "Powered by Charter" logo pops up normally but the video never loads. After a while, a dialog opens that says "<not authorized>". For anybody in the know, it appears to be a stock jQuery UI message box. After reporting this a few times via the contact TCM page and getting no reply, I thought I'd try here. Charter, naturally, is no help either. Incidentally, I use t
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