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  1. Thanks TCM for showing the classic Hitchcock film "Dial M For Murder" this month. But holy cow, your log line descriptiopn reveals one of the greatest plot twists in cinema history. Why not just describe how the movie ends while you're at it? I've obviously seen the film but for somebody who hasn't, this pretty much destroys the fun of watching one of the master's greatest films. I won't repeat the description here to avoid compounding the error. Here's a suggested replacement: A jealous husband blackmails a stranger into murdering his wife. As lovers of great films, maybe somebody on your staff needs to take a look at this.
  2. I can confirm Watch On Demand does not work and has been broken for a couple of days. Watch live works. Watch On Demand, not so much. Sad because the movie I have been trying to see is going to expire. Had this problem a few weeks ago and it took a month to get resolved.
  3. Yea. It works. Thanks to whoever for looking into this.
  4. Note to the thread: I've gotten a PM from TCM (Thanks!) and they're looking into this. Hopefully it's something simple and somebody will have an answer.
  5. Thanks for your reply! I appreciate your looking into this. I assure you, however, I have double and triple-checked my accounts, passwords and anything else I can think of. I have emptied caches, updated browsers, turned off (and on) all plugins and verified that pop-ups are not blocked, that cookies are enabled and tried with both Macs and PCs. There could possibly be some quirk on my system but I'm at a loss to figure out why it works seamlessly with ESPN and other streaming content that use the same (or similar) protocols and I'm reasonably sure there's a glitch somewhere between Charter and TCM. For example, I was able to watch a movie by signing into Charter's site and linking to the TCM live streaming content from there. But only the live content worked. The button that linked to Watch Now movies that are not live returned an error saying no content was found. Oddly enough, I had a TCM live streaming movie running in one tab from Charter's web site (indicating I am clearly "authorized" to watch TCM content), while in another tab containing the TCM page for the same movie I had the now-familiar error dialog stating I was not authorized. I just re-created this scenario and have attached a screen shot. The number shown in the error message is Charter's main number. Going there and finding tech support led to a pleasant conversation with a sympathetic rep who supposed there was some problem with TCM's site because everything on Charter's end is working correctly. I am sympathetic with the problem of tracking down such an obscure issue but I can only hope your people not take a pass without looking into this. They can contact me directly if I can help. Perhaps if somebody from Turner got on the phone with somebody from Charter, a solution could be found. I'm not hopeful about this, though, because I'm sure that both of their systems are working beautifully, which makes it look like nothing is wrong. But take a look at the attached screenshot. There is Robert Osborn, right there before my very eyes. I am clearly "authorized" to watch TCM content and my system is clearly able to view it without issue. The "problem" may indeed be some obscure setting or other oddity on my system but it seems to me that it would be of interest to your (or their) coders because I've exhausted every possible remedy I can think of. It appears that there's a issue in the handshake between Turner and Charter that I can't do anything about and I'm guessing that some smart person would just love to be the one to figure it out. Thanks again for your attention to this. Standing by.
  6. Now, one day later, it doesn't work. This is really getting frustrating. Here's a NEW error message, which looks like a jQuery message box. It appeared AFTER I watched The Year of Living Dangerously. The message is not true because we do have TCM on cable. Hey, guys, this is a mess. If any moderators or somebody from TCM could just acknowledge that somebody is aware of this problem or could suggest a solution or knows what's going on, please say something.
  7. Suddenly, today, it worked. It's a mystery. I couldn't get it to work from the main page but for some bizarre reason, when I accidentally clicked a movie on the Watch Now page, it just started playing. After a month it works. I never changed anything. Maybe somebody is fiddling with stuff behind the scenes.
  8. I'm unable to watch live or on-demand movies. It worked perfectly before but suddenly is broken in all the browsers I have and three different computers. Mac or Windows. No dice. I do the Charter log-in and the "Powered by Charter" logo pops up normally but the video never loads. After a while, a dialog opens that says "<not authorized>". For anybody in the know, it appears to be a stock jQuery UI message box. After reporting this a few times via the contact TCM page and getting no reply, I thought I'd try here. Charter, naturally, is no help either. Incidentally, I use the same Charter sign-in to watch ESPN content, which works perfectly, as do other streaming sites. TCM is my favorite channel of all time. I like this new feature a lot and I can't be the only one having problems. Anybody have a clue? Thanks
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