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    Pretty much everything before 1990 ....
    Especially keen on encouraging availability of rare titles.
  1. Wow, glad I checked the forum before leaving a (useless) message at their published contact number. I considered doing that because the web site has no contact information for website technical issues. Duh #1. I've been unable to use Watch TCM with ANY cable provider for multiple, sometimes unknown reasons. - Using current versions of Opera and Google Chrome, website gives me the incorrect message that 'Flash needs updating'. Not true, probably the dev-child-web-designer is using simple minded user agent checking. Duh #2. - Firefox v52 ESR login attempts results in an endless au
  2. Partially answered my own question. Hidden within the separate message board FAQ page at http://www.tcm.com/message-boards-faq.html the separation from the main tcm.com login is mentioned. Not mentioned on the 'main site' help here: http://support.tcm.com/ics/support/default.asp?deptID=5481 Separate But Equal is alive and well .... BOO HISS! Another username / password to be remembered. This techie wonders why they didn't use the RADIUS protocol to help solve the original problem.
  3. Like many commercial web sites, the forums appear to have a separate login from other parts of the site. For instance, the TCM movie database, Suggest A Movie and TCM Shop do not accept the same login credentials as forums.tcm.com. Unfortunately this is not made clear anywhere that I can find. If I'm wrong, please advise. TCM support - PLEASE DOCUMENT THIS CLEARLY AND UP FRONT AND CENTER ASAP!
  4. If I missed the answers elsewhere, please point me to the proper pages. - I never see the 'login' prompt on the Watch TCM home page. I've tried current versions of Firefox and Google Chrome. - Nowhere can I find the list of TV Service Provider 'partners' for Watch TCM. I need to confirm if Time-Worthless-Cable is still a holdout. TIA, Mike
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