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  1. ANNIE MURPHY, who plays the daughter ALEXIS has the stuff to be a breakout star. (the video below may give you some idea of how deep the SCHITT'S fandom runs)
  2. I was really PO'd when I woke up Saturday morning and missed WILD AT HEART by two minutes (couldn't rewind using HULU) and then IT NEVER SHOWED UP on TCM ON DEMAND even though the TWIN PEAKS movie did. I really wanted to see it! it would have been the first time in years and years.
  3. I found a copy of MURDERS IN THE ZOO (1933) online. They made some absolutely off-the-wall films before 1934, and it’s almost like they realized the clock was running out when this film was being shot so they put as much crazy stuff in this one as they could. It borders on being a MONDO Movie, (Only thing is I think it was a Paramount film!!!) This may be LIONEL ATWILLS most extreme role, the sets are excellent And there are numerous scenes with real live animals and I presume stunt doubles, and not rear projection photography. ATWILL himself Is seen in a particularly horrifying shot
  4. Also, JUST WHO IN THE HELL IS MAME and what exactly am I blaming her for? Some sort of "Eve" parable? A former roommate of HARD-HEARTED HANNAH? Apparently she has the power to command nature and can travel through time, should we maybe be offering periodic ritual sacrifice to her to quell her wrath? Or is it just goofy 40's slangitty nonsense kidspeak, like "THE OLE MAGOO" and "THE POWER OF VOODOO"? (Too lazy to wikipedia here, but if any of you have answers, feel free to enlighten me.)
  5. Don't be confused by that image, this is a HQ video and also appears to be from a foreign language dub of GILDA (although the song is left untouched.) it really is a great scene, RITA HAYWORTH was a trailblazer when it came to ACTING WITH HAIR, she and DAN DURYEA could give lessons. i know she was a great dancer, but i would call what she does in this "SEXY LUMBERING"
  6. It’s also possible that( like the rest of us) EDDIES got the QUARANTINE BRAIN.
  7. Also ONLY ANGELS HAD WINGS (1939) was a big starring role for Rita. maybe EDDIE meant GILDA was the first time that she was carrying a major picture? Without a male costar of equal stature maybe?( I think it’s safe to say Glenn Ford was not a huge name and when GILDA was made)
  8. In case any of you are watching the news about all the historic EMMY wins for the show SCHITT'S CREEK and wondering if they were deserved, as someone who HATES modern TV, I watched the final season when the PANDEMIC first hit and can verify that it is a charming, charming show.
  9. ALL KIDDING ASIDE, A CRY IN THE DARK (1988) is THE film to show that person you know who thinks that MERYL STREEP is overrated and too mechanical an actress. If I had to make a list of the 10 finest performances on film that I have ever seen, her work in this would in all likelihood be on it. would make a GREAT DOUBLE FEATURE with DOUBLE INDEMNITY: BAD WIGS, GREAT PERFORMANCES.
  10. I don't dislike DEAD RECKONING, AND MAYBE SELF-PARODY (oops, caps lock) isn't the mot just- it feel like it is somewhat conscious of the fact that it was a "genre film" even though the noir genre had not been formally defined yet, it's making a (noticeable, but not heavy-handed) effort to hit all the "detective picture" marks in a way that I find bordering on tongue-in-cheek, but most certainly not bad by any stretch. It almost has a slightly DEAD MEN DON'T WEAR PLAID feel....as if the film was made years and years alter, as an homage. but no, it's a fun film and one i'd much rathe
  11. (Spoiler) Like DEAD RECKONING, GILDA is one of those films noir that borders on being self-parody. Maybe I would like it a little bit better if- at the very end- when the evil Nazi husband returns from faking his death in the plane crash over the sea, he’s draped with seaweed and had a couple of crabs hanging from his ears- and maybe when he reaches into his pocket for the gun he pulls out a snapping mackerel instead....
  12. (looks left) (looks right) Can you keep a secret? GILDA kind of bores me. Always has ever since I saw it on VHS ca. 1993. TELL NO ONE OF THIS!!!!
  13. it's funny how when the news SUCKS, i take to HORROR MOVIES. I rented EVIL OF FRANKENSTEIN (1964), which more than one person has asserted is the worst of THE HAMMER FRANKENSTEIN PRODUCTIONS. it's actually my favorite by a mile (although I do not recall A THING from THE REVENGE OF FRANKENSTEIN) and is nowhere near as BAD as FRANKENSTEIN CREATED WOMAN, which- for the record- I distinctly recall yelling "THAT'S IT????!" when the credits start to roll at the end. this was directed by FREDDIE FRANCIS (maybe his first film?) and like NEARLY EVERY OTHER FILM HE EVER DID- it is INCREDIBLY
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