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  1. As someone who knows of what he speaks, Dunaway’s performance in this movie is, to me, the most accurate depiction of someone struggling with bipolar disorder that I have seen. Sometimes when I’m having one of my manic episodes, I honestly say to myself “BARBARA, PLEEEEEASE!!!!” in order to remember that I need to get a **** grip on myself.
  2. I am genuinely OFFENDED that MOMMIE DEAREST is on this list. I mean I admit how some people could think it was maybe a somewhat mediocre film purely on mechanics and the disappointing ending, but I mean c’mon: ARE YOU NOT ENTERTAINED?!?!
  3. I (for one) WOULD BE FIRST IN LINE FOR “THE IRON GIANT DICK.” “ANNIE:SATANS MISTRESS” TOO! (Although I really feel like that title belongs to Pippi Longstocking)
  4. tonight at 8:00, I remember this being included in a British film critic's selection of the 100 BEST FILMS OF THE 20TH CENTURY. Whisky Galore! (1949) Synopsis: Dir: Alexander Mackendrick Cast: Joan Greenwood , LEONARD MALTIN REVIEW: 😧 Alexander Mackendrick. Basil Radford, Joan Greenwood, James Robertson Justice, Jean Cadell, Gordon Jackson, Wylie Watson, John Gregson. Narrated by Finlay Currie. Hilarious, fast-paced comedy about WW2 ship sinking while loaded with whiskey and the antics of local Scottish islanders thirsting for its cargo. A solid hit. Scripted by Compton Mackenzie, the author of the novel, who has a small role as Captain Buncher. British title: WHISKY GALORE! Followed by MAD LITTLE ISLAND.
  5. someone else might have brought this up, but it bugs me that- since the redesign- you cannot click on the schedule section of this site directly from the messageboards section of this site. For me, at least, I have to type in "tcm schedule" in my toolbar.
  6. Oh Lord Jesus, help us all- just in time for the MLK Holiday.
  7. from reading about MULTIPLE MANIACS online, it seems as if what aired on TCM was the (WATERS APPROVED) RESTORED VERSION, which featured (I think) new songs by GEORGE CLINTON. but yeah, the music across the board was great.
  8. omg, I am SO not a tattoo person, but I would consider having this quote inked on my forearm.
  9. I checked out both MULTIPLE MANIACS and FEMALE TROUBLE- which I liked better the second time around. With MULTIPLE MANIACS, what struck me the most was the infectious nature of the (wonderfully) BAD ACTING. Lines were stepped on, there are moments where you can see the actors reaching to recall dialogue- there is no doubt they were winging it, AND YET there is just something so DELIGHTFUL about it- they know they're bad, and they're having fun with it. It was obviously a pretty inspired set- the DIRECTOR clearly knew how to bring the "worst" out in everyone. it's one of the best examples of BAD ACTING I can think of, to paraphrase: "there is nothing quite so GOOD as something so, SO BAD."
  10. oops- didn't mean to make it sound like i was dismissing THE VERDICT, i meant to write: "THE VERDICT IS SUPPOSED TO BE GOOD BUT I HAVE NOT SEEN IT," NOT "THE VERDICT IS SUPPOSED TO BE GOOD, BUT I THINK IT SUCKS." (This being ME here, I could totally see how some might think I was saying the latter. ) edited- also shouldn't have said "everything [about his work] goes downhill after NETWORK" when I haven't seen every everything he did. EDIT EDIT EDIT- GUILTY AS SIN is SO BAD THOUGH!!!!!!
  11. I'm STILL being bad about watching TCM, I guess though, with OSCAR SEASON just around the corner, I may as well hold out 'til MARCH. I've surprised myself by watching almost all six seasons of KITCHEN NIGHTMARES, which seem to be EVERYWHERE- even on youtube, in entirety, with no commercials (presented by FILMRISE.) I went into it with an extremely negative impression of GORDON RAMSEY- but I must say it changed from watching- although with all things REALITY TELEVISION related, a grain of salt should be taken. it's fascinating- although most of the episodes have a similar arc in that he (a Michelin Star chef) visits failing restaurants across the US (there is a British version and one where he visits hotels as well); tells the owners about the OBVIOUS problems with their failing restaurants and said owners about 95% of the time REFUSE TO SEE THE OBVIOUS PROBLEM AND DENY DENY DENY- often angrily and IN CLEAR DEFIANCE OF OBVIOUS, INSURMOUNTABLE AND VERY CLEAR EVIDENCE. my favorites are the ones where they just cannot be helped and are left to die...although he usually GETS THROUGH TO THEM SOMEHOW (editing? drugs? offscreen violence? i don't know) I'VE BACKED OFF on my intake of the national news since the holidays, so this is NICELY filling a void I have for taking in scenarios where someone sees a HOUSE ON FIRE, screams to the owner THIS HOUSE IS ON ****ING FIRE!!!!!!, only to have the homeowner angrily, SELF-RIGHTEOUSLY and often IRRATIONALLY deny THE FIVE ALARM FIRE (that they set and are presently feeding with a leaf blower) AS WE ALL CHOKE ON THE FUMES, knowing the END (blissfully) CANNOT BE TOO FAR OFF.
  12. SIDNEY LUMET beguiles me somewhat- he did three films back-to-back-to-back in the 1970's (MURDER ON THE ORIENT EXPRESS, DOG DAY AFTERNOON AND NETWORK, that are- in my opinion- pretty much without fault, just three perfect movies boom-boom-boom. But after that, everything is downhill...although THE VERDICT is supposed to be good.
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