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  1. OH SNAP, YOU'RE RIGHT!!!!!! All apologies to PAUL MASSON, (weak, drunken laugh), the maker of the finest California Champagne (hic)...which is still available in 2021!!! (I saw a box out by someone's recycling a few weeks back) **I think "Maisson" just sounded more faux French and thus all the more appropriate for the brand.
  2. FYI, it's Orson WELLES (with a second "e" after the ell.) If Orson were still alive, it's likely he would drunkenly berate you for this before bazooka barfing 2/3 of a bottle Paul Maisson Pinot Grigiot all over your feet.
  3. i watched about 25-30 minutes of both MAHLER and LISZTMANIA. They are a lot. I was kind of tickled by RUSSELL'S dubbing women with men's voices in the latter though.
  4. And now, BBC-4 is proud to present, Ken Russell's "How Not to be Seen":
  5. Even if the ending to CRIMES OF PASSION wasn't such a steaming hot mess and there was a better third act and edit of the film, there is still the fact that the four primary actors in the film- KATHLEEN TURNER, ANTHONY PERKINS, ANNIE POTTS, AND THE MALE LEAD WHOSE NAME I DON'T RECALL EVEN THOUGH HE IS HOT- are giving four RADICALLY DIFFERENT PERFORMANCES in terms of tone, commitment and level of success [TURNER is marvelously theatrical and POTTS is grounded in reality, but both are excellent, whereas PERKINS- bless his nitrous-snorting heart- makes his performance in MAHOGANY seem subtle and
  6. ALSO, BUDDY EBSEN absolutely loses himself in the part of MAMMY YOAKUM. [THANK GOD he wasn't allergic to the make-up this time!]
  7. RE: DOG PATCH and MUSICAL THEATER I feel compelled to note that the 1959 film musical of LIL ABNER is (as I recall it) FUNNY AS HELL and more than a little subversive (it's a little like SEVEN BRIDES FOR SEVEN BROTHERS meets DR STRANGELOVE) Just treat JERRY LEWIS's cameo as an ENTRE'ACTE and go use the can or something. TCM, PLEASE SHOW THIS ONE AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!
  8. I know I posted this in my Oscar thread, but it never gets old:
  9. Emily cussing aside, the GILMORE GIRLS revival sucked.
  10. OH MY GOD!!! I also listen to 80s on Sirius and a couple of days ago I also heard DA BUTT (around 2:00 or 3:oo pm east coast time) I LISTENED TO IT THOUGH. It’s entirely possible they worked it into regular rotation, since you and I live in different time zones, but just maybe, we shared the moment across the miles... Lets make it “our song”!!
  11. THE EPISODES WITH "SIMON THE" [cross-dressing] "PIE-MAN" must be SEEN to be believed: I especially liked his NATASHA FATALE-esque HENCHWOMAN:
  12. (all?) 17 episodes of the 1968 HANNA-BARBERA ADVENTURES OF BATMAN AND ROBIN CARTOON are on TUBI right now, and I highly recommend them if you're the mood for some delightfully batsh!t late 1960's whimsy. I do note that, that as is the case with their episodes of SCOOBY DOO, some are mislabeled with the wrong episode info, but they're all there nonetheless) is it just me or does THE JOKER not look like MARY TYLER MOORE in her later years? (minus the Tonya Harding blue eyeshadow, which is a touch that I have to say I love): or is it more DICK NIXON? Whereas I prattled on a page ba
  13. there is an absolutely MASSIVE contingency of THEATER KIDS in AMERICA- I have two nieces who are- and they listen to the soundtracks and they watch clips of the performances on youtube and they STAN the actors- trust me, it's more than a niche. especially since a lot of popular prohects like BEETLEJUICE and MEAN GIRLS got their own musical adaptations. and again, HAMILTON! was more of a NATIONAL phenomenon when it was on the stage than any film since AVATAR. plus I am thinking the performances during the Tonys aren't lifeless, sucky and/or choreographed with innapropriate interpretations
  14. I really dislike Netflix, They are operating under sort of a wild wild West code of morals, or complete and utter lack there of. Some of their original programs and acquisitions go toO far. (ie INSATIABLE, CUTIES, 365 DAYS..)
  15. I avoided SPIDERMAN III as if 'twer a snake with fangs at both ends, but I did enjoy her in WILD THINGS.
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