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  1. keeping in course in mind the fact that NO ONE has made SICKER, MORE TWISTED AND PERVERSE FILMS than the big studios have...going all the way back to at least THE SOUND OF MUSIC....
  2. i guess. still though, if you said "underground film" or "underground filmmaking" to most people with some know of movies and their history, they would not qualify BIG STUDIO FILMS as Underground, in fact, I get the feeling more than a few would be offended at the suggestion.
  3. adapted from WHAT though?? (not mad at you, just bewildered.) Was VALLEY OF THE DOLLS some kind of halfassed retelling of LA BOHEME all this time and I missed it?
  4. imagine a retelling of THE TOWERING INFERNO set in 1979 in ATLANTA in an 87 story building (not a 135 story building in SAN FRANCISCO, as it bewilderingly is in the original)- same character set-up MORE OR LESS, but make the architect character SOUTH ASIAN, and a genuinely competent and good guy; and conversely don't make the SON IN LAW CHARACTER such a complete sh!theel- consider making him more of a careless idiot savant- minus the savant. the following is gonna thrill a lot of you, I know, but the FIRE CHIEF should be black, as should THE MAYOR as should ALL OF THE SERVERS in THE PROME
  5. God help me though, I love SHOWGIRLS. (don’t worry, I’ll show myself out….)
  6. VALLEY OF THE DOLLS was, in fact, super mainstream.
  7. that's irritating and lazy on the part of UNDERGROUND. NEITHER one of those are UNDERGROUND FILMS.
  8. Yes, I’m sorry I was given incorrect information. Mr. 6666 actually posted the full Siskel and Ebert review of American Pop somewhere in this thread.
  9. I don’t know what ANYBODY was thinking- except “damn, I hope the check clears.”
  10. The idea of having SINESTRO come straight from THE CATSKILLS DINNER CIRCUIT worked out comparatively well tho.
  11. (Sorry, had some issues editing your quote) I watched THE ROAST episode of LEGENDS OF THE SUPERHEROES a few days ago. It overloaded my senses so deeply I decided not to post a review here, but I have to note just today I was thinking of the “Ghetto Man” segment from the same. I then wondered out loud whether or not there is actually something to this whole idea of reparations and went on with my business.
  12. Maybe a circus peanut or a Charleston Chew…
  13. You get to see him SHIRTLESS in THE TEN COMMANDMENTS!
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