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  1. also, I watched the LEGENDARY EPISODE where BARNABAS AND CAROLYN decide to drive JULIA INSANE (it's early on, right before they became allies and he gets less prone to random murders) FYI: GRAYSON lights up a cigarette when she is trapped in the crypt, which is just great...
  2. Am I the only one who totally sees ELIZABETH and CAROLYN as having a real BIG AND LITTLE EDIE grey gardensy RELATIONSHIP destined for them in the years ahead?
  3. There's still some show moments I have yet to see, but 1970 PARALLEL TIME STANDS OUT FOR ITS GALLING AMOUNT OF PLOT CUL-DU-SACS AND LACK OF RESOLUTION, trask the butler I think qualifies as both. Sorry, I didn't see my CAPS LOCK was on, but I leave it FOR EMPHASIS.
  4. according to an article it was a "tenamant apartment," so draw your own conclusions there...
  5. I wish I could unlock the mystery of what went down with DON BRISCOE, I rewatched his final episode the other day (sorry I'm too lazy to google the wiki entry or episode number), as i recall it, he looks fine and doesn't act unusual, but clearly his final scene was not meant to be his final scene...it is 1970 PARALLEL time and he is playing THE COLLINS FAMILY LAWYER and he goes to see the CHRIS PENNOCK as DR JEKYLL character, who is trying to set up a power of attorney for his GABE KAPLAN/MR HYDE alter ego, and DON BRISCOE as the lawyer, tells DR. PENNOCK-JEKYLL that GABE KAPLAN is going to h
  6. one of the best quotes from the DARK SHADOWS EVERYDAY BLOG (mentioned in the review of HOUSE OF DARK SHADOWS): "DARK SHADOWS is basically the story of a boom mic, and the unhappy people who live beneath it..."
  7. I forget whet happens to him when he is just the butler, TRASK in the 1970 PARALLEL time story...he seems kind of shoehorned into the storyline.
  8. I think my favorite "running gag" (I know that's not the right word, but lietmotif doesn't quite fit either) on the show are the fates of TRASK in his various incarnations- twice walled up and once mortally wounded where he stumbles into a parallel time and dies...if the show had kept running it would have been fun to see him basically end up entombed at the end of every storyline in some form or another, Hell, they could have a bedroom in the East Wing full of TRASK SKELETONS.
  9. Must be a little like LOS ANGELES, where you see every style imaginable on every street (colonial, Tudor, Spanish-style, Craftsman cottage...)
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