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  1. I’m watching the part now where Hemingway’s crossdresser son is ripping him a new one. it’s GREAT!!!!!! You could make a pretty fascinating film out of that alone!!!!
  2. Re: THE HEMINGWAY DOC I’VE GOTTEN TO THE KINKY PART! (it was worth the wait)
  3. In that case, yeah absolutely your assumption about alcohol being the cause is 110% on the money. edit: I kind a like to think he thought he was yanking the toilet chain, but he was actually pulling down the attic trap door and the ladder slid down and clocked him just like Clark Griswold.
  4. OooooooooooH! Hemingway had a scar?! i never noticed!
  5. Actually...McCain Was a prisoner of war in Vietnam for something like five or six years, they literally kept him in a tiny cage and tortured him. When he had the chance to leave, it would’ve meant leaving his men behind and he said no. I am pretty sure that’s how he got the scar.
  6. I meant to thank him for saving my healthcare! (Ironically he appeared to talk about how much he admired the hero of “for whom the Bell tolls”, a.k.a. a doomed, relentless fighter for a lost cause.)
  7. AAAAAAIiiiiiiEEEEEEEEE!!!! the 2021 PBS Hemingway Doc also has an appearance from ZOMBIE JOHN McCAIN!!!!!!! (he looks pretty good.)
  8. **CAVEAT For anyone thinking of checking out the Hemingway documentary: there are A LOT of EXPLICIT photos of dead bodies- Not just from the Wars, but especially from the 1935 hurricane that destroyed the Florida keys. I verymuch wish they had prefaced the documentary series with a warning.
  9. Oh yeah, And he does not come off well at all.
  10. Ps- Oh my god how could I forget to include Vonnegut and John Cheever? pss- I grant you Hemingway is not Thomas Wolfe, so he at least he has that going for him
  11. I’m sorry, I’ve had a really terrible week and I’m extra salty lately. It just gets my goat how- In any discussion of “great literature” the works that are The easiest to digest and dissect, with paint by numbers symbolism, flat lifeless prose, and motifs with which the author chooses to slap the reader in the face repeatedly like a cold fish are ALWAYS LABELLED SUPERLATIVELY AS THE ****GREATEST OF ALL TIME*** AND IF YOU DONT SEE THAT, WELL THEN, LET ME PAT YOU ON THE HEAD, HAND YOU A HARD CANDY TO SUCK ON AND SEND YOU ALONG YOUR SIMPLE WAY. ergo, Hemingway is inarguably the greates
  12. Oh great. Now they’re trotting out Mario Vargas Llosa to romanticize about the beauty of torturing animals aka bull”fighting.” Of course to be fair, for those of us who’ve read anything by him, we know what an expert in torture Llosa is.
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