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  1. 1. BEYOND THE FOREST is INCREDIBLE. 2. Not even THE LETTER tho? Or THE LITTLE FOXES? 3. You're missing out on THE NANCY DREW movies, seriously, if you have a DARK SENSE OF HUMOR they are a GOLD MINE OF COMEDY
  2. IMNAHA, the BARRY SULLIVAN of small towns. (I’m sorry I know I’m giving Barry a really hard time.)
  3. THANK YOU! That is genuinely fascinating. Rural Oregon, Idaho, Washington State, Vancouver and the mountains of Appalachia are interesting to me because they are places of such extreme beauty that’re pocketed with SOME REAL NUTJOBS!!! Seems to me as if the populace is split right down the middle, you’re either far left or far right- not many middle of the road types.
  4. No doubt they would’ve been the James Woods and Jon Voight of their day!
  5. although it's worth noting that PALLETTE was really, really good in this film. he had one particularly good scene alone w/SULLIVAN where he delivered a lot of dialogue while smoking a cigarette and it was really well-lit. he absolutely elevated the material.
  6. it's kinda funny to imagine EUGENE holed up underground in IDAHO eating canned beans. talk about a disaster in the making,....
  7. PALLETTE was (according to a couple things I've read) a HUGE RACIST and WHITE NATIONALIST. He went nuts sometime in the mid-forties and built some kind of a DOOMSDAY BUNKER, which made the news.
  8. i HAVE MENTIONED (oops, caps lock) this before, but the BONITA GRANVILLE-LED WB NANCY DREW series (of three films?) is, for me, a precursor to the DIRTY HARRY CALLAHAN FILMS of the 70s and 80s. In her quest for justice, NANCY routinely obstructs it, lies to police, hides evidence, breaks enterings, AND IN ONE CASE EVEN DRUGS AN OLD LADY SO SHE CAN RIFLE HER BEDROOM FOR EVIDENCE. Along for the ride is NANCY'S patsy boyfriend NED NICKERSON, who I think is played by FRANKIE THOMAS and is very cute to be such an unwitting doormat.
  9. I had forgotten about THE GANGSTER- which was sort of fun in its arty, stagebound, DAMON RUNYONESQUE way. BARRY SULLIVAN is one of those actors that you forget was "in things." Or that you confuse with WENDELL COREY.
  10. I kinda felt the opposite, it started strong for me, but I lost interest 1/2way thru.
  11. Poor CigarJoe! he didn’t realize his offhanded remark was going to UNLEASH THE BONITA GRANVILLE STANS!!!!!
  12. Bonita Granville was nominated at age 12 for the very first best supporting actress Oscar category in 1936 for THESE THREE, Based on the play by Lillian Hellman. She is absolutely outstanding in it- It’s one of the best performances I’ve ever seen given by a child actor. She went on to play Nancy Drew in a series of films for Warner Bros. that are really really cute in spite of the fact that Nancy Drew breaks just about every law on the books in the process of solving her crimes. She was something of a teenage sensation, and I think there were even several young adult mystery books written wh
  13. IF THE MUSIC AND (oops, caps lock) score had been more memorable, I think it would've make a big difference. Monogram should've gone all-out with the song budget and picked up the rights to a couple big tunes. (not SOMEWHERE OVER THE RAINBOW though.) the music in the opening "street number" seemed rather derivative of STREET SCENE to me.
  14. It was A LOT of fun! I would’ve enjoyed it more if there had been even more contemporary “Street” dance numbers throughout the film.
  15. Well, SUSPENSE wasn’t bad, but it wasn’t great either. Also surprisingly light on suspense. its a crime to have an actress as good as Bonita Granville in your film and give her a role this terrible though. It’s kind of funny that Eddie mentioned in his wrapup that Barry Sullivan thought BELITA was a bad actress. She- Like all of Sullivan’s other female costars – blew him entirely off the screen. I’ve really never understood why Barry Sullivan was an actor in such demand. Were WW II and Korea that much of a draw on our young male talent?
  16. Wow, BONITA GRANVILLE looks great! It’s very surprising to see her play so cheap so well!
  17. I’m enjoying this movie quite a bit so far, it’s one of those classic films that’s cliché-ridden, but the clichés are endearing. It also reminds me a lot of the black-and-white “moonlighting“ episode. I’m really hoping this ends with BELITA skating south down the 405 with a bunch of LAPD vehicles chasing after her as she tries to take it on the lam in Tijuana.
  18. Watching SUSPENSE right now. BELITA has been onscreen for about a minute and I 110% understand why Eddie is such a fan. She’s like the Anna Magnani of ice skaters.
  20. THE FOG isnt actually a made for TV movie that got a theatrical release somehow... but it REALLY seems like it is. What is the space in “cohesive” intentional irony or happy accident? Either way I say leave it.
  21. [spoiler] No and it’s a crying out loud shame because I LOVED that function. I can’t imagine WHY they did away with it.
  22. I have always found THE FOG To be a desperately uninteresting horror film, it’s basically a made for TV movie that got a theatrical release, And it misses all sorts of opportunities to deliver on some real HORROR. DESPERATE LIVING is ****ing NUTS THO- Both literally and figuratively the darkest film I think John Waters ever made. So I’m not really sure if this replacement on the schedule is a trade up or more of a lateral move.
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