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  1. Performing their hit song ROKU LIKE A HURRICANE...
  2. ROKU is a brand of DiGITAL FLAT SCREEN TV (like ZENITH or....um.....whatever other companies used to make TVS), not too expensive they run between $200 and$400 mostly With a ROKU TV, you can then download DIGITAL CHANNELS, like PEACOCK and TUBI and PLUTO (if you like commercials) and A HUNDRED OTHER OPTIONS....most people who have a ROKU TV have HULU as their way to access regular old tv (it's how I watch TCM and MSNBC and THE FOOD NETWORK and such) I made the switch a few years back and was not sure, but I have to say, I like it better than old fashioned TV WITH CABLE...although som
  3. Also, I’m pretty sure other people have pointed this out, but it’s dumb as hell that the kid gets back in the swimming pool at the last act.
  4. I also have to wonder just what the hell it was that compelled Bette Davis to take this tawdry little supporting role in a haunted house film directed by a soap opera producer, working opposite two actors who by then had a pretty good reputation for being complete and utter maniacs...’? I mean surely she wasn’t smelling Oscar number three when she read the script... (In fact, you could easily remove her character from the story and frankly it would help things)
  5. Having just rewatched BURNT OFFERINGS, I ask “Am I the only one who feels as if there needed to be more explanation or backstory or even a hint of motive as to just *why* it is that the house wants to feed off of the people?” I mean it’s clear that that’s what’s happening, there’s no ambiguity there, but “why?” is what I find myself asking repeatedly...
  6. INT- JOAN BENNETT'S DRESSING ROOM, DARK SHADOWS STUDIO a 4:00 pm taping is going on downstairs and the second floor is thusly DESERTED. TIGHT SHOT: A rack of CHARTREUSE AND PAISLEY PRINT FROCKS, from behind which a gray trail of smoke drifts upward. MEDIUM SHOT: BEHIND THE CLOTHES RACK: We see DAVID HENNESEY (sp?) and DENISE NICKERSON, still in their costumes from the day's shoot; DAVID is lighting A CIGARETTE. DENISE: "Where'd you get it, David?" DAVID takes a puff and erupts in a fit of coughing as he passes to DENISE. DAVID: [between coughs] "I dunno, so
  7. NIGHT MONSTER is kinda hidden on Peacock (same for DOCTOR CYCLOPS and THE HAMMER FILMS) You can go to the magnifying glass icon and enter the title, or you can go to “all movies A-Z“ and scroll through till you get to the N’s...They also have a “Halloween hub.“
  10. ....also, the HEAVY LESBIAN SUBTEXT in NIGHT MONSTER is (as always) fun.
  11. SORRY, I JUST realized I quoted you in the above post and never responded to this point of yours, POOR BELA, HE JUST GETS NO RESOLUTION AT ALL DOES HE? At least he does better than LIONEL ATWILL in his proto-TOM SKERRITT in ALIEN part... I have to be careful because- as I recall- NIGHT MONSTER is a film that is near and dear to the hearts of a lot of people on the boards...I personally do not get it, but there are at least surprises in store for the viewer, I grant you that. ps- it is an audacious film, that is for sure.
  12. i think (although I may be wrong) that RIVER'S EDGE came out the same year as HOOSIERS and BLUE VELVET...which was one Hell of a trip for Dennis. (nothing he wasn't used to) as you point out, he got- (i think) to his shock and possible consternation- the Oscar nod for HOOSIERS, most people felt he'd've had a better chance if nominated for BLUE VELVET (a performance for which he most certainly deserved a nomination...i have never seen HOOSIERS)
  13. Yes, thank you... Just to add my personal experience, I downloaded PEACOCK for free this time last year because, yes, they had- like- ALL the UNIVERSAL MONSTERS (of which only a few were "locked" and available only to the premium users) plus some HAMMER HORRORS that UNIVERSAL has rights to like BRIDES OF DRACULA and CURSE OF THE WEREWOLF...They stayed on the service until FEBRUARY for me... I WILL NOTE HERE that I own a goodly number of the films offered on DVD, but I am lazy and hate searching for them and switching over the DVD function and finding the dvd remote and etc.
  14. STAR 80 too, I liked that movie A LOT MORE than I expected to.
  16. COULDN'T HAVE BEEN WORSE THAN [the1969 film version of] "SWEET CHARITY" THOUGH!!!! (WOOF!)
  17. I'm crazy, yes, but the notion of BOB FOSSE directing BURNT OFFERINGS is ****ing NUTS!!!!!!!!!
  18. can you imagine IF BOB FOSSE had done BURNT OFFERINGS???!!!??? I am now imagining KAREN BLACK POSSESSED IN THE DRESS WITH THE HAIR coming at OLIVER REED with JAZZ HANDS!!!!! JAZZ HANDS!!!! JAZZ HANDS!!!!!!
  19. copied and pasted from wikipedia: In a Variety piece published on December 11, 1969, it was announced a project named Burnt Offerings would be directed by Bob Fosse (!!!!!) from a screenplay by Robert Marasco; Turman Films and Cinema Center Films would be producers and Lawrence Turman executive producer.[4] Although it never materialized, a novel of the same name by Marasco was published in 1973.[4] The American Film Institute inductively reasoned the book may have been written based on the un-produced screenplay.[4] Burnt Offerings was directed by Dan Curtis, most known for televisio
  20. WOW! It's jarring to see ACTUAL NIGHT and not DAY FOR NIGHT in a DAN CURTIS JOINT!!!! (BETTE DAVIS must've refused to sign otherwise.)
  21. hopefully this won't get me or anyone else in trouble...
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