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  1. YOU MADE IT ALL THE WAY THROUGH?!?! are you ok? Please stay away from sharp objects and any hard-core pharmaceuticals for the next two days. Seriously, 20 minutes was all I could take and I have seen some aaaaaaaaaaaawful films!!!
  2. I may be wrong in this impression, but it seems to me that with the rather recent explosion of digital media and people buying movies and TV shows *digitally* on Amazon prime and Netflix, DVDs and Blu-ray’s have taken a huge hit in popularity to the point where the players themselves are actually very very cheap, but a lot of DVDs – especially specialty titles have gotten CRAZY EXPENSIVE. The other day I noticed my two disc edition of “scars of Dracula” is now worth $120 on Amazon. (I bought it for a little over $20 ten years ago!)
  4. SCTV was funny as Hell, consistently , and throughout. (in other words, an altogether different story than SNL )
  5. EMBRACE THE CONTROVERSY!!!! LEAN INTO IT!!!! (Trust me on this advice, it’s never gotten me into trouble at all here.)
  6. Yeah you would never in 1 million years guess JULIA LOUIS-DREYFUS had the talent she does with the material that she was given on SNL. I think her time on the show was during that especially weird era when ANTHONY MICHAEL HALL was a cast member for some reason...? or was it ROBERT DOWNEY JR?
  7. Yeah, I’ve read about MOTHER! It pretty much reinforced my decision about 10 years ago to quit watching modern films.
  8. KRULL Is a little bit “the thief of Baghdad” with a dash of “Star Wars” done very much in the spirit of the Ray Harryhausen films the 60s, but AGGRESSIVELY 80s as hell and refreshingly unique. plus, It’s about a magical starfish boomerang. (And yeah, ain’t nobody could play crazy like Tony Perkins.)
  9. PSYCHO II is surprisingly not bad at all. (and I liked KRULL too. )
  10. TINA FEY Another one who chaps my ****. A lot of her work is extremely problematic. Oddly enough, one of the weird things about living in the upside down world of the Trump presidency was that for the first time in 20 years “Saturday night live” managed to (on occasion) be pretty funny. (At least their political sketches) i even laughed out loud a handful of times. I’m sure it’s back to being the worst thing ever though, and to be perfectly honest with you I’m fine with that. If it means never ever going back through the looking glass again then I will gladly take my S
  11. I ESPECIALLY HATED that character!!!!!!!!!!!! ps- I know WIIG has a lot of fans, and if you’re one,that is just fine. however, I just CANNOT and WILL NOT with her.
  12. I have never seen Kristen Wiig where she was EVER more than just so so. I really don’t understand why there was such a push to make her “happen”
  13. my current DVD player is old, but still works- it's a combination VHS/DVD player, which I actually liked because (used to) you could still get some decent VHS stuff (sadly, many VHS tapes have now reached a point of deterioration to where it's not worth it) but i do often see stuff on region 2 DVD i would be interested in, and also, my current DVD player HATES THE COLOR RED, whenever the screen has any red image, IT BUZZES AND HUMS LOUDLY, which is annoying because most of my DVDs are horror films. so you may have just talked me into making the dive, thank you!
  14. I mean also, c;mon, WHAT SIX YEAR OLD ISN'T GOING TO LOVE THIS?
  15. believe it or not, IT WAS A REWARD!!!!! (for doing well on THE SWIM TEAM no less!) one of the magical things about childhood is the BIZARRE and ANACHRONISTIC THINGS that FASCINATE and ENTHRALL us when we are children (ie, when we are not fully formed intellectually and are most open to the raw, psychological cues and subtext of certain films or shows or whatever- that SPEAK to something latent within the still-forming mind and we LATCH ON TO IT like a blankie of a sort. ) as such, we usually don't see what ALMOST EVERYONE ELSE, with their jaded (honest) worldviews and mostly fully-formed
  16. WOW! I was not expecting those prices to be so doggone reasonable, I might just have to buy one!!
  17. **i will say that the pirated online version that I saw had the bone scene. you don’t forget that kinda stuff.
  19. I did some looking around today, and it would seem as if THE DEVILS Completely unavailable in the United States. I was interested in ordering a DVD from Amazon, but the only DVD they offer is an alleged directors cut two disc edition which is region two that won’t play on an American DVD player. And it doesn’t seem to be on any streaming services, it has a listing on Amazon prime but it is currently unavailable. Someone correct me if I’m wrong if it’s out there, somewhere, because I would love to see it again.
  20. Ditto, and GLADYS GEORGE is a HOOT in a turban!!!
  21. The first title that comes to mind for me in re: 1983 is JAWS 3-D. I saw it THREE TIMES in the theater!!! (I was six years old)
  22. THE EIGHTH HIGHEST GROSSER!!!!!!!?????? ****, cocaine was insane in the 80s! STAYING ALIVE was- for a time at least- available on Amazon prime, I’m not sure if it still is, but I watched it one evening and nearly passed out from laughing. It is everything you would think a musical directed by Sylvester Stallone would be....And more.
  23. I dunno, I was thinking of ISLAND IN THE SUN, JOANS blockbuster interracial romantic film with HARRY BELAFONTE. (Which coincidentally never gets shown.) Plus you’re never going to one up anybody by dating Donny Osmond.
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