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Status Replies posted by LornaHansonForbes

  1. Hi Lorna ;

    Last time I tried to pm you, it said you could not receive any messages. (Mailbox full??) So I thought, before I send you a pm with any kind of content in it, I'll just try and send this first and see if you can now receive pms.  If you can, please just send a quick acknowledgement back, so I know you got this. thanks.

    MissWonderly aka Jan

    Ok, so my question was just answered. It says you "cannot receive messages". If this is a "mailbox full" thing, any chance you could delete one or two old pms (I know, I have a bit of a nerve asking you that) to make room to receive one from me?? I feel a little awkward posting a pm on your profile page, and also I'm not sure you see it.


    1. LornaHansonForbes


      AhA!! YOU ARE RIGHT! It is full! 

      I had no idea, I swear to God I very rarely use the mail feature. There’s very little I say in private that wouldn’t say in front of all of you. But when I get the chance I will try and delete some of my mails, I am using my phone right now and everything is extremely difficult to do on my phone. You know that part in the Wizard of Oz were fFrank morgan says “i don’t know how this thing works!!”: that’s how I feel about posting with my phone.

      Sorry, I’ll do it as fast as I can. I have no idea my mailbox is full, I swear to God I rarely corresponded with hardly anybody en privette

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  2. Hi Lorna;  

    Hey, how come you can't receive pm's? I just sent this via the usual private message way, and it said you can't receive messages. So I'm trying this way:

    I'll cut to the chase  (a few people who are close to me have told me, gently, that I spend too much time blathering with "preambles" before I get to the point of whatever I want to say; so this is enough of a preamble, on with the point !)

    How come sometimes you respond to a question or whatever with that "Reveal Hidden Contents" function?

    i mean, I did read it and appreciate your comments and your take on why they kind of justified the Mitchum character's suicide, thanks for that. But I'm not sure why it needs to be "Hidden Contents". Once in a while you use that "Reveal Hidden Contents" thing, and since whatever you say in the "Hidden Contents" is perfectly normal and unobjectionable, I'm not sure why you use it. In fact, I'm not sure why the TCM message boards has that function at all.

    It also makes me feel as though it wouldn't be a good idea for me to just respond to whatever you've said openly on the thread, because what you said was "Hidden Content".  Is it just a wanting to avoid spoilers thing?

    Just curious about it...can you enlighten me?


    ps:  I LOVE that you've been posting so much on the boards in general this summer. You are, as you know, one of my fave posters here. (just thought a little sincere flattery was in order.)

    misswonderly  aka Jan

    1. LornaHansonForbes


      i don't think my mailbox is full...

      a lot of posters here are super sensitive about "spoilers"- ie revealing something unexpected about the plot...there have been a few times where i revealed something about a movie and folks seemed to get cheesed at me over it, even though i didn't think it was a big deal.

      it's cool though, go ahead and reply in the thread if you want

      putting the world "spoiler" in brackets in a post will hide it.

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