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  1. Thank you for the suggestion, BUT HAVING TO LEARN ABOUT GOLF HAS BEEN ENOUGH OF A CHALLENGE! I am keeping it somewhat deliberately simple, it is my fondest dream to write something one day that is only 120 pages long!!!! (everything else I have written has been 150 or 200+ pages long, which is WAY longer than recommended)
  2. God READY TO WEAR just EATS IT RAW! I saw it in THE THEATER!
  3. it also features SHELLEY DUVALL as a SEX CLOWN: JULIE CHRISTIE as JULIE CHRISTIE (for no discernable reason) who apparently interrupted her PERM to be in this movie: GERALDINE CHAPLIN in a performance that must be termed INSUFFERABLE: KEITH CARRADINE (who is GORGEOUS) and should have won a second OSCAR for playing a man attracted to LILY TOMLIN: AND LILY TOMLIN as JOEY RAMONE:
  4. anyhow, I am making the unusual decision to post about a movie I am halfway through watching, both because it is A LOT OF MOVIE and also because I am a little unsure of it. I found it cheap on AMAZON PRIME, so I bought it, and I thusly have time to pause it. NASHVILLE (1975)- it seems like this never shows on TCM. I am going to come right out with the fact that THE LONG GOODBYE (1973) and GOSFORD PARK (2000) are both SUPERB and THE PLAYER is also really, really good, so I know ALTMAN is legit. READY TO WEAR on the other hand....I'm still mad about that one. anyhow, I
  5. file under too much information dept.: this is getting weird for me because i HONESTLY kindasorta legit think my ancestry crosses with Miss Lansbury's somewhere along the line because she looks UNCANNILY like my mother- who has been told she looks like LANSBURY and to make this all even weirder, I have been told I resemble ANGELA LANSBURY by more than one person in life and I am, and have always been, A MAN. EDIT- i COULD NEVER work THOSE PUMPS like she does in the ABOVE PHOTO though.
  6. And really should have won for THE MANCHURIAN CANDIDATE; The people who give out those golden doorstops are so peculiar, and it’s hard to get inside their head sometimes, but I just personally feel like Lansbury was such a distinctive star, with a distinctive presence, tall, unusual looking, not afraid to be theatrical, and with a big stage background – I think a lot of people in Hollywood just saw that and said “nope not an investment.” And it’s a double dose of irony, Lansbury did not make very many films after 1978, but of course went on to an absolutely huge television career for over a
  7. Ironically, I think LUCY would’ve been great as MRS VAN SCHUYLER (the BETTE DAVIS part in DEATH ON THE NILE)
  8. ORDEAL BY INNOCENCE? They made a film out of it in 1984 with Donald Sutherland and Faye Dunaway, Amazon prime recently did a three-part miniseries based on it, and it was reworked to include Miss Marple on the MARPLE series of the 2000s
  9. I don’t think HOLLYWOOD ever really saw LANSBURY as a viable long term film star. (More like her film appearances were dalliances and she was more meant for the stage)
  10. ORDEAL BY INNOCENCE is pretty realistic, but besides that, yeah most are far fetched (but fun!)
  11. there's also the year A KISS TO BUILD A DREAM ON from THE STRIP was nominated even thought it had already been released and recorded. GREAT SONG THO.
  12. ps- BETTY WHITE was supposed to be MAMA'S OLDEST and favorite daughter and RUE MCLANAHAN was her sister who choked on a chicken bone and died when the show went into syndication. she reassumed earthly form as BLANCHE DEVERAUX, ETERNAL ANGEL.
  13. Yes. I posted a pic above. He was the cause of an early SEXUAL AWAKENING in YOUNG LORNA.
  14. I consider those episodes to be non-canon. Like THE GOLDEN PALACE or AFTER M*A*S*H. Once BUBBA came long, the show took flight. ps- i do not know how to explain the hair on this Fraggle he is pictured with
  15. Some of it. The acting is really pretty good, but it's...peculiar. If EUNICE had not already been such an ICONIC CHARACTER AS SHE WAS ESTABLISHED, it might've worked.
  16. I actually splurged recently and bought the standard DVD of DRACULA PRINCE OF DARKNESS, which is only available otherwise on BLU-RAY. I've posted and referenced this many times before, but this is audio commentary by CHRISTOPHER LEE and BARBARA SHELLEY in re: some HOME MOVIE FOOTAGE TAKEN SURING THE FILMING OF THE FINALE. They know and remember almost EVERYONE'S NAME and you get a sense of how "homey" a studio BRAY FILMS was.
  17. i'm surprised more people haven't mentioned RED RIVER...although I admit, I'm not all that fond of it.
  18. IT'S funny, a lot of the "MAMA'S FAMILY" sketches (then called "THE FAMILY") on THE CAROL BURNETT SHOW were, in truth, really, really DARK. I have a hard time watching some of them.
  19. i'm sorry that i won't shut up about DEATH ON THE NILE, but I have been stewing on it (in lieu of stewing on other things.) [spoilers galore] since ORIENT EXPRESS came out first and it had THAT CLEVER, CLEVER ENDING, I think it would have been wise to have had SEVERAL REVELATIONS at the DENOUMENT of DEATH ON THE NILE as opposed to just the identities of the murderers and their far fetched plot. as it is, the film puts all its eggs in one basket and in doing so- the solution of NILE perhaps pales a tad compared to that of ORIENT EXPRESS. Although I have never read the novel (I ha
  20. Thanks, it's a talent I have: reducing films as the bastard progeny of other films, tv shows and plays.
  21. The TOILET FLUSH AS CHARACTER VOICE was later perfected by MAMA'S FAMILY, which I personally consider to be one of the zeniths of the TV sitcom medium, ergo PLEASE DO NOT LISTEN TO ANY OPINIONS I EVER HAVE TO OFFER ABOUT TV SITCOMS AS I REALIZE THIS ABSOLUTELY DISQUALIFIES ME FROM ever being taken seriously PS- I can't help it though, I LOVE MAMA'S FAMILY.
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