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  1. "You're YELLIN LOUD ENOUGH TO WAKE UP THE DEAD!" [points to coffin] "I don't have to wake him up, HE'S UP!"
  2. it might not be the best, but a serious candidate for MOST ENDURING picture of 1948 would be ABBOTT AND COSTELLO MEET FRANKENSTEIN, [dare I say even more than THE RED SHOES!] AND MAYBE THE BEST POSTER ART OF THE YEAR AS WELL!
  3. It’s been quite a few years now, Maybe even as many as 10, but TCM once upon a time invited their own employees to come and host a movie and I remember one lady selected THE LAST OF SHEILA, Which I watched, and yes it is very memorable. and unusual And kind of a landmark example of introducing sexuality into a mystery film. It’s kind of like CABARET and DEATH ON THE NILE had a night of passionate, highly unusual love-making and this is their offspring.
  4. Oh wow! I just watched every minute of that YouTube video about the costume design on DEATH ON THE NILE! genuinely fascinating. thanks!
  5. Not a problem! (I probably went on a little longer than I ought to have in re: DEATH ON THE NILE, but again, it’s an old friend.) ps- Watch the background mirrors closely in the very first scene between Mia Farrow and Lois Chiles (In The bedroom of her English country house)- For a split second you can see a crewmember on his hands and knees filming it.
  6. Thank you! This is a little off the wall, but a week ago, I watched JOANNA LUMLEY'S NILE, which showed up in my youtube suggestions. it is a THREE PART DOCUMENTARY wherein TV'S PATSY STONE Travels the ENTIRE NILE (both the WHITE and BLUE branches) all the way through EGYPT and SUDAN and ETHIOPIA past Lake Victoria and Uganda and into its very source in the jungles of RWANDA. she is ****Ing HARDCORE and it is UTTERLY WILD to watch, again, PATSY "FASH MAG SLAG" STONE sleeping on the desks of Sudanese ferry boats and such.
  7. **ALSO i could not help but notice that THE PRINT they showed of DEATH ON THE NILE was not great, it looked (from someone who is not well-versed) "fuzzy" and "faded" to me.
  8. i watched the trailer for the upcoming remake and i'm not enthused even if it's nice to see JENNIFER SAUNDERS WORKING. SPOILERS IN RE DEATH ON THE NILE: [even the POIROT VERSION] It's worth noting that I recently watched the POIROT version of DEATH ON THE NILE (which I had seen before) and while it is- surprisingly- VERY BADLY ACTED BY ALMOST ALL INVOLVED {including a couple of actors who I know know better] it does some clever things with the story and characters that I wish the 1978 movie had done. one of the shortcomings of the 1978 version is that it banks everything on
  9. I watched DEATH ON THE NILE (1978)- which is an old friend, one I taped as a child in the 1980's and watched over and over again to where I remember certain lines. as a film, it's not anywhere near as well constructed as it needs to be AND YET, how can one get mad at the SUMPTIOUS BUFFET OF CAMP ACTING this brings us., as well as some great scenery and costumes? I do not watch this movie without reciting lines back to the screen, it gets kinda ROCKY HORROR, especially in re: THE WAY PETER USTINOV SAYS the name "Jacqueline" as "JACK-A-LEEN" [which reminds me of how GRACE JONES says i
  10. He’s also in MY DARLING CLEMENTINE and several westerns where he plays, literally “ TIM HOLT,” Which I don’t know, HAD to have been a little weird.
  11. I hope you’ll forgive me because I understand where you’re all coming from, but I still say THE RED SHOES is marred by the camera tricks employed in the dance scene. And every time I see it, it honestly enrages me it is so unfair to the dancers. I mean, the whole movie deals with the fact the dancers have to contort their bodies, defy gravity, bend the will of the earth and the human body and physiology to achieve what they achieve- and then the directors undercut all of this by using, if I recall correctly, freeze frames, and are there times where they reversed or sped up the film? It’s been
  12. I see where you’re coming from with Tim Holt. He has a very effortless style that could be taken either way: 1. This guy isn’t trying or 2. This guy is a natural Personally, I am somewhat inclined to go with the second, although I have not seen many of his “legit“ films- I know he appeared in an absolute ton of B-westerns. I also admit that I find him *very* attractive, Especially when he is scruffy or stubbled and we all know how especially shameless I am when it comes to a handsome face- ESPECIALLY a scruffy or stubbled one.
  13. As a HUGE fan of Films of the 1940s, 1948 and 1949 are the only two years I feel are not exceptional.
  14. If it were not for using trick photography during the dance scenes, Which I think is incredibly unfair to the dancers and a cheat, I would say THE RED SHOES. as is though, I’m SIERRA MADRE all the way, with LETTER FROM AN UNKNOWN WOMAN runner up.
  15. Every time I see it, it strikes me as curious that SERIAL MOM is, pretty much, discovered early on, even playing her hand openly quite soon in a couple cases (ie “pussywillows, Dottie” ) but then again, she is insane. It just seems like you would want to build some level of suspense in the story. Sam Waterson- who is not really one of my favorites is also pretty good in the film, his reactions are funny. I have issues with the two actors who played their children though The ending is almost like something out of an Ealing comedy though. It’s got a great ending.
  16. Above is a link for the Wikipedia page for the year 1948 in film which has the top 10 box office films as well as a list of notable releases.
  18. that pic I posted of YOUNG, HOT JOSEF VON STERNBERG keeps SEDUCING ME every time I open this page. I am getting increasingly mad at that GETTY IMAGES watermark for blocking those LUSCIOUS KISSABLE LIPS! Note: the Quarantine has affected me. Ignore me more than you usually do. ps- there was a picture of him they showed in THE EPIC THAT NEVER WAS DOCUMENTARY taken sometime in the 1930s where he is wearing jodhpurs and A TURBAN and OH MY GOD, THAT MAN COULD WEAR A TURBAN!
  19. YES! I watched this online because I am a huge Irene Dunne fan, and -oh my God- the soufflé just does *not* rise on this one!!! It’s been a good long while since I saw it, but I have a distinct recollection that I was unimpressed by the job the Director did, especially the way the shots are framed. A lot of medium range shots of two people talking and no camera movement at all. I mean if Michael Curtiz’d directed this film, at least it would’ve had MOVEMENT! BACK STREET Was directed by John M Stahl and I have never seen a film by him that I found to be completely satis
  20. They showed DEATH ON THE NILE?!?!?! Yay. It’s one of my favorites and I’ve been wanting to watch it again and for some reason it’s been completely MIA from all the streaming services and cable ever since Kenneth Branagh announced his stupid, unnecessary remake.
  21. I've been a pretty hardcore classic film lover since my youth in the early nineties (the glorious days of VHS, TNT, TBS, the original AMC and Cinemax) and I can say that I am STILL SURPRISED by films all the time- films I did not even know existed, costarring actors who I never knew worked together or worked together on more films than I knew. Just last weekend, I came across a review of THE DEATH KISS (1933)- an independent murder mystery set at a HOLLYWOOD studio that starred DAVID MANNERS, EDWARD VAN SLOAN and in an inadequate, but still substantial role- BELA LUGOSI. Found it online a
  22. PATENT LEATHER no less! The only way they could’ve made it less realistic would’ve been if she had turned a pair of denim shorts into the Catwoman costume.
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