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  1. I did not know that!!! Thank you! They also interviewed him for the documentary and showed some of his scenes, which mostly consisted of him replying to lines that Flora Robeson was standing off screen reading. He still managed to be pretty good, even though it was surprising how quickly he dropped character when the camera stopped.
  2. young JOSEF VON STERNBERG: i MEAN, "YUM", RIGHT??????
  3. I checked out THE EPIC THAT NEVER WAS (1965)- a British Documentary about the aborted filming of I, CLAUDIUS in 1937. i'm going to be naughty and again post it below, in full I had forgotten it was hosted by a very very charming DIRK BOGARDE. The two most surprising things to me about it were how low-key and calm JOSEF VON STERNBERG (who directed the failed effort) is in his interview (he was still alive and teaching film at (I think?) UCLA when this documentary was made) and how really, really handsome he was back in 1937 (he is included in some of the footage
  4. I actually wrote a paper for AP English in High School that MICHELLE PFEIFFER should have won the BEST ACTRESS OSCAR for BATMAN RETURNS and I 100% stand by that today. the film on the other hand...(makes wavy hand gesture) eh....
  5. “PLEASE!!! FASHION HAS CHANGED!!!” ”No, it hasn’t.” (SMACK!)
  6. i searched youtube for any recording of the performance, but there does not seem to be one [that I could find]!
  7. I'm going to have to look it up to see if they played it as BRITS or AMERICANS. JULIE WALTERS seems so quintessentially Brit that it's really hard for me to envision this.... these pics may give you some idea of the production design of the movie- which was a big exterior set, really well done- a motel/junk yard/ trailer park built in the desert, but it still seems VERY stagebound. edit- one thing that really, really bothered me a lot was the fact that SHEPHERD'S character constantly wore his COWBOY HAT INSIDE, and I cannot stress enough that this is something a real cowboy does not
  8. author's note: Every now and then I make the choice to walk away from a movie that I am 1/3 to 1/2 way done watching for the first time, then come here to posit the following two-part question: "HAVE ANY OF YOU SEEN THIS ******** THING???!" and then, to those of you that have: " SHOULD I GO BACK AND FINISH IT OR ESCAPE WHILE I CAN??" The movie is question is 1985's FOOL FOR LOVE, directed by ROBERT ALTMAN and starring Sam Shephard, based on his play, I came across the review for it in PAULINE KAEL, but I honestly had NEVER heard of it before, and the real draw for me was the pres
  9. i remember starting to watch this and for some reason (maybe my fault) I did not finish. tangentially related, I have not watched this yet, but I plan on soon, this is an hour long British documentary from 1965 called THE EPIC THAT NEVER WAS about the aborted filming of I, CLAUDIUS (1937?) which was never completed in part due to MERLE OBERON having a bad car accident. she is interviewed for the documentary, and one interesting thing to see (even though it is in black and white) is that MERLE OBERON is very clearly Indian (as in India Indian.) **recommended: she discusses her acciden
  10. Yes. I kind of like to pretend that episode doesn’t exist, like the back door pilot with RITA MORENO or the one where Blanche’s daughter Becky is “fat.” it’s real damn depressing
  11. One of GERALDINE FITZGERALD'S best performances is in one of the best episodes of THE GOLDEN GIRLS- MOTHER'S DAY which is one of those wonderfully formatted 3 (in this case 4) story episodes where the girls are reminiscing at the kitchen table. She appears in ROSE'S STORY about sitting in a bus station on her way back to ST OLAF to visit her children and GERALDINE FITZGERALD appears as a woman who has snuck out of the nursing home to pay a visit to hers. "You're from ST OLAF?! Lovely town! Rolling hills, beautiful fields...full of idiots."
  12. I watched SERIAL MOM (1994) this morning. It’s not very good, but it’s not too bad either, and it has a strong ending and very memorable parts. Really nice footage of Baltimore in early spring too, Every exterior shot is bursting with azaleas, dogwoods, forsythia, and rhododendron blooms.
  13. MY GOD, YOUR PARENTS WERE ANIMALS!!!!! (and Good for them, I say.) (ps- tongue is firmly in cheek here.)
  14. She’s excellent in THE LIGHT THAT FAILED (1939)- It’s really a breakthrough performance for her.
  15. Yeah thank God “Jagged Edge” was about rich people, And the locations and homes and cars and exteriors were all fabulous. **Or at least interesting, there were some neat shots of Northern California as it was in the mid-1980s.
  16. One somewhat surprising thing to remember about Ida Lupino is that she was British, very British. And you can really really notice it in her early films, and to a degree it shows up in some of her later movies too. It accounts for her curiously, engagingly, staccato like delivery.
  17. (Things are not necessarily happy for them.)
  18. It’s the lives Mr. and Mrs. Miniver 10 years after the war, and they are again played by Walter Pidgeon and Greer Garson, But it’s not what you’re expecting it to be. In a good way though. At least I thought.
  19. you should consider checking out THE MINIVER STORY (1951?)- a sequel that was not a success, but which I find a lot more interesting than MRS. MINIVER. (The ending is a real surprise.)
  20. A disappointing film, oddly though it's worth seeing in its own way.
  21. AND THEY GET RIGHT TO IT TOO! Like, 11 minutes after their characters meet, they're doin the horizontal limbo!!!!!!!! No build up or drama or sense of "should I really be doing this?", nope, just STRAIGHT DOWN TO POUNDTOWN!!!!! If, let's say, JANE FONDA played the lawyer, then I think we could understand, BUT GLENN CLOSE JUST HAS TOO MUCH SENSE FOR THIS!!!!!
  22. I know what you've all been thinking. "gosh, it's been too long since Lorna wrote one of her rambling, interminable thinkpieces wherein she watches some innocuous film and projects her (many) self-doubts, neurosis, and psychological issues onto it." Well, rest easy, because that moment is here. (I'm imagining you all reacting like GOLDIE HAWN'S fellow inmates in the psych ward when she says "I'd like to talk about...Madeleine Ashton..." I watched JAGGED EDGE (1985)- and man does this film ever suck a big one. full disclosure: a few weeks ago, I decided to embark on an
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