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  1. (copied from wikipedia) Death On April 17, 1987, during a performance at University of California, San Diego's Mandeville Hall, Shawn suffered a heart attack and collapsed face-down on the stage. The audience initially assumed that it was part of his act; but after he had remained motionless on the stage for several minutes, a stage hand examined him and asked if a physician was present.[2] After CPR had been initiated, the audience was asked to leave the auditorium, but most remained, still assuming that it was all part of Shawn's act. Many began leaving—still unsure of what they
  2. Ps- SHINBONE ALLEY?!?!?! Who in the name of God thought that sounded like a sure-fire hit?
  3. I was only nine years old at the time, (And I did not know who he was at the time) but I still vividly remember Watching the news of DICK SHAWN’s death on CNN headline news in 1987. its a WILD story, And in an odd way, I have to wonder if it was exactly how he would’ve liked to go.
  4. It’s JUST LIKE That time the catholic legion of decency went ape**** over DUEL IN THE SUN and said “If you see this film, prepare for your soul to enter the Hellfire of damnation for all eternity!” AND THE LINES WERE AROUND THE BLOCK!!!!!
  5. did you know that if your MURDER your Mother while she is doing a load of laundry, it is called LAUNDROMATRICIDE? (I'm sorry, it's part of an old old old BUCK HENRY SNL BIT from the Carter Era that I thought was funny)
  6. for CHRISTMAS, I bought myself a copy of 5001 NIGHTS AT THE MOVIES by PAULINE KAEL- an edited collection of, I think, 5001 of her reviews. and reading it, I have to say- I like her style, but QUITE OFTEN, I find myself saying something along the lines of "DAMN PAULINE! Just WHAT DOES it take to make you LIKE A MOVIE?" out loud, because she can really go in hard in some films and performances and actors that I (personally) liked very much EDITED TO ADD: I think sometimes Pauline misses the forest because she spends so much time finding fault with the trees (I know because I AM GUILTY OF TH
  7. I'm sure with the limit on space and resources, they're a lot more common in the UK than in America. (we are spoiled) my washer and dryer broke a few years ago and (because I was traveling that day) i had to use a local laundromat here in NORTH CAROLINA, and HONEY, that is A SCENE. i remember it QUITE WELL and it 100% helped me to understand a lot of things about the movie MY BEAUTIFUL LAUNDRETTE though.
  10. Wait, WHO looks like an Easter island Statue?
  11. I also feel a little guilty, my review of “my beautiful Laundrette” was rather unfocused, and it might’ve given the impression that I did not like the film. I did like the film, very much. It just perplexed me at a moment when I was not prepared to be perplexed.
  12. I wonder why “Laundrette” hasn’t been incorporated into more drag names. Thank you for mentioning the name of that book. I am a sucker for vintage gay photographs and I actually saw a story about it on CNN yesterday morning and had to run to work. When I went back To the site the story was gone.
  13. The ending of THE DEAD is very similar to the end of WUTHERING HEIGHTS (1939) with lots of (LOVELY) shots of snow falling on what is supposed to be the wilderness of Ireland, but according to IMDb, was Actually shot in Joshua tree state park in California. (The last shot of WUTHERING HEIGHTS was shot in the San Fernando Valley!)
  14. (Or, as is the case with THE DEAD, they are engaging to watch)
  15. I don’t know what kind of TV set up you have, especially in Canada, but I was able to watch THE DEAD on ROKU TV, There are quite a few digital streaming services that offer The film for free at least in the US. It was John Huston’s final film and apparently he was on oxygen while it was filming. Thank God he went out on a high note, because in the final years of his life damned if John Houston did not appear in and direct some DOGS! I’ve read the James Joyce story, is the only thing by James stories I’ve ever read. As I recall it’s only about 20 pages long. As a rule I don’t like s
  16. people who don't use contractions are like ELAINE'S COWORKER FROM SEINFELD WHO WALKED WITHOUT MOVING HER ARMS. It's uncanny and something ain't right about it.
  17. Yes. Yes it does. i don't understand why certain people ADAMANTLY DO NOT like contractions and REFUSE TO ALLOW THEM, it seems a little discriminatory.
  18. aka a complete lack of contractions and pound and a half of pretension. [forgive me, I know the boards are volatile lately, but I can't stand LADY FOR A DAY or POCKETFUL OF MIRACLES!} [PS- or GUYS AND DOLLS]
  19. I was miffed my library does not participate with Kanopy, then I ready WHY and I understand. Kanopy is kind of evil. https://filmquarterly.org/2019/05/03/kanopy-not-just-like-netflix-and-not-free/
  20. Thank you! I Admit that I struggle to maintain focus sometimes. So it’s entirely possible my mind wandered and I missed it. Nonetheless, I am not wrong when I say that LAUNDRETTE is a highly unusual film (And that is not a bad thing at all!) ps- Ironically, I had to pause it a few times because I was...(Wait for it) doing laundry.
  21. **i TRIED to find an IMAGE, but could not, but there is a BRILLIANT SHOT in MY BEAUTIFUL LAUNDRETTE where two men are looking at one another through a plate-glass window and their faces superimpose over one another, where you can see one half of one's face covered by one-half of the other. STEPHEN FREARS directed it, and it's PRETTY OBVIOUS he was going to be a major filmmaker.
  23. RE: MY BEAUTIFUL LAUNDRETTE if you have amazon prime, it's there FOR FREE!
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