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  1. I checked out MY BEAUTIFUL LAUNDRETTE (1986?) FOR THE FIRST TIME. IT'S FREE ON AMAZON PRIME. Those of you who have seen this movie and remember, please tell me something: did any of you have a hard time following it? There was actually a point where I had to stop the film and read 1/2 the plot synopsis to make sure I was grasping it- and I somehow missed when they established that one of the characters is running drugs for his Uncle- who looks like a PAKISTANI EL DEBARGE. It was a little cryptic, but then again, I'm from North Carolina. It is also a rare case of a movie that I w
  2. Thank you! I had no idea! (For the record, I do not eat red meat but it is entirely because I am a VERY picky eater. I personally don’t really care about cows) I didn’t properly attach a punchline to that “innocent cows” remark, but the point that I had wanted to make with it was That there are some ***hideously tacky*** leather outfits in this movie, And that inherently evil or not, it really is kind of a shame anything died to make something so atrociously fugtacular. Thank you for illuminating me though, I will never ever turn my back to a cow!
  3. SERIOUSLY, how great would it be for TOM NEAL to turn his back in that scene only to hear "Oh, so you like to STRANGLE PEOPLE WITH TELEPHONE CORDS?" He turns around, and there's VERA, cigarette dangling from her purple lips. "Sorry, baby, you got the wrong number" she says and then commences to WHIP HIS *** WITH THE RECEIVER.
  4. It was meant to pave the way for DETOUR 2: THE RETURN OF VERA, sadly un-produced. "Some women are TOO MEAN to DIE!"
  5. I've actually come to feel a certain affection for the AUTOCENSOR here (aka "OTTO CENSOR" or "OTTO") over time, it HAS A SUCH A DIRTY, DIRTY MIND, that it's kind of amusing how it finds something GROSS or SEXUAL in the most innocuous of terms. like a perpetual 12 year old snickering in the back seat.
  6. oh that is WEAK! (I mean the OTTO CENSOR, not YOU) Of course you didn't say p!ss, I forgot you're from the midwest! ur!nati!on seems fun when you add exclamations....
  7. if i were ever hired to write/stage a version of A CHRISTMAS CAROL I would without hesitation include the SOLID GOLD DANCERs
  8. pro tip: use an exclamation mark for the "I" in "p!ss." GREAT REVIEW! (i LIKE THE ANGRY LEFTIST TOUCH IN THIS REINTERPRETATION. Really, even though it's been done to death, the story is universal AND timeless and prescient and 1000% applicable to 2020) shame there were no SOLID GOLD DANCERS though
  9. sorry, just did some research on IMDB, and if I can tack on an addendum to my review of BODY DOUBLE (1984) MELANIE GRIFFITH actually WON the NATIONAL FILM CRITICS AWARD for BEST SUPPORTING ACTRESS for BODY DOUBLE. Bet THAT was a FUN CALL for DAME PEGGY ASHCROFT'S publicist to have to make! addendum to the addendum: the more I think about it, the more I will say MELANIE GRIFFITH is terrific. The film is just so so bad.
  10. BODY DOUBLE (1984) WOOF! Lots of people don’t like Brian de Palma because his films are ponderous, hopelessly derivative, meandering, and if a good performance happens in one of them it seems like it happened completely by accident. You guys can see where I’m going with this right? this movie is VERTIGO, only really not good at all, with a score that physically assaults you, and a lead actor who looks exactly like Bill Maher but is almost as charisma-free and unlikable. The character he plays is supposed to be claustrophobic, at least when it’s convenient. He frea
  11. I know! watching it on my pretty-big screen TV, I couldn’t help but think how this thing SEVERAL FEET TALL on a big movie screen would just blow the audience away.
  12. WERK B!TCH! oops, I neglected to mention that ONE OF THE THREE BEST PERFORMANCES IN THE MOVIE RAN (1985) is given by PETER, a 1980'S JAPANESE TRANSVESTITE POP STAR in the role of THE FOOL. Yes, you read that correctly.
  13. I rented RAN (1985) this morning. ["RAN" in JAPANESE means "chaos, "turmoil" or "the year 2020."] it was a much more straightforward version of KING LEAR than i expected. I have to admit, I was slightly disappointed- AND BEFORE YOU GET MAD- let me explain that I have seen four AKIRA KUROSAWA movies- YOJIMBO, THRONE OF BLOOD, RASHOMAN and SEVEN SAMURAI- and they were all FOUR STAR pictures, with RASHOMAN and SEVEN SAMURAI being not just the two finest foreign films I have ever seen, but two of the finest films I have ever seen PERIOD. so with that said, RAN gets FOUR OUT OF FOUR
  14. I just watched THE DEAD (1987) for the first time ever, I did not realize going into it that it was a perfect choice for Christmas, and especially Christmas 2020. Have any of you ever seen a film or read a book and you had, honestly and truly, no idea what it was all about (Alfie)- But you didn’t not like it? And you didn’t think it was not good- Quite the opposite in fact, and you even recognized it was a pretty masterfully composed work, where ostensibly nothing happens to your eye, But the people who made it are clearly so dedicated, and intelligent that there’s got to be a whole wor
  15. 1983 was SUCH a HUGE YEAR for STELLAR Performances by lead actresses though. If I remember correctly all five of the nominees deserved to be there, There were actually some excellent performances that didn’t make the cut, and the winner Shirley MacLaine for “terms of endearment” is pretty hard to argue with. but yeah, JULIE WALTERS is magic in RITA!
  16. (I am probably going to regret writing this review using voice transcription, but the iron is hot) i watched EDUCATING RITA (1983) this morning. It’s quite apt that during a wedding reception scene, The band is playing an instrumental version of “love is the sweetest thing” which was popularized by Al Bowly in the 1930s, For this movie truly embodies the line that love is “the oldest, yet the latest thing.“ At once a throwback to a story told countless times before, BORN YESTERDAY and PYGMALION (Even a dash of BALL OF FIRE), And also something that resonates just as much now in 20
  17. this one shuts it down for me. she's like ROBERTA FLACK- the voice isn't *NECESSARILY* "perfect"- but THE SOUL is THERE.
  18. glad you liked it. i would cite it as one of THE ABSOLUTE BEST USES OF A SONG as a title and lietmotif for a movie in all moviedom...being raised Episcopalian, I knew and liked the song before seeing the movie but never understood what in the Hell it was all about (Alfie.) After seeing the movie, I absolutely do. Here is the late, GREAT MISS NATALIE COLE with a very nice rendition.
  19. ANCIENT CHINESE CURSE: "May you live in interesting times."
  20. man, the colors pop on this poster, don't they? also BETTE looks like she should be saying "THERE IS NO DANA, ONLY ZUUL!" in a low voice. Anyway, I have watched most of the movie, although I'm technically not done with it yet. I paused it twice because it is A STUPID MOVIE and it is one of those STUPID MOVIES that is SO STUPID that if you watch for too long, YOU WILL BE ALL THE STUPIDER FOR IT (see also: JAWS: THE REVENGE...or better yet, don't) it was directed, in a loose sense of the term, by ALFRED E. GREEN who would go on to direct DANGEROUS, for which BETTE won her first Oscar
  21. YES! THANK YOU! I don’t know why, but since one of the redesigns it’s become kind of tricky posting photos here. Sometimes it doesn’t accept them because it says they’re not the right format. I’m glad you found one that shows what I mean. For 1947 that is some downright hippie length hair! (Maybe it was a deliberate choice to show that she was something of a free spirit.)
  22. THAT is a GOOD ONE! Det. McLeod did not mention, but YOUNG, HOLM and LANCHESTER were all nominated for OSCARS for COME TO THE STABLE in 1949- (Young for lead, Holm and Lanchester for supporting)
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