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  1. Pryor and Gleason could not save the badness that is THE TOY (1982). An unfortunate waste of a LOT of combined talent.
  2. There's these movies: THIRD DAY, The (1965) w/George Peppard MIRAGE (1965) w/Gregory Peck JIGSAW (1968) w/Bradford Dillman, a sort of 'mod' remake of "Mirage". ELVIS PRESLEY did amnesia in song "I Forgot to Remember to Forget". Maybe SINGAPORE (1947) would qualify, too.
  3. Dargo: Hast thou forgotten GONE WITH THE WIND was remade, more or less, in a low-budget way in 1979 when the television film LOVE'S SAVAGE FURY was unleashed on the small screen? I think LOVE'S SAVAGE FURY is ripe for re-discovery by modern audiences! TCM can contact me and I will let them borrow my PRISM VHS release for a nominal sum.
  4. All this talk about Margaret Mitchell and GONE WITH THE WIND . . . Let's talk about Hugh Gravitt shall we?
  5. I'm against censorship. And anyone who disagrees with me is going to get their arse banned from the site! Ya dig?
  6. Ah, the name of a 1956 movie.
  7. It was my understanding the main reason for the Civil War is that the North could not let the South secede for economic reasons. Anyone know what the %percentage% was of Southerners who had enough money to own large amounts of property and have slaves? I've no idea. I'll guess 5%. Otherwise, most white folk were just po' white trash. → Now I have to go and get me some back-alley chew, a bucket of Cheez Whiz and some beer pretzels from the local drive-up Puke Mart.
  8. I lived in WPB until 2008, btw. I haven't been back since because there's no one to visit.
  9. Didn't LONDON AFTER MIDNIGHT's surviving print or prints gets victimized by a vault fire?
  10. I was born in FL. I live in GA now. You could call me a 'Florida Cracker' and I'd not be offended. West Palm Beach, FL, has changed a lot since I sprung to life there in Feb. 1973.
  11. One thing about THE HAPPIEST MILLIONAIRE, EricJ, is that you can pick which version you want to watch. I think there's 4 versions extant.
  12. Speaking of things that are relics from the past . . . American passenger cars with 2-speed automatic transmissions.
  13. You've got a get a haircut eventually, Lorna. May as well do it more sooner than later. I got a haircut 2 weeks ago because it was starting to aggravate me. I'm glad I have a full head of hair, but I didn't want to let it grow too long.
  14. After reading many -- if not all -- of the posts in this thread I was thinking what could I watch instead of the 3 hour and 40 minute movie GONE WITH THE WIND . . . IDEA! I decided to take my old UNICORN VIDEO release of THE BLACK GESTAPO (1975) out of its resting place. "WHETHER THEY WIN OR DIE IS NOT THE QUESTION!" AS the video box summary explains: "It could have happened in any major city in the United States. Ex-Vietnam veteran General Ahmed fought for years for a grant from the city to operate a people's army, a black organization dedicated to dealing with th
  15. A MONEY THOUGHT: Is it cheaper for TCM to lease "Gone With the Wind" for a viewing -OR- to lease 3 other movies from the 1930s that run 70 minutes, 70 minutes and 80 minutes?
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