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  1. DirecTv lost the feed of BLOOD SIMPLE where I live. Rural GA, USA. My TV screen said there was a technical problem and DirecTv was working on restoring the feed. After a few minutes I just turned my TV off and did something else for a while.
  2. @Moe Howard: No, actual Kirk Buns where the scene cuts away instead of seeing Kirk walk away from the camera without the long-johns on.
  3. I have a morbid streak. I think of movies released in the 1970s where the main cast has mostly all gone to the Great Beyond. Like BREAKHEART PASS (1976). The main cast is all gone. Only bit players from it are still around -- one of which is Sally Kirkland who had a tiny part at the beginning. Most of the 'important' folk listed on the opening credits are all gone, too, such as: TOM GRIES - Director ALISTAIR MacLEAN - Writer LUCIEN BALLARD - Cinematographer ELLIOTT KASTNER - Producer JERRY GOLDSMITH - Music There's also SILVER STREAK (1976) an
  4. I've never seen IRREVERSIBLE; I have no plans to do so. I won't Lie and say I'll watch it. I've only read about it and heard about from those who've seen it. Just the way it sounds to me is like a '70s or '80s exploitation movie trying to be more 'important' and 'say something'. Could it be that IRREVERSIBLE is simply self-important twaddle that's fundamentally dishonest? Trying to be some kind of a 'serious' movie and fool viewers into thinking it's something more than a plain ol' graphic exploitation film starring a very attractive leading lady? I don't know . . . but the impression
  5. In regards to NIGHT MOVES that's one of those movies that leaves the viewer to decide what exactly is going on at the end. Heck, the ending could make sense and that's all that matters!
  6. I've seen that commercial before several times; think I saw it late at night on my local MeTV channel during a break from "The Twilight Zone" or some such. DOWN THERE!
  7. Don't forget about the 1949 movie WHIRLPOOL with Gene Tierney, Jose Ferrer and Richard Conte. Directed by Otto Preminger. About kleptomania, hypnotism and, of course, MURDER! πŸ˜›
  8. MANDINGO! β†’ May as well introduce the poor kiddo to the seething, sleazy underbelly of the moneyed class in The Old South. You can instruct him as to what a 'bed wench' is! 😝
  9. I noted a reference to the 1973 Depression-Era action/drama EMPEROR OF THE NORTH and I recollect something about it you don't see often in movies: The lead actor has bad-lookin' teeth. Lee Marvin's teeth were made up to look gnarly. In most movies the actors all have pearly white choppers because filmmakers -- probably rightly so in most cases -- don't think movie-goers want to see people with bad, ugly, yellowed, etc. teeth on-screen. 'Tis very unattractive! But EMPEROR OF THE NORTH is an exception. I can't think of another movie offhand where the main character has yellowed, 'wor
  10. @Dargo: I'd never heard that joke before. Gave me a chuckle.
  11. It's a shame that LIFEBOAT (1944) wasn't remade with Elvis in the cast. So Elvis just happened to survive the sinking boat -- AND -- he managed to save his gee-tar as well so's he could sing "SPLISH, SPLASH" with the other survivors. CARRIE NYE could've played the Tallulah Bankhead part. ARTE JOHNSON could've played the Nazi. πŸ˜€ It coulda been a BIGGGG hit!
  12. #2507 isn't Brannigan (1975-UK), Citizen Ed. It's McQ (1974). #2508 looks like Waltz of the Toreadors (1962-UK) starring Peter Sellers and Margaret Leighton. I wish I could figure out more of them! CITY HEAT is one I recognize, but that's already been sussed out by another poster.
  13. @MovieCollectorOH: Elvis made 33 movies, I believe, two of which were the documentary-type movies of Elvis on the road and in concert. I don't think any of them are rare. If you are endeavouring to collect all his movies it shouldn't cost an arm and a leg. There's also the homevideo releases of his 1968 special and '73 Hawaii show to round up as well even tho those two presentations aren't movies. 'Tis a pity that Elvis didn't stand up to Colonel after a while and say "This is what I'm going to do; the movie I'm going to make is such-and-such". The Colonel seemed to have a sharp ey
  14. I wonder if TCM has ever shown "I DISMEMBER MAMA"? (aka: "Poor Albert and Little Annie" -- this alternate title is The Pits!).
  15. Jeez. I've not been inside a Costco in years. When I lived in FL (until 2008) I went to Costco's on occasion, but since I moved to GA I've not even seen one much less been in one. There might be a Sam's Club around . . . somewhere. The only problem we have locally is too damn many DOLLAR GENERAL stores. They are ubiquitous. Sheesh! We're not all po' white trash here in Meansville needing to buy the cheapest-of-the-cheap /and/ bottom-of-the-barrel products! β†’ By golly when I buy my weekly bucket of Cheez-Whiz and Willie Joe Jim Jon's Pork Rinds along with a case of "Bob's Brand X
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