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  1. When I discovered TCM and started watching, I found myself enjoying movies I never thought would interest me. I credit Robert Osborne for making the viewing experience more than just about watching a film. His presentation of a films development, actors, director, backstory, etc. gave films meaning, casting them in a new light for the viewer. I have missed his insight over the last couple of years. He was always upbeat and had something positive to say about every film whether it be an Oscar winner or a B short. That his personal life was his own shouldn't be an issue, nor should it matter to the TCM followers that he was gay. We should all send best wishes to his partner David. Robert was an encyclopedic film historian who excelled at his craft, who made viewers interested in films, and who happened to be gay. He left some big shoes to fill at TCM.
  2. "The Day the Earth Stood Still". An alien lands in Washington DC and has an affair with half of a gay DC power couple, and soon the jilted half of the power couple mysteriously disappears at the same time Gort is found to be missing after being encased in a block of KL93.
  3. James Garner is one of my top 3 favorite actors, whether TV or movies. His character portrayals looked effortless, whatever the role. Some of his movies are not on my favorites list but I always have to watch them because James Garner was in them.TCM just played "36 Hours" last week and I had to drop everything to watch it. By and far my favorite Garner character was Jim Rockford. I grew up watching the Rockford Files and he had some of the best car chase scenes on TV, as good as many films, and he did his own stunt work. He had a race car business in the late 60's where he partnered with AMC to convert some AMC SCRamblers into racers that actually did quite well. He drove the Indy 500 pace car about 4 times. Garner just seemed like a guy you could connect with in his many roles, and always reported as just a genuine guy off screen. In that perennial dinner game of "if I could invite any 5 people to dinner", he is always on my list as one of the invitees. My best to his family. I hope TCM will have a days retrospective of his work.
  4. I watched the film for the first time last night on TCM. Thanks TCM for showing it! Incredible documentary. Flashbacks and flash forwards are never my favorite but it was handled impeccably and made the presentation seamless, thoroughly enjoyable, and engrossing. It's amazing that many of the initiatives Milk strived to get accomplished are still on the table 35 years later. He was a man ahead of his time, incredible vision. The interviews were engaging and the film felt fresh all these years later.
  5. This is a really good film, one of my favorites of this type (and a 7.8 on IMDb). Scott Neal and Glen Berry as the boys are well cast and come across as authentic. With Ste's abusive father and Jaime's rather inapropriately amourous mother a foundation is built for the boys in their search for affection and companionship. Tameka Empson as Leah the Cass Elliot lip syncing neighbor seems to be both a distraction and some welocemed comic relief... but for sure the Cass Elliot soundtrack is awesome!
  6. DougieB makes an excellent point about young filmmakers taking the subject further than in decades past. It's not only the film subject matter but the behind the camera LGBT young people that are making important films as well. Canadian Xavier Dolan has made several films over the last few years that have been critically acclaimed. To that point, the suggested Behind the Screen sounds like an excellent choice to highlight LGBT contributions to the industry. The Celluloid Closet and Silver Screen Color me Lavender would be excellent to showcase how the topic has been portrayed in film. Perhaps TCM would be interested in airing these documentaries in June, instead of a number of films, which would give a very broad and decades long look at the subject both behind and in front of the cameras.
  7. Original poster back ..... Lots of posts to read again tonight. The suggestion of The Celluloid Closet from 1995 (narrated by Lilly Tomlin!) would be an excellent kick-off to an LGBT content film series. Including some foreign films is a must. On the lighter side, there were some well made “coming of age” foreign films including Beautiful Thing, 1994, a British film, complete with Mamma Cass songs. Get Real from 1999 was well written and amusing. A French film from 2000 was Come Undone which was somber with an underlying thread of family depression and an attempted suicide. How about 1994’s Australian entry Priscilla Queen of the Desert? Suggested films such as 1982’s Victor/Victoria are a classic. I read that someone sent a suggestion to TCM to make LGBT content films included as a Genre (this is only my 3rd post so I guess I need to find that thread); excellent suggestion and I hope they will consider it. There was also mention of Rock Hudson as June’s Star of the Month being TCM’s wink to LGBT Pride month; don’t know about that. But with all of the great films that have been mentioned here, I hope TCM considers presenting some, particularly during June.
  8. Hello all........... original poster checking back in. This thread is my first post as a new member so I was unsure about the level of response. It seems there are alot of posts (then again I'm new here so ????). I appreciate the films suggested, several I was unfamiliar with; I will check them out. I viewed mr6666's posting about TCM's 2007 series on films with an LGBT component, it's worth exploring. It is interesting to see how the depiction of LGBT characters has changed over the decades. But equally interesting, how Hollywood, the writers, and others incorporated an LGBT component, often transparent to the majority of the audience, but maybe speaking volumes to a minority. Films such as Cat on a Hot Tin Roof were succesful but Tennessee Williams voiced his displeasure at how Bricks homosexuality was all but written out; a component he felt was critical to the storyline. My interest in posting the thread was to develop a (timely for June) discussion on how films incorporated various LGBT components, whether critical or obscure, characters, or maybe highlight the people behind the camera who had an influence. I appreciate TopBilled and others recentering the discussion. I was not suggesting TCM have a month long marathon of "LGBT" movies. Just suggesting that TCM consider showing a few important films with some LGBT component, and hearing what others find good and bad in this broad variety of films.
  9. New member and long time big TCM fan. Not sure where to post an idea for a themed selection of films so I'll start here. June is LGBT Pride month, how about some time set aside for some important films? Some that come to mind, some mainstream, some controversial: Rope Boys in the Band Midnight Cowboy Torch Song Trilogy Some Like It Hot Victim The Naked Civil Servant Strangers on a Train Cat on a Hot Tin Roof Philadelphia The Childrens Hour My Own Private Idaho Rebel Without a Cause The Times of Harvey Milk
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