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  1. One of Both Katherine Hepburn’s and especially Humphrey Bogart’s best movies ever was the African Queen. Yet it has not been shown on TCM for many years. Why? Why are they snubbing this wonderful, wonderful movie???!!! They use to show it, quite often I might add. I’ve seen it a few times on other channels. Just as I have other TCM movies. However, TCM has decided to bury Academy Award Nominated and Winning movie: Humphrey Bogart won for Best Actor, Katherine Hepburn was nominated for Best Actress, John Houston was nominated for Best Director as well as Best Screenplay along with James Agee.
  2. I liked Mickey Rooney ok I'm the Hardy movies. Other then that was never a big fan of his. I wouldn't trust Mickey Rooney to tell the truth about Judy and LBMayer for numerous reasons. Mayer was more than good to Rooney. Kept him around far longer then he did other actors/actresses who were losing less money for MGM then Rooney was. Why, I don't know. Also, Rooney always viewed Mayer as a "god". Kissed his tush up into his (Rooney's) old age. Again, why? Mickey had been in stage since he was three and in the movies since he was five, I think. By the time he had started making the Hardy movies
  3. Sometimes I think Robert is just losing it . He hasn't been the same since he was ill several years ago, especially when it comes to The Essentials. I think Robert uses other peoples opinion in the industry and passes that opinion on as his own sometimes. He sure didn't have a whole lot of conviction about why he didn't think why MFL shouldn't be an Essential. His reasoning sure didn't make sense. Dubbing voices was a very common practice. Audrey Hepburns voice could have never carried those songs and he knows it! If he was a Julie Andrews fan - which is why I think he borrowed someone else's
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