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  1. One of Both Katherine Hepburn’s and especially Humphrey Bogart’s best movies ever was the African Queen. Yet it has not been shown on TCM for many years. Why? Why are they snubbing this wonderful, wonderful movie???!!! They use to show it, quite often I might add. I’ve seen it a few times on other channels. Just as I have other TCM movies. However, TCM has decided to bury Academy Award Nominated and Winning movie: Humphrey Bogart won for Best Actor, Katherine Hepburn was nominated for Best Actress, John Houston was nominated for Best Director as well as Best Screenplay along with James Agee. John Houston was also nominated for Best Film by the British Academy of Film and TV Arts - Any Source, again for Best Film. Why would they do that to such a film? They show On the Waterfront 3-5 times per year, Dr Zhivago at least 4 times a year, Lawrence of Arabia about 5 times a year. I am so sick of these movies and on this subject I definitely know I am not alone. Give us a break on these movies already!! Enough is enough!!! Bring back The African Queen!! I question the reasoning of the people who decided to remove it from TCM’s Programming rotation and not just remove it from rotation but to bury it deep in the vault for many many years. I watch TCM Many, many hours a day. I always check to see what’s on each and every day up until the next day starts. And there just hasn’t been a showing of the great The African Queen in years!! They are almost doing the same thing with all Christmas movies. The Bishop’s Wife use to be a regular at Christmas on TCM, shown about 3 - 4 times during the Christmas Holiday starting in November after Thanksgiving. It wasn’t shown at all last year and only once the year before and at an odd time if memory serves. The same can be said about other staple Christmas movies on TCM. Why is TCM GETTING RID OF CHRISTMAS??? Liberals aren’t the only ones that watch TCM!!! And by the way, many Liberals do celebrate CHRISTMAS!!! However, that’s another subject altogether. I’m fighting for The African Queen!!! Two of the best actors ever and one of the best directors and one of the best classic movies ever made and Turner Classic Movies no longer shows this movie at all!!! Why Why Why Why??? Who but TCM would throw The African Queen in the garbage can. A movie of this caliber trashed!!! Ohhh, but less show all those B rated movies with people like Jayne Mansfield and those 60’s, 70’s, 80’s and up that people never heard of. And what about those pathetic C rated sci-fi flicks they give an entire day to???!!! But The African Queen is not worthy to be shown any longer??? Who in the H is making the program decisions over the last 10 years??? They certainly don’t know their classic movies as many classics are no longer shown in place of the junk I mentioned above and some junk I didn’t mention. We are lucky these days to get a classic film shown on Turner “Classic” Movies!!!! Just because 20 have past doesn’t make the movies of 20 years past classics. Somehow TCM has tried to adopt that theory. That applies to cars ? NOT movies!!! Not in my book!!! Bring back The African Queen, please!! https://www.imdb.com/title/tt0043265/videoplayer/vi1898944793
  2. I liked Mickey Rooney ok I'm the Hardy movies. Other then that was never a big fan of his. I wouldn't trust Mickey Rooney to tell the truth about Judy and LBMayer for numerous reasons. Mayer was more than good to Rooney. Kept him around far longer then he did other actors/actresses who were losing less money for MGM then Rooney was. Why, I don't know. Also, Rooney always viewed Mayer as a "god". Kissed his tush up into his (Rooney's) old age. Again, why? Mickey had been in stage since he was three and in the movies since he was five, I think. By the time he had started making the Hardy movies his head/ego was already bigger then the Empire State Building. Rooney also had and kept a Neapolian Complex (short mans disease). Mickey for a while was the No.1 box office draw in the US. THEN! Along comes "one take"Judy! She appears with him in a few Hardy films. MGM then starts pairing them in movies together. "Hey kids, let's put on a show." Now Rooney and Garland are the No.1 box office draw. A few short years later Judy's star is shining brighter then Mickey's ever had and his star is fading. He's no longer the No.1 box office draw and everyone from movies, Broadway, concert halls, the most elite night clubs, radio shows, you name it are clammering for Judy, Judy, Judy!!!! She's more then a female Rooney because that voice of her's alone threw her to the head of the class. She was legitimate triple threat. She could sing, boy could she sing, she could dance with the best of them, and she did and she could act, and very nicely too all of this in one take!!! Mickey in a thousand years could not do any of these things in one take. I think Judy and Mickey had a friendship of sorts during the Babes On Broadway years , etc. but after Judy started playing more mature roles that audiences loved and adored and Rooney's mature roles were flopping at the box office like crazy, IMO from articles I have read, I don't think they stayed the close friends that they once were when MGM was pushing them together. I think they were friends but not the friends Mickey made them out to be. I think Rooney loved Judy in his own way but his ego got in the way. I think he had a green streak in him ten miles wide! That's why he wouldn't admit how Mayer treated Judy. At least one reason why. His own form of payback for his failing success and her enormous popularity. He lived there, was on the lot constantly when they were in their early teens. He HAD to know, absurdly HAD to know!! I've read so much on Judy Garland over the years I could have my own library on her. I've forgotten much. But I do recall everyone in the studio knew what Mayet and her mother was allowing them to do to Garland. From make-up artists, set designers, clothing designers, sound men, cameramen, most other actors/actresses at the time, just everyone. So Mickey Rooney darn well knew!!!! Another reason for not saying anything maybe was to try to help Mayer's image. Mickey Rooney struck me from the time I started watching him when I was young that he was selfish and self centered and not all together a person one could just out right trust. I personally think he lied about Mayer and Judy. I think he most definitely knew. Too many actors and actresses have come forward and told horror stories about Judy's treatment by Mayer including giving her diet pills, sleeping pills and wake up pills and pills for energy to name a few. Poor Judy didn't stand a chance. When ones own mother doesn't watch out for you-well she really made it easy for Mayer to treat Judy the way he did!
  3. Shee

    "My Fair Lady"

    Sometimes I think Robert is just losing it . He hasn't been the same since he was ill several years ago, especially when it comes to The Essentials. I think Robert uses other peoples opinion in the industry and passes that opinion on as his own sometimes. He sure didn't have a whole lot of conviction about why he didn't think why MFL shouldn't be an Essential. His reasoning sure didn't make sense. Dubbing voices was a very common practice. Audrey Hepburns voice could have never carried those songs and he knows it! If he was a Julie Andrews fan - which is why I think he borrowed someone else's opinion, no offense to Julie, great, great voice. She was perfect for Sound Of Music but NOT My Fair Lady. She just wasn't pretty enough - come on Robert, even you must know that! I don't get Robert these days, the things he says, the shows he picks.....Freaks and oh, the so very B movie Gun Crazy are Essentials but My Fair Lady is not!!! I never bought into the fact that he knows how to pick movies any better then you or I can and boy, does this ever prove it!!!!! And if the continue showing Lawrence Of Arabia, Dr Zhavaigo and On the Waterfront 4-5+ times a year I think I shall go bonkers. Thousand and thousands of movies and they continuously show these three movies plus a few others. Don't we all know the dialogue of each by now??? I think Robert is just getting old and possibly lazy.
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