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  1. Blade Runner is certainly an easy one to point to, but one I often recommend is the Alien 3 "Assembly Cut". It's not a true directors cut, as David Fincher was not involved, but it is a much better film than the one we got on screen.
  2. I know a guy who might be interested. He's not sure if he can afford it this year, but I'll definitely let him know jut in case
  3. I'm curious if they will try to get Leslie Caron again. She was supposed to come last year, but ended up having to cancel. Every year I have gone, at least one of the guests was unable to go. My first time it was Bob Mackie, then Roger Corman, (who thankfully came the following year), then Leslie Caron.
  4. I would just die if Mel Brooks came (Carl Reiner would be good too)! I didn't put him on my list because every year prior I have put someone who I really want to see, and they unfortunately pass away before they announce the guests! It happened with Lauren Bacall and Omar Sharif, so I am always wary with who I put.
  5. I'm just curious who everyone would like to see on this years cruise? In the past I've put down Veronica Cartwright, Alan Alda, Haley Mills, Doris Day, and Shirley MacLaine, just to name a few. I would love to see Debbie Reynolds even though she's been on before; I wasn't on that cruise, and everyone says she was fantastic, even better than Ruta Lee who in my opinion was easily one of the best last year.
  6. I am sorry to hear about your loss. I am also looking for a roommate to split the cost, in case anyone is interested. I have already paid in-full for the cabin though, and it will be up to the roommate to reimburse me. It is a standard inside cabin; and there are no more of those available, so you will be hard-pressed to find a cabin as cheap as I have got. $1,125 + $300 (taxes, fees, tips) Personal Profile: 24; Male. I went on the last one in December and had a grand time. My favorite personality I met on it was either Rick Baker or Eddie Muller.
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