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  1. You could see it in his face, and hear it in his voice. He was really, really sorry he had to introduce the piece of crap that is "Hellbound" to a discriminating audience that is used to the best in film noir. It's only going to get worse. If it can...
  2. I'm with you,Twokeets, it's annoying as hell.
  3. I just thought I would put my observations out there, and see what other TCM fans thought. I don't know if anyone knows the 'Retro' channel, but TCM seems to be sliding in that direction, where most of the movies are not 'classic' and have little to recommend them, they're just old and are time-fillers. sometimes they will show a good old movie, but not too often. I have certainly gotten my money's worth from TCM over the years, but that doesn't mean I want it to end! I have often said to my wife I would pay all of our cable bill just to have TCM. If the cable companies ever went to ala cart
  4. Yes, I know TCM has used the chronological method of programming throughout the day. It just seems that I used to be able to turn on TCM at any hour and *almost * always find something interesting to watch. Lately I've been disappointed. Oh well, enjoy TCM.
  5. As someone else mentioned in another thread, there seem to be a lot of post-1970's movies on TCM lately. I have noticed that since the anniversary of TCM in April, the number of color movies being shown has increased, particularly in prime time. In fact, I now joke to my wife that 'someone at TCM is being fired for allowing a black and white movie to be shown in prime time!' I don't care for many movies made after the '70s, although there are certainly exceptions. It seems like TCM is showing more movies in color, and this seems to include the unexceptional movies of the '60s and later. H
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