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  1. if there was ever a movie on the life of Nat King Cole, i wonder who could play him? i look at Nat's features and i see, Tyreese. Jamie Foxx? hummm...i don't know.
  2. i look at Woody Strode and he reminds me of my ex husband. in fact, he used to love Woody Srode's movies.
  3. yeah patty, bette did work that role and she was vain. very vain indeed. but she made up for it in the end when she took claude raines back in. Great movie!
  4. hey Path, i remember seeing "In This Our Life" but, i forgot how the plot went. was that the movie when Bette plays the evil sister who took her sister's fiance?
  5. thank you professor, i feel happy and welcome now. thank you for your warm and sincere welcome. ;-) last week, i saw one of my favorite Bette Davis Movies, "Mr Skeffington" that was such a great movie. both bette and claude rains deserved an oscar for their roles. claude raines played in several pictures with her. i wonder if they were lovers in real life?
  6. i like to know did Burt Lancaster win an oscar for "Elmer Gantry" that man was doing some serious preaching. just like a jackleg preacher. lol! he worked that part!
  7. well gee whiz, prof, you welcomed everybody but me. alas, i'm sad. so sad ;-( i love Bette Davis too (pouting,but still looking cute! lol!)
  8. keith-The Bates Motel?? i love scary pics, but...i don't know. maybe if someone comes with me. Carey Grant maybe.
  9. yeah, i'm with ya on that, moviejoe. Bette was the more talented actress. Joan was good too, but, Bette was more versitile. she played vicious vamps like in Jezebell, noble queens like queen elizabeth in "the lives of elizabeth and essex". and every movie she is in, she gives a great performance.
  10. hey you all, how about "Rebecca's Room" er, excuse me, "Budoir" absoultly too serious. i just like to know is there someone's room made like that in real life. i know i love to decorate but if my bedroom looked like that, i would not come out of it. i mean she had a suite and a half. i wonder who was the set designer for that picture?
  11. yeah class, i remember that line from "arsenic and old lace" that was my favorite line. i played the part of aunt abby in that play. we did it in high school back in 78. ahh, memories! ;-)
  12. arslong-you mean to tell me Carey Grant was gay? whadddttt??? aww man! he covered that up real good!
  13. one sentence....I HATE WOODY ALLEN FILMS!!!!!!
  14. that's it! that's the name of the movie "PENNY SERENADE" what a beautiful movie. but i tell ya, i loved "IN NAME ONLY" god, what a movie! that Carey Grant made me want to nurse him back to health too.
  15. well class, my favorite kleenex movies are: "dark victory" when bette davis goes upstairs to die, "imitation of life" "breakfast at tiffanys" and this Carey Grant/Irene Dunne movie i can't think of the name but they play parents who loose a child. oh, and "days of wine and roses". i know there are a lot other movies out there that i missed, but there is something powerful about a movie that literly pulls at a person's heartstrings. i'ts so touching.
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