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  1. I'm looking for a war movie I saw on TV when I was a kid in the 60's which I have only a vague memory of it . It involves a merchant raider, AKA a Q-Ship. I'm pretty sure it was a German ship but I could be wrong about that and I think it's was made in the 1930's so it would be a WW I movie but again I could be wrong about that too. The only scene I can recall is the opening it's hatches on the side of the ship to expose it's cannons. It's not Suicide Fleet (1931) or The Seas Beneath (1931) Thanks
  2. It would be helpful if you tell us the approx years it was made.
  3. Might be Saleslady (1938) A young heiress moves away from home, takes a job in a Chicago department store and weds a co-worker who's unaware of his bride's wealthy background. It's on YouTube
  4. Looking for show I saw on PBS around the early 2000's about military training. The only episode I recall is ex-servicemen going thru a Roman Legionnaire boot camp. Since I always been fascinated with ancient Rome I found that episode interesting. Thanks
  5. That quote is in The General Dies At Dawn. The quote goes "Yes, you do that little thing." But it's said by a man to Madeleine Carroll.
  6. EricJ Yep that's it. Thanks.
  7. SummerStars No not it. This was more crudely animated as I recall, like a early Betty Boop cartoon. Thanks for the try.
  8. All this talk of taxing the wealth of the rich reminded me of a old cartoon I saw as a kid on TV. A home owner see's the taxman coming and I think hits a switch and the interior of his nice house turns into a dump. Kinda like those old movies where a illegal casino is quickly turned into something else just before being raided by the police. From the style of the animation I believe it's from the 30s and the characters I'm sure are anthropomorphize animals. I know its a tough one, I search YouTube but nothing came up. Thanks.
  9. Found it. It's was from a TV series that only lasted one season. Otherworld - Episode Rock and Roll Suicide (1985)
  10. Dskow Thanks but that's not it. I would have remembered dinosaurs.
  11. This is all very vague. I think it was a 80s short lived TV series or maybe a episode. A group of teens who were musicians were I guess transported to a alternate universe where Rock n Roll music didn't exist. They played on stage in a school auditorium and started rocking much to the displeasure of the school officials and I think they were playing Beatles songs but I could be wrong about that. IIRC the kids in the audience loved it It's not the TV movie The Stepford Children Thanks
  12. Maybe Bite the Bullet (1975) About a long distance horse race in the old west. Or this
  13. Is it a wristwatch? I recall back then men's big leather wristbands were popular. It had that tough guy vibe.
  14. Gershwin Fan Thanks. I knew there had to be some and not surprised that's it westerns. I knew back in the day that westerns were as popular outside the US as they were here.
  15. I watch Captain Horatio Hornblower R.N. the other day on TCM (one of my fav's as a kid) and it got me thinking. Hollywood has made a lot of movies over the decades about British history (fiction and nonfiction) but I can't think of single one the other-way around. Can anybody name a British movie that involves American history only (fiction or nonfiction), one that has nothing to do with Britain. I'm sure there are at least a few.
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