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  1. I just wanted to give a thank you to the powers that be at TCM for the TCM Underground. Often, they'll show some unusual films I've not seen before. Kudos to the TCM Underground
  2. I have never seen this excellent documentary on TCM. I wish TCM would consider showing it sometime. It's a excellent look at how we've been portrayed in films from the silent era until today (well, in the 1990's when it was made).
  3. Dame Maggie Smith. She could do a movie reading from the London phone book and I'd go and see it.
  4. Mel Gibson, because after his movie debut, we've found out that he's a sexist, homophobic, anti-Semitic pig.
  5. I have seen it before, but I'm so glad the powers that be at TCM have included it as part of "The Essentials". Because it most definitely is an essential to see.
  6. "Crash" winning Best Picture over "Brokeback Mountain". I REALLY questioned that one. But, well, I'm not a voting member of the Academy, so what do I know?
  7. "The Road". It's a great film, but oh man, is it bleak.
  8. Patty McCormack. "The Bad Seed". I loved her performance.
  9. Yeah, I'm doing it in chronological order. Thank goodness for TCM and Netflix. One thing: the 1932 winner "Cavalcade". It's not on dvd, according to Netflix. I've got the list in a Word document, I'm highlighting the ones I've seen. I'm kind of torn about re-seeing the films I've already seen, like "It Happened One Night", "The Apartment", etc. But I imagine I will.
  10. Wow! I'm not nearly as ambitious as you. I am embarking on seeing all of the Best Picture winners. I've seen "Wings", "The Broadway Melody", "All Quiet on the Western Front" and "Cimarron" so far.
  11. Being a relative newbie here, I'm not sure if this subject has been mentioned. If so, I apologize in advance. But we all know that a film score can truly enhance a movie. The music can accentuate the emotions conveyed in a film. That score can make a film a more special experience. My favorite film composer was John Barry. He composed some of the most memorable scores I've heard in movies. From the truly magnificent score he composed for my favorite film, "The Lion in Winter", through "Born Free", "Out of Africa", "Chaplin", and the music to many of the James Bond themes, Barry
  12. *I* am not sure it qualifies as an "Essential" (it's a good movie and one of Marilyn Monroe's best films), but what the hell, I don't decide those things at TCM.
  13. This is a absolutely superb documentary about Harvey Milk, champion of our community. I thank TCM for airing it. I'll definitely be watching (and recording) this.
  14. Swithin, I've always thought it was a gay love story.
  15. Sure there are Paul Newman movies that can be called classics. "The Hustler". "Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid".
  16. Yes, this is an Essential. In my opinion. Mike Nichols debut as a director. His first film. What a debut. I'm so glad the decision was made to film it in black and white. I think the raw emotionalism of Edward Albee's play was best served in filming it in black and white. In my opinion, Elizabeth Taylor's absolute best performance. As was Richard Burton's. She won a Best Actress Oscar. He should have won the Best Actor Oscar. Of all of their film collaborations together, this is their very best. I have "Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf" on dvd, but I'll definitely be wa
  17. I saw "Wings" a few months ago and promptly bought the dvd. What struck me was the aerial footage. Pretty awesome camera work for 1927. A classic in every definition of the word.
  18. The time period you're mentioning had the "sissy" character. Portrayed by actors like Franklin Pangborn, Eric Blore, Edward Everett Horton. Effeminate characters that you basically knew were gay, but they couldn't dare directly suggest that. Earlier tonight, I watched "Broadway Melody of 1929", the first musical to win a Best Picture Oscar. And while watching it, in a scene in a theater, the "sissy" is trotted out, a costume designer, swishy and in the film solely to be ridiculed by others in the film. You sort of wince at that depiction of gay people, but as you said, it did reflect the popu
  19. SilentVamp, HBO is selling the dvd of "Six by Sondheim" on their website. $19.98. Pretty ok price for a wonderful film tribute. My partner is a huge fan of Sondheim and he got me to be a fan of this genius as well. :-)
  20. Anything by Roland Emmerich. Even "10,000 BC". His films aren't art, to put it mildly. :-) But they're great fun. When "White House Down" came out in the theaters, I bought my ticket, my popcorn and drink, and had a great ol' time. Also, as was mentioned above, "Xanadu". God, I love this movie. It's stupid crap, I know, but I love it. The music of ELO, Olivia Newton-John and, yes, Gene Kelly (their duet, "Whenever You're Away from Me" is quite a nice moment, actually). Sheer guilty pleasure.
  21. I don't know if this question has been asked. Pardon me if it has been asked. But what was the first movie you saw in a theater? The first one I remember was "Jason and the Argonauts". I saw it at the Rogers Theater in Decatur, Illinois, where I was born and raised. It was quite an experience for a young kid such as myself.
  22. He made films that defined the decade they were made: "Bob and Carol and Ted and Alice" in the 1960's. "An Unmarried Woman" in the 1970s. A truly talented director. Sad news.
  23. terrya

    "Big Eden"

    Hey DougieB, I'm a newbie. I didn't really know about this forum when I posted Sunday in General Discussion about wishing TCM would show some LGBT themed films for Pride (I also didn't know that there was another thread on the same subject). I was told in that thread that I should "take my political correctness elsewhere" when I said I'm gay. TCM does have a rather large LGBT audience, so I didn't realize there are all kinds here on the message boards. Silly, naive me... I just love "Big Eden". Yes, that's a good way to describe it...like a fable. As you said. I have indeed seen "Were
  24. Netflix finally got a dvd copy of "Twilight's Last Gleaming". I saw it when it came out in the theater and was wanting to see it again. It's very good and exciting. Great cast: Widmark, Lancaster, Melvyn Douglas, Joseph Cotton, Paul Winfield, Burt Young. I agree, TCM should air it sometime.
  25. John Barry was (and is) my very favorite film composer. He composed the music for "Out of Africa", which for 99.9999% of the time was a gigantic snooze fest. It's NOT an action packed movie, to put it mildly. But that one scene, when Redford and Streep are flying over the African countryside, no dialogue, with that gorgeous Barry score. God, it's one of the most beautiful scenes in any movie. Ever. BTW: newbie here. Sorry if I didn't attach the clip correctly.
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