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  1. * Sigh * We appear to be right back where we were a couple of weeks ago. I had the exact same problem in Windows trying to watch a movie yesterday and thought I'd solved it by rebooting the computer. That worked then, but is no longer working. I can't watch movies on a Windows (aka Flash) computer once again. And, it has nothing to do with the browser, since I've tried Chrome, Firefox, and IE. Why does this keep recurring? As before, the "Watch Live" function seems to be working but not movies on demand.


    TCM Moderator: Please give an update on when this will be fixed.

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  2. This is really getting frustrating; the On Demand PC movies have not been available since at least Thursday morning, and we seem to be getting zero responsiveness from TCM about it. For those who are wondering why they can play movies on their iPads and iPhones, but not on their PCs, I suspect the issue is the following:


    - iPad and iPhone (and maybe Mac, though I can't be sure since I don't have one) use a Quicktime-based app. The Quicktime version of TCM On Demand seems to be unaffected by the issue.


    - Windows PCs use an Adobe Flash version of the TCM On Demand application. I am not aware of a Flash update late last week that may have changed the way that movies would display (and, since YouTube is working just fine, I doubt that's the problem). But, clearly the Flash version of TCM On Demand is having problems.


    Like many others, I'm sure, I've sent an e-mail to TCM with absolutely no response (my e-mail was sent on Thursday and I am writing this on Sunday). I do not believe this has anything to do with our Internet providers, since it appears to be a problem across all providers.


    It would be great if we could get an update on a resolution to this issue, since movies rotate out of the queue on a weekly basis. Mr./Ms. Admin/Moderator, I hope you're paying attention to this issue. Lack of communication is never a good policy for any company experiencing a problem.

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