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  1. Will WatchTCM ever be offered as a stand-alone app without a cable or satellite TV subscription? I was hoping that WatchTCM would eventually be offered in a fashion similar to an app like Criterion. I did notice you can get access if you have DirecTV Stream (formerly ATT TV) but I don’t want to have to pay $80 a month just to watch TCM (interestingly YouTube TV, Hulu, FuboTV, etc. are not carrying TCM) . I posted about this several years ago and it looks like this will never happen.
  2. I’m no longer able to logon in iOS 11. I put in my FIOS username and password and it just spins and spins and nothing happens. It’s not my logon because all the other apps work fine (HBO Go for example).
  3. Yes same here. I can no longer logon to the TCM app in iOS 11. I’m a Verizon FIOS customer. I put in my logon info in the app and it just spins and spins. The app probably needs an update but they’re not very responsive.
  4. Thanks for your response. From the replies to the link you provided it looks like Watch TCM is not yet available for Amazon's Fire TV platform. Sounds like technical issues holding it back. Regarding the other link you provided it would be very interesting if Apple bought the Time Warner assets for streaming. I'll be "watching" for Watch TCM's arrival to a TV platform hopefully soon.
  5. The 4th Generation Apple TV supports apps like HBO Go, Hulu, CNN, etc. in a similar way as the iPhone and iPad. With that in mind I was wondering if TCM will be porting over the wonderful Watch TCM app to the Apple TV. At present I can use the Watch TCM app on my iPhone and mirror it to the Apple TV but the quality it limited. If TCM can port Watch TCM to native Apple TV format that would be a huge leap in quality. Does anyone know if TCM is planning a Watch TCM app for the Apple TV? Thanks!
  6. You are absolutely correct! Thanks for sharing the helpful info!
  7. Last month or two, TCM showed a British "noir" film which I watched on the iPad TCM app. The plot revolved around a gentleman who stayed at a hotel (or boarding house) and met a women in one of the nearby rooms. They have a friendly relationship; however she ends up dead in a park nearby and the focus of the investigation is on our star. He is in love with another woman who along with her father stand up for him. Unfortunately I wish I could remember all the little details but that's why I want to see it again. I'd be grateful if anyone recalls the title. Thanks in advance for any help in iden
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