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  1. John Beal, an actor who isn't terribly well remembered, had a career that spanned from his first film, Another Language, in 1933, to his last film, The Firm, in 1993. Many of his films have been on TCM, including The Little Minister -in which he played the title role opposite Katharine Hepburn, Double Wedding, The Firm, and several others. You could definitely make a full day's programming of his films, and, what's more, his birthday is August 13, so you could actually celebrate his birthday during SUTS. Please, please, please?
  2. YES! And they're showing In a Lonely Place tonight, which they don't show often enough so I'm super frustrated. This is happening on my phone app for slingtv as well, though the error code on there is 9-202. I won't be home to catch it. I think this is a TCM issue rather than a sling issue because I can set other channels to record. It probably will not, but I hope it is fixed in time for the movie tonight.
  3. I sent a note to the "Contact Us" section in the message boards with a link to this topic. Hopefully someone will chime in.
  4. Same issue. Only three movies available and I don't want to watch them again right now. Chiming in so I can keep track of updates. My DVR is basically full right now of stuff I want to keep indefinitely, so I rely on On Demand a great deal, particularly since I'm rarely home when the things I want to see are actually being aired. Not happy about this turn of events and I hope someone from TCM responds to explain.
  5. Can somebody tell me if Dr. Socrates is the movie in which the leading female writes a note in lipstick on her nightgown and then jumps out a window?
  6. Back when I was in the habit of changing channels while watching tv, I used to stop on Goodfellas and Forrest Gump. Always. I don't do this so much anymore because I am rarely watching anything besides TCM and BBCAmerica. and neither of these channels show these movies. There are hundreds of movies that TCM shows that I stop and watch so I wouldn't even know which one(s) to name.
  7. Am I dreaming or is this really going to happen?!?! I can't wait!!
  8. Jumping into a topic 2 months later (because this is what newbies do)... I don't like John Wayne for the most part, so the fact that they showed a solid week of his movies was not pleasant for me. I basically didn't watch tv at all that entire week. <ducks down behind bar as shooting commences>
  9. What an exciting schedule! I would have liked it better if they would include one of Niven's Jeeves movies though. And also, how do you have a Dick Powell day and not show Gold Diggers of 1933? That's the best movie he was ever in.
  10. I wonder if we can do this nicely. Here's a place you can voice your unpopular opinions about various actors. Maybe you think they're overrated, maybe you do agree that they actually are good actors, but you just can't like them. Maybe you know why, maybe you can't put your finger on why. Since I started this, I'll step in it first. Katharine Hepburn. I acknowledge that she was a skilled actress in most of her roles. I don't avoid her movies, but I don't actively seek them. There's just something about her that I don't like.
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