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  1. Lance Kerwin is a youth minister on my island and was in the paper a couple years back for getting government assistance while he owned properties still in California. He was eventually cleared of the more serious charges and got basically community service.
  2. Where do Scientologists go in the end?? Does Xenu do a pick up?
  3. My apologies if any of these have mentioned but great Vietnam war movies IMO: Platoon Apocalypse Now Full Metal Jacket The Deerhunter (but the 45 min wedding scene could easily be cut IMO)
  4. I will agree that the POV was on both sides but I would say it was more like 90% against and 10% for. The movie was one horror story after another with a few people thrown in with a brain who basically said 'was It worth it?'. And the documentary makes it clear that the government knew they would be killing people with denatured alcohol (or methyl alcohol, if you prefer that term instead). The beginnings were innocent enough with people killing themselves by distilling wood, but when the government became involved the results were a daily conga line of dead or blind. The movie made it soun
  5. Really enjoyed the scare piece on Prohibition and it reminded me of a fantastic documentary on PBS called 'The Poisoner's Handbook'. (Check out the link below.) However, the documentary tells the truth about how the GOVERNMENT was responsible for poisoning THOUSANDS of people with denatured alcohol instead of unscrupulous bootleggers as portrayed in the movie. A pretty sad time in our history... http://video.pbs.org/video/2365142654/ But I say grain alcohol and rain water is the way to go.... Damn those Commie plots!!!
  6. Saw this this AM and thought of this thread. If you can access the clip, he talks about 'Mamma Mia'. Also, get a small peak at Kauai. http://www.cbsnews.com/news/pierce-brosnan-re-ups-for-the-spy-genre/
  7. Wow, some great reminders why I have avoided so many movies. I still haven't found the cajones to see 'Mamma Mia'. I think I may just like ABBA too much to defile their songs in my head (I also think the entire premise of 'my mom was so promiscuous, let's invite the phone book over to find my dad' is uber LAME...). Also, Pierce Brosnan lives in Ha'ena on my island and a good friend said he was a jerk to a kid in front of him - another good reason to avoid that train wreck IMO. Never seen 'Best Little Whorehouse...' even though I lived in central Texas for 9 yrs. The place that movie wa
  8. Wow... Stallone thought he could do ANYTHING after 'Rocky'... LOL!!! I wonder if I can find the soundtrack.... LOL
  9. Yeah, if it was, you'd have to mention the bath scene between Tony Curtis and Laurence Olivier in 'Spartacus'. Nothing 'implied' about that... It was about better chemistry between the men than with the women, right?
  10. Mentioning an actor in another thread made me curious about what ever happened to Marjoe Gortner. After checking IMDb, I saw in the trivia section that he was a musician and recorded an album in 1973 called "Bad, But Not Evil". The thought of this actor trying to sing made me think of William Shatner and his many attempts to sing. LOL Any memories of actors trying to sing you would like to erase from your memory like in 'Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind' (2004)?
  11. Ooh, ooh... I want to see this one. I got to a point where I basically tuned out a lot of the disaster movies and I apparently missed this one. I have a new appreciation for bad disaster movies after they showed that horrible 'Earthquake' (1974) movie recently where the stunt rider became one of the main heroes. Yuck... It also begs the question... Did Ava Gardner ever meet a disaster movie script she turned down?! Wow... And whatever happened to Marjoe Gortner?! He was in everything in the 70s.
  12. I totally agree about the special effects. One of the longest storm sequences ever and the models built were pretty amazing. I live on Kauai so we are far up the chain from all the activity and it looks like we are going to straddle Iselle and Julio. That's the goal, at least, because we remember Iniki all too well. Key is to be up the mountain and away from the beaches. Winds can suck but the storm surge is always the killer... Speaking of which... Winds are really beginning to pick up.
  13. How about... Three married guys (except Garner), obsessed with cheating, all hanging out together and drinking, and NONE of them ever find out that Kim was just 'doing research'? That's not NORMAL 'guy' behavior.... One 'normal' guy in the bunch would have found out on the first night how far Kim was willing to go to do 'research'.
  14. Sitting here in the middle of the pond, I was wondering what some fans favorite DISASTER movie of all-time was... I grew up in the age of the all-star cast suffering through calamities or some plane disaster that occurred each year inexplicably. First one that comes to mind is... John Ford's The Hurricane (1937) This isn't my favorite, just the most appropriate. 'Favorite' can also mean a bad movie, like mine... Black Sunday (1977).
  15. Buddy Rogers - KANSAS boy!! Oldest - Wayne & Carradine in 'Stagecoach' - they had rest area encounter written all over them Older - Heston & Derek in 'Ten Commandments' - steamy chemistry in robes Newer - Lemmon & Matthau in 'The Odd Couple' - they were so gay regardless of Pigeon sisters Newest - Carrey & Daniels in 'Dumb and Dumber' - getting off the bus at the end NOT normal behavior
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