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  1. For me, the settings of "Notorious" are just perfect: Miami Beach and Rio de Janeiro. It also occurs to me that Cary Grant plays it really dour in this film. For him anyways. Not a lot of smiles or laughter. Suffering, struggling. He does well. Of course, my introduction to this film and, in fact, to MANY films of the '40's, came courtesy of Steve Martin's "Dead Men Don't Wear Plaid" (1982), directed by Carl Reiner. Martin - through magical editing - "inserted" his character, Rigby Reardon, into many classic films. In fact, this film was the last for two legends of classic Hollywood: Edith
  2. Carole Lombard and the Carole Lombard pans through and Carole Lombard breakfast dishes. Carole Lombard then maids and phone rings Carole Lombard and Carole Lombard. Carole Lombard under covers and Carole Lombard bed while Carole Lombard cards and pen...............forget it. I can't focus. Carole Lombard. **sigh**
  3. What struck me was the stark contrast of kids playing outside - happy-go-lucky, not a care in the world -and just the other side of the rooming house door we see Charlie obviously with many cares and problems. An older man who has traveled light years from his innocent days. I was also intrigued by him laying in bed with full suit on - jacket buttoned and tie not even loosened. Very formal napper! Then when he left the rooming house I was initially impressed by this three-peaks pocket square - then I realized it was three cigars! I must try that. Then Hitch went from location shot of Charlie a
  4. I'm sorry but I cannot see or hear anything else when Margaret Lockwood is on the screen. I maintain that Hedy Lamarr is the most beautiful human to ever live but Ms. Lockwood is exquisite and even resembles Hedy slightly in "The Lady Vanishes". Maybe it's the hair.
  5. This doesn't really answer any of the three questions but the thing that stuck out in my mind is when the chattering woman is recounting murders of the past and she recalls one that had a woman getting murdered in a bath tub. "That one gave me the shivers", she says "I didn't take a bath for a week". Which of course puts one in mind of a certain shower murder from thirty-odd years later, which gave so many people "the shivers" that they avoided showers for a long time!
  6. Hard for me to make comparisons between today's clip and, say, "North By Northwest" but I'm here to learn! Definitely understand that "observing an observer" is a Hitchcockian device as seen in "Rear Window".
  7. How about diCaprio in "Iron Mask"? Sounds good - but is it?
  8. I'm just finishing reading "The Three Musketeers" and I'm wanting to purchase a movie version. I'm wondering which film version is most faithful to the novel - in terms of plot and story. What do you think?
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